Today I Give Up Trying 1351-1352

 Chapter 1351


        Upon hearing these words, the crowd was in an uproar!

        The faces of those people looked as if they had seen a ghost, filled with shock and disbelief!

        The King of Blood Hell and Lin Zuo, here?

        How is this possible?

        Why, then, did they not know?

        At once!

        Everyone instantly looked around in utter terror, all trying to find the location of those two terrifying beings.


        Lin Zekun was completely dumbfounded!

        How could he be here when he had received the news that Lin Zaokun and the Neon Phoenix Army Zaokun, would be sniping the Blood Prison King at the Jiang City Pass?

        And at this time, an ominous premonition also fiercely surfaced in King of the North's heart, an ominous feeling!

        He fiercely recalled the sneer of the Dragon Tiger War God just now!

        Could it be that the King of Blood Hell was really here?

        In an instant, the atmosphere in the entire room felt like it was frozen, and all of them were staring at the Ni Huang Army Seat with a shocked and desperate gaze!

        And just then!

        The NeHuang Military Seat then took a step forward and walked towards Lin Fan, before caressing Lin Fan's cheek with an extremely doting hand.

        "Little Fan, it's been a long time!"

        An embarrassing stiffness appeared on Lin Fan's face before he spat out the two words that shook the entire audience.



        At this moment, everyone felt like they were being choked, completely suffocated!

        Lin Fan, actually calling the Ni Huang army seat auntie?

        Right then and there!

        Bai Yan and the Xiao family's father and son, their legs went limp and they went completely mad!

        It couldn't be!

        This couldn't be!

        It was at this moment that their hearts were set on fire!

        They almost fainted from fear!

        Why would this punk know the NeHuang army seat?

        How could this punk know the NeHuang Army Commander?

        They could never afford to mess with her in eight lifetimes just because of her status alone!


        These two words crushed all their luck and made them completely desperate!

        Because they knew that no one could touch Lin Fan with the Neon Phoenix Army Seat here today!

        "Why, why is this happening?"

        Bai Yan's pretty face was already white as white, this trash, who had relied on women all her life, but what was it that the women she relied on were more terrifying than one another?

        Even the Xiao family's father and son were completely paralyzed with fear!

        Previously, Lin Fan had said that he would let them understand what true despair meant, but they had scoffed at it, but now...

        They had indeed experienced it profoundly!

        "Impossible! This can't be! Lin Fan, what on earth have you done?"

        Lin Zekun was as white as if he had seen a ghost at this time, his face was already white as a sheet!

        Lin Fan was clearly the wasteful outcast of their Lin family, how could he be related to the Ni Huang army seat?

        The King of the Northern Realm's face was also flooded with thick bitterness, so this was the existence that even he could not afford to offend, as the Dragon and Tiger War God had said.

        Ding Ding Ding Ding!

        At that moment, a mobile phone rang, breaking the dead silence in the room!

        Lin Zekun took out his mobile phone, and after glancing at the caller ID, he said with a face full of ecstasy.

        "Grandpa, help me!"


        The moment he heard this, the whole room was immediately shocked!


        That was the old family head of the Lin family?

        At this time, they all looked at Lin Zekun with incomparable excitement as if they had grabbed the straw that saved their lives.

        At that moment, Lin Zekun also looked at Lin Fan and the others in a smug manner.

        "I'm telling you guys, there's no need to rejoice too early! My grandfather has come to help me!"

        With that, he pressed the speakerphone, as if he wanted everyone to hear how his grandfather had helped him turn the danger into a success.


        The next thing that happened was a scene of despair!

        The Lin family head at the other end pondered for a moment before his cold, indifferent voice came out.

        "Come back! You have already lost!"


        With a simple statement, Bai Yan and the others were plunged into an intense panic!

Chapter 1352

You've lost, come back!

        Does this statement mean that not even the Lin family can't help Lin Zekun?


        The voices in the entire room, after hearing the words of the old Lin family head, completely disappeared!

        The whole room, a dead silence!

        Everyone was silent!

        Especially Lin Zekun!

        After he heard his grandfather's words, his body trembled violently.

        He could clearly feel his grandfather's disappointment and indifference in the phone call.

        Obviously, it was extremely disappointed and contemptuous of his failure.

        "Grandpa, listen to me, I haven't lost yet, give me another chance!"

        Lin Zekun was practically crying as he pleaded bitterly to the other end of the phone.

        Because he knew very well that once his grandfather was disappointed in him, then the Lin family's family headship would no longer have anything to do with him.

        At this moment, he regretted it completely!

        If he hadn't been so determined to deal with this punk, he wouldn't have failed, and his grandfather would naturally not have been disappointed in him.

        If he could not even deal with a trash who had been abandoned by the Lin family, how could the Lin family feel comfortable handing over such a large family business to him?



        The old Lin family head on the other end, however, directly cut off the call decisively, not even bothering to talk nonsense to Lin Zekun.


        Seeing this, everyone's eyes were rounded.

        Cold sweat was pouring down their faces!

        Everyone realised that the big picture had been decided!

        No... Impossible!

        Lin Zekun instantly revealed an expression of having seen a ghost.

        How could he have lost to this punk?

        This, it was impossible!

        At that moment!

        Bai Yan and the others also fell limp to the ground one after another.

        It was as if they had been drained of all their strength, their expressions confused and lost in thought.

        Especially Bai Yan, by this time, there was already a trace of yellow liquid that had dripped down from beneath the hem of her skirt in a wanton manner.

        She had actually been scared to pee!

        It was because they had watched with their own eyes as Lin Zekun had gone from his initial triumph to his gradual defeat at the end.

        And now, he had been abandoned by the Lin family!

        Lin Zekun's defeat would directly mean their demise!

        They were dead!


        At this time, Lin Zekun shook his head in disbelief, and then hissed loudly as if he had gone mad.

        "Impossible! How could I have lost to a punk!"

        He couldn't accept this scene!

        He was the future heir of the Lin family!

        At that moment, he stared at Lin Fan with a fierce look on his face.

        "Dog, it's all your fault! You deserve to die!!!"

        "Someone, help me kill him!"


        Neither the King of the Northern Realm nor the Three Great Gods of War moved in place, as if they hadn't heard those words.

        And it was the King of the Northern Realm who sighed.

        "Little Kun, listen to your grandfather's words!"

        If the Lin Family Lord wasn't really at his wits' end, how would he bow down to a trash he had swept away?

        Now that the Neon Phoenix Army Seat was here, they couldn't help Lin Fan.

        "No way! I want him to die! You guys help me kill him!"

        But Lin Zekun had completely lost his mind and wanted to kill Lin Fan no matter what.

        But without waiting for him to say anything else, the Northern King was forcibly dragging him with him, intending to leave the spot.

        Seeing this scene!

        Bai Yan and the others, all of whom were already crying out, had been completely scared silly.

        Lin Zekun was gone, but they were completely finished!

        Without Lin Zekun as their big backer, how could they defend themselves against the Blood Prison and the Neon Phoenix Army?

        The Lin family was helpless against a useless son-in-law!

        This was unbelievable!

        Everyone couldn't believe it!


        Just as the King of the North wanted to take Lin Zekun away by force, an extremely cold word rang out violently.

        "I didn't