Today I Give Up Trying 1363-1364

 Chapter 1363


        Upon hearing this, the two of them looked towards the door in unison, and saw Lin Fan pushing the door in!

        "Lin Fan, why are you here? Didn't I tell you to wait for me downstairs?"

        Lin Fan?

        Right away!

        Song Yue's face was flushed with a touch of contempt.

        "So this is the wasteful son-in-law of your family, huh?"

        "Bai Yi, your eyesight is really bad, even the uncle who sweeps the floor at my company is dressed in a more spirited manner than him!"

        The school beauty of the university has fallen for such a thing!

        That's really cheap!

        "That's enough! Who are you to judge my husband?"

        Bai Yi gnashed his teeth in hatred, it was fine to insult her, who was he to insult Lin Fan.

        Did he know what Lin Fan had done for her?

        What had he done for her family?

        Song Yue didn't know anything!

        "Lin Fan, let's go!"

        Bai Yi's face was ironic as she pulled Lin Fan's hand and was about to leave.


        Seeing this, Song Yue suddenly gave a heavy cold snort and rebuked.

        "Bai Yi, if you cross this threshold, I'll send a message out right now that the whole of Jiangnan will not be allowed to take your case! Otherwise, you're an enemy of my Song Yue!"


        Bai Yi instantly turned back in anger and stared at Song Yue and said.

        "Song Yue, you are shameless!"

        This old classmate of hers had used such a despicable way to force her into submission?

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth as well and sneered.

        "He's right, we can't leave just yet!"

        As soon as he heard this!

        Bai Yi and Song Yue were dumbfounded on the spot, both looking at Lin Fan with a look of disbelief.

        Right then!

        Song Yue just laughed out loud, instantly thinking that Lin Fan was planning to sacrifice his wife to save himself.

        "He who knows the times is a wise man, Bai Yi, it's still this husband of yours who knows how to do things!"

        Song Yue smiled as he looked at Lin Fan:.

        "Lin Fan, right? I admire you!"

        "Next, just persuade Bai Yi well, sleeping with me is no big deal, I only ask for a night of spring and your problems can be solved, isn't this a win-win situation?"


        Song Yue's mouth said he appreciated it, but there was a strong contempt in those eyes.

        At the critical moment, he even took his own wife out to top the pole, this kind of man was simply a waste, and deserved to be cuckolded!

        Smell that!

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth rose with bone-chilling coldness!


        In the next moment, a direct fist of fury struck out, viciously smashing into Song Yue's disgusting face.

        Song Yue instantly fell to the ground on his back, a dense shock appearing on his face!

        It seemed that he couldn't believe that Lin Fan had dared to hit him!

        But Lin Fan did not care in the slightest and laughed, saying.

        "Now, we can go!"


        Song Yue, who heard this, was simply furious!

        He covered his nose, which kept spurting blood, and stared at Lin Fan with ruthless eyes.

        "You punk, how dare you hit me?"

        "You're done for! I'll make sure you go to jail! In the judicial world, no one dares to offend me, Song Yue, I am the sky!"

        "If your wife doesn't sleep with me today, I'll not only put you in jail, I'll also put you on death row!"

        Seeing this!

        Bai Yi was also anxious, she knew that Song Yue did have such ability.

        If Lin Fan dared to hit him, it would really be the end, this despicable man Song Yue would not let Lin Fan go!


        Lin Fan, however, raised his hand at this time and took out a recorder:.

        "Unfortunately, you've got the wrong idea!"


        Seeing this, Bai Yi was completely frozen!

        Even Song Yue's expression couldn't help but stiffen.

        Lin Fan had actually brought a recorder with him!

        Bai Yi instantly sighed at Lin Fan's resourcefulness, with this recorder, Song Yue would have to help them.


        Before Bai Yi could say anything, that Song Yue actually laughed out loud, a smile that was thick with sarcasm!

        "Lin Fan, your little tricks are all leftovers from my games! Let me tell you, I have long installed a jammer in my office, all audio and video recording devices are invalid!"

        He looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a clown, full of intense contempt.

        "You're still a bit young to fight me!"

