Today I Give Up Trying 1359-1360

 Chapter 1359

The Bai Yi family immediately looked towards each other with excitement, their eyes full of expectation and nervousness, fearing that the figure that came out was not the one they were expecting.

        But when they saw the familiar figure, Bai Yi's family burst into tears of joy!

        Bai Yi even ran towards Lin Fan like a madman, and then ruthlessly jumped into Lin Fan's arms.

        Tears were pouring out like crazy!

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan also froze for a moment and said with a bitter smile.

        "Bai Yi, I..."

        "No need to say it, go home! Let's go home!"

        Bai Yi shook her head one by one, she didn't want to hear anything at this time, as long as Lin Fan was alive, then she didn't care about anything.

        Lin Fan felt a surge of warmth in his heart, he gently caressed Bai Yi's back and said with a smile.

        "Okay, let's go home!"


        Half an hour after the Blood Prison declared war on the Lin family, the whole of China was completely abuzz with excitement!

        Blood Prison declared war on the Lin family!

        The three young men of the Lin family were killed!

        The Dark Emperor descended on Jiang City!

        The news of the century that shook China came out one after another, leaving everyone petrified!

        How did the Lin family get into trouble with the Dark Lord?

        How could this demon-like man have descended on the city of Linjiang to kill one of their heirs?

        This is unbelievable!

        "Oh my God! An immortal business empire is about to collide with that dark dynasty?"

        "This, is like Mars colliding with the Earth! If no one mediates, the whole of China will suffer ripples as a result!"

        "As soon as this news broke, the Lin family's stock directly evaporated by tens of billions of dollars, and the Lin family has fallen before the encounter has even begun!"

        News after news, completely exploded throughout China!

        And the entire noble circle, too, was in a frenzy of discussion, all of them horrified as to how these two behemoths had gone head-to-head!

        However, what baffled all the nobles was that they had clearly heard that Lin Zuo and NeHuang Jun Zuo, together, had gone to snipe the Dark Emperor!

        It was supposed to be foolproof, but how come Lin Zekun still died?

        Could it be that the Dark Lord had become so powerful that even the two army seats were unable to fight against him?


        None of the nobles knew that the Dark Lord was able to win over the Lin family!

        How many years had the Lin family ruled the entire business world of the capital?

        How many years had the Lin family been in control of the business community in the capital?

        On the contrary!

        Blood Hell had only been established for just ten years, what qualifications did it have to be able to compete with the number one family in China?

        "Just wait! The Lin family's true tactics haven't been used yet, does that Blood Prison think that killing one Lin Zekun is enough to call the tune with the Lin family? How ridiculous!"

        "Exactly! These idiots, do they really think they're invincible? A small Blood Prison is just a tiny place, does he still dare to break into our country?"

        "So what if the Dark Emperor really thinks that the four military seats of our country are just fools? I've heard that the Dark Lord has already made the top brass very unhappy by trespassing in Jiang City without permission.

        Everyone didn't think that Lin Fan could win against the Lin family!

        Just one person, Lin Zekun, was able to command the Three Great Gods and the King of the North, so one could imagine how terrifying the Lin family's background and power was!

        More crucially, the Lin family had been rooted in China for many years and had long dominated an economic system, if they were to fall, the system would completely collapse!

        Therefore, the Dark Lord's enemy is not the Lin family!

        Rather, it was a nation!


        At this moment, Lin Fan was looking at the overwhelming reports and the news that kept coming from Blood Prison, but he didn't care!

        Now, he was packing his bags in his room, a bitter smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

        Finally, was it time to leave?

        Although his identity had not been exposed, Lin Zekun had died because of him after all, and the Lin family would not let him go.

        Then a kidnapping like the one today could still happen, and would he be able to save Bai Yi's family next time?

        He couldn't guarantee it!

        So he didn't want to drag Bai Yi down!

        Looking at the home he had lived in for three years, Lin Fan's eyes were filled with a strong sense of reluctance and longing, but in the end, reason prevailed.

        He put on his backpack and planned to leave!

        "Lin Fan, come downstairs and have some soup!"

        But at that very moment!

        Shen Yumei, however, violently pushed out the door and saw on the spot that Lin Fan was preparing to leave with his backpack.

        Her expression instantly changed, and with a fierce sense of bad foreboding in her heart, she asked uneasily.

        "Lin Fan, where are you going?"

