Today I Give Up Trying 1355-1356

 Chapter 1355

The atmosphere had completely frozen in this instant!

        Endless panic lingered madly in the hearts of Lin Zekun and the others!

        They had been tricked!

        Lin Fan was simply pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

        The Bai Yan crowd, who had realised the truth, all revealed expressions of grief and anger at this time.

        No wonder, Lin Fan had been able to turn danger into success time and time again, he had simply hidden his strength and background.

        One move, defeating three Great Gods!

        Even the King of the Northern Realm was subservient!

        What kind of monster was this?

        At that moment, the King of the Northern Realm said to Lin Zekun with a bitter face.

        "Little Kun, while there is still room for things to be salvaged, you should quickly kowtow to Lin Fan and admit your mistake, perhaps you still have a chance of survival!"


        The moment they heard those words, Bai Yan and the others were completely dumbfounded!

        Asking a pride of heaven like Lin Zekun to kowtow to Lin Fan and apologise?

        They, were they hearing things wrong?

        Just now!

        It was clearly Lin Zekun, who was in control of the whole situation!

        But now, the King of the Northern Realm was asking Lin Zekun to kowtow and apologise so that he could have a chance of survival?

        Wouldn't this mean that Lin Zekun had been defeated?

        "Impossible! What is he, he's worthy of making me kneel to him?"

        Lin Zekun was completely mad, all this time Lin Fan had been trampled under his feet, how could he possibly kneel down to such a mole?

        Immediately, he was staring at Lin Fan with his teeth gritted.

        "I haven't lost yet, I still have my last killer move, and that is the mysterious Lin Zuo!"

        "Lin Fan, I want you to die! I must have you die!"

        Lin Fan had to die!

        Otherwise, it would be hard to quench his hatred!

        The only way to wash away today's shame was to kill Lin Fan!

        So he had now decided that at all costs, he would make Lin Zha help him.


        But hearing those words!

        The whole room violently triggered a burst of laughter!

        The Blood Prison Mad God, the Dragon Tiger War God, the Ni Huang Army Seat, and all the Blood Prison powerhouses present at this time all laughed out loud, as if they had heard a great joke!


        Seeing this, Lin Zekun and the others had all been dumbfounded.

        How ironic that laughter was, with strong contempt and disdain, it sounded extremely harsh to Lin Zekun and the others.

        And when they heard this laughter, the uneasy feeling in the Northern King's heart just grew stronger and stronger.

        And at that very moment!

        Under the frightened gazes of the crowd, Ni Huang looked at Lin Fan with a smiling smile.

        "Little Fan, are you still not going to explain your identity? So that they can understand how stupid what they have done is."

        Lin Fan's identity?

        Hearing this, everyone looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous look.

        What other identity did this guy have?

        Wasn't he just a waste of a son-in-law?


        Lin Zekun snapped awake, his eyes staring deadly at Lin Fan.

        At this time, he also felt a strong sense of unease.

        If Lin Fan was just a wasteful son-in-law, then how could he possibly be qualified to befriend a figure like the Ni Huang army seat?

        What qualifications did he have to win over him, the third youngest of the Lin family?

        Lin Fan, who the hell was he!

        A pair of nervous and shocked eyes were staring deadly at Lin Fan.

        At this time, Lin Zekun, Bai Yan and the others all felt like they were in great danger, as if they had caused a great disaster.

        Their hearts were puffing and beating wildly!

        All of them were tense to the extreme at this moment!

        And then!

        Lin Fan slowly took out the Zhen Guo Decree from his pocket!


        The atmosphere in the room exploded!

        No... This couldn't be!

        Lin Zekun and the others shivered in unison at this moment, their faces showing an expression of having seen a ghost.

        Black... The Black Order of Zhen Guo!

        The Lin Zhaoge's Zhan Guo decree!

        At this instant, everyone finally understood what the Neon Phoenix Army Commander meant when he said, "Lin Fan is here too".

        It was because Lin Fan was the extremely mysterious Lin Zuo!

Chapter 1356

And they knew better!

        The Neon Genesis Evangelion and the others, now they were laughing at something!

        "Now, do you understand?"

        The Neon Phoenix Military Throne looked at them coldly, and a thick coldness emerged in his eyes.

        "The trash you guys are talking about, the outcast young man who was expelled from his family, is the now famous Lin Zuo of Huaxia!"


        With these words, Lin Zekun was completely desperate. He looked at Lin Fan with dumbfounded eyes and felt every inch of his body freezing.

        His last resort was Lin Fan?

        Was there anything more desperate in this world than this?

        It wasn't just them!

        Bai Yan and the others had also been completely stunned!

        Lin Fan, was Lin Zha?

        They only felt that their worldview had completely collapsed in this instant.

        Lin Fan, the son-in-law who was treated as a joke by the entire Bai family, the wasteful outcast who had been swept away by the Lin family four years ago, was actually that legendary Lin Zuo?

        And they, too, were extremely unfortunate to have completely offended them!

        At this time, they finally understood why Lin Fan had been able to treat them like monkeys time and time again.

        And with a single word, he had caused the entire Xiao family to completely collapse!

        Lin Zuo, indeed, had such ability!


        At this time, Xiao Youwei then fiercely slapped himself across the face, old tears streaming down his face in grief.

        "Stupid! Stupid!"

        To offend Lin Zuo and lose his family's fortune, what is this if not stupidity?

        "Dad, I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"

        Xiao Tingjun immediately lost his voice and cried out in pain, finally scared.

        In the past, he dared to ignore Lin Fan, it was because he felt that this trash couldn't help him, but now...

        Lin Fan was Lin Zuo, such an existence would crush him like an ant, with no effort at all!

        It wasn't just them, Bai Yan was also shedding tears of despair at this point.

        She knew very well that Lin Fan had already spared her once, there would definitely not be a second time!


        She had stayed abroad and nothing had happened, but she couldn't swallow that anger, so she was ungrateful and wanted to seek revenge on Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

        She was even so vicious that she wanted to cut them into pieces!

        Now, she was completely finished!

        The whole room, in chaos!

        Everyone, at this instant, couldn't believe their eyes!

        A most unpopular trash had become the most fearsome being in the field...

        This was unbelievable!

        Even the King of the North could not help but reveal a thick, bitter smile:.

        "So, is this the existence that they say I can't afford to offend?"

        He, indeed, could not afford to offend!

        And yet, that was not all!

        As he looked at the crowd of Bai Yan, who were already in a state of confusion and in a state of hell, the corners of his mouth curved up in a sinister manner.

        "I am Lin, but I am not just Lin!"

        "I am also the boss of the Universal Group!"

        The Universal Group?


        The impact of these words was simply fatal to the crowd present!

        They only felt that their nerves, immediately, were about to go haywire.

        Lin Fan wasn't just Lin Zuo, but also the BOSS behind that Universal that ranked in the top ten of the top 100 global companies?

        Only, it was more than that!

        The corners of Lin Fan's fierce smile rose higher and higher, and then he dropped a terrifying bomb that set the whole room alight: "I, moreover, am the boss of Blood Prison.

        "I, moreover, am the King of Blood Prison!"

        "I am the Lin Zuo of China, I am the Global Boss, and the King of Blood Prison... I am also the King of Blood Prison!"


        The moment these words fell, Xiao Youwei, who was already grief-stricken, fell headfirst to the ground, that expression still carrying a strong sense of fear!

        But the man had already lost his breath!

        He had been scared to death!

        And Lin Zekun and the others' minds were also blank!

        The Chinese Lin Zuo!

        The Universal BOSS!

        The King of Blood Hell!

        How could they be the same person?

        God, what a big joke with them!

        At this time, they were already completely paralysed by the shock before them.

        Even if the world were to end at this moment, they wouldn't have any reaction, and each one of them revealed a demented smile.

        Like utter madmen!

        "Hahahaha, the heavens are going to kill me, Lin Zekun, the heavens are going to kill my Lin family!"

        Lin Zekun let out a loud laugh, but it was like a howl of sorrow!