Chapter 1364


        In an instant, Bai Yi's pretty face was suddenly white, the glimmer of hope that had risen so easily was completely dashed at this time.

        Interfer... Jammer?

        At that moment!

        A thick bitterness surfaced on her face, and she couldn't help but cry out.

        They had underestimated Song Yue's cunning!

        Could it be that God was really going to kill them?

        "Selling fake medicine, plus deliberately hurting people, you can wait for my lawyer's letter!"

        Song Yue said viciously, he could already foresee the scene of Lin Fan's desperate wailing in the courtroom.

        Only, Lin Fan remained indifferent and smiled.

        "The opportunity has been given to you, since you are unwilling to cherish it, then you will be buried along with the Wang family!"


        Hearing those words, Song Yue couldn't believe his ears.

        Giving him a chance?

        To be buried with the Wang family?

        This kid was crazy!

        He was already on the verge of death, and this punk still dared to assume the posture of dominating everything?

        What a brain-damaged man!

        Song Yue glanced at Lin Fan with contempt, a sneer surfaced on his sinister face.

        "Dog, I'll see who dies in three days' time!"

        Lin Fan stopped talking nonsense and smiled as he took Bai Yi's hand.

        "Wife, let's go!"

        Just after Bai Yi and the two of them left, Song Yue dialed a phone number and his attitude suddenly changed 360 degrees, saying incomparably flatteringly.

        "Elder Wang, as you expected, that pair of dogs have come to see me! Don't worry, I have already given an ultimatum to the whole Jiangnan, no one will help them in their lawsuit, just wait for my good news!"

        So Song Yue had already colluded with the Wang family, which meant that whether Bai Yi slept with him or not, he would end up in jail!

        Such an act is despicable and shameless, and extremely sinister!


        At that moment, Bai Yi, who was at a loss for words, walked out of the building under Lin Fan's traction.

        Her face was already deadly grey!

        Because she knew that Song Yex was their only chance, if even Song Yex refused to help them, then they would really be completely finished.

        Thinking of this, those painful and guilty tears flowed down uncontrollably.

        "For a good reason, why are you crying?"

        Seeing Bai Yi, who had a face full of tears, Lin Fan immediately asked with heartache.

        "Old... Hubby, I'm sorry! I didn't manage to keep the New Bai's and the prescription you gave me, I'm so useless!"

        Bai Yi lost her voice and sobbed, a pitiful look of helplessness.

        The prescription was so precious, but she couldn't keep it, she felt like she had failed Lin Fan.

        "Don't talk so early!"

        But Lin Fan scowled at her and gave her a cunning smile.


        Bai Yi was suddenly puzzled and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        But at that moment, Song Yue's voice suddenly came to her ears...

        "In the judicial world, no one dares to offend me, Song Yue, I am the sky!"


        Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, looking at the recorder in Lin Fan's hand in disbelief.

        This, was the recorder from earlier?

        It had recorded their conversation, in its entirety?

        "This... How is this possible! Song Yue he clearly said that there was a jammer in his office, how did you..."

        She couldn't believe her eyes, how had Lin Fan managed to do that?

        "This recorder of mine is specially made, it ignores all jammers, don't worry wife, he can't help us."

        Lin Fan said with a smile.

        And just as the words left his mouth!

        Bai Yi then jumped into Lin Fan's arms and cried out.

        "Honey, thank you!"

        It was Lin Fan!

        It was Lin Fan who had helped her again!

        Every time she was helpless and desperate, Lin Fan would help her save the day!

        How could she live without this man?

        Lin Fan stroked her shoulder, and a stern look passed through his eyes.

        "I told you, no one can bully my woman!"

        After a long time, Bai Yi wiped away her tears and asked Lin Fan.

        "What do we do now?"

        It was as if she had already taken Lin Fan as her main backbone!

        "The ones who framed you are also the Bai family members and your secretary, right?"

        Lin Fan asked with a smirk, not a smile.

        At those words!

        Bai Yi instantly nodded with a grimace, and a touch of sadness involuntarily appeared in his eyes.

        Lin Fan then sneered.

        "Then let's, give them one last chance!"