        Lin Fan instantly smiled bitterly, what came was still inevitable.

        At that instant!

        He then looked at Shen Yumei with a stern face and coldly said.

        "Aunty, I'm going to divorce Bai Yi... Divorce!"

Chapter 1360


        This instant, Shen Yumei was completely frozen, she couldn't believe her ears.

        For the past three years, she had not hit back, she had not scolded back, she had been obedient, and her son-in-law had even opened his mouth to say that he wanted to divorce her daughter?

        Shen Yumei was completely dumbfounded and said with a stunned expression.

        "Lin Fan, you... You're joking, right?"


        From that "Auntie", Shen Yumei could clearly feel that Lin Fan was not joking!

        Now, it was just that he didn't want to believe it!

        It was just that!

        Lin Fan was unwilling to explain, and was about to leave with his luggage directly on his back.

        "You're not allowed to leave!"

        Shen Yumei grabbed Lin Fan's arm in panic and shouted downstairs as if she were mad.

        "Bai Shan, come quickly! You have to come quickly! Lin Fan is running away from home!"

        The voice was almost crying!

        Seeing this!

        Lin Fan was visibly stunned, and then cried and laughed as he said.

        "Auntie, what are you doing? Haven't you always disliked me for being useless? Isn't this just what you want?"

        "Little Fan, don't go! I'm sorry for what I did to you in the past, I shouldn't have treated you like that, I know I was wrong! If you feel angry, just hit me a few times, I beg you not to leave, this family can't live without you!"

        Shen Yumei was crying and shaking her head repeatedly.

        That look was like a mother who did not want to leave her son who was about to go away.

        Their family had gone through so many storms, Lin Fan had long since become an integral part of their family, and she and Bai Shan had long since treated Lin Fan as their own son, so how could they let him divorce Bai Yi?

        "Did Bai Yi upset you? Tell mum, mum will help you fix her up! When she gets off work, mum will slap her hard!"

        Lin Fan sighed at once.

        "Auntie, this has nothing to do with her, it's my own decision!"

        "Lin Fan, don't call me auntie, okay? It's hard for mum to hear!"

        Shen Yumei cried even harder, that "auntie" simply made her heart break.

        "What's... What's going on?"

        At this moment, Bai Shan came up and saw this scene, and was completely stunned.

        "Bai Shan, stop him now! Lin Fan wants to divorce Bai Yi! Quickly call that dead girl and tell her to come back, she must have done something to make Lin Fan angry!"

        Shen Yumei yelled, refusing to let go of her hand in any way.

        This scene also left Lin Fan dumbfounded, was this still the same mother-in-law who looked at him like a stinking piece of shit?

        Lin Fan instantly looked at Bai Shan with a bitter smile.

        "Uncle, please pull Auntie away!"


        Hearing this address, Bai Shan's face also instantly sank as he took big steps towards Lin Fan.


        Just when Lin Fan thought that Bai Shan would help him pull Shen Yumei away, he saw that Bai Shan directly sat down on the ground and held his thighs with both hands in a deadly hug:.

        "If you want to leave, you can only do so by stepping over both of our corpses!"

        Lin Fan was dumbfounded!


        Half a day later!

        The three members of the family were then sitting at the table in the living room, while Bai Shan and Shen Yumei finally knew why Lin Fan had run away from home.


        Bai Shan slammed the table and shouted angrily at Lin Fan.

        "You're my son! Whoever dares to touch you, I'll fight them to the death! We're not afraid, what are you afraid of?"

        And at that moment!

        Shen Yumei was also holding onto Lin Fan's hand with a deadly grip, bitterly pleading.

        "Little Fan, don't go, okay? Mum knows that you are filial and don't want to drag us down! But we are a family, can we work out a solution together?"

        Lin Fan was completely stunned!

        He hadn't thought that for his own sake, Shen Yumei and Bai Shan wouldn't be afraid of the Lin family's revenge!

        That was truly putting their lives on the line for him!

        In an instant!

        An unprecedented warmth was madly sweeping through his heart, causing even a cold-blooded demon king like him to feel his nose tingle.


        After seeing their pleading eyes, Lin Fan no longer had the courage to refuse to look.

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        Just as Lin Fan was about to open his mouth, his mobile phone rang violently.

        He had only just picked it up when Ye Shihao's extremely anxious voice came from the other end.

        "Wang, something has happened to Miss Bai Yi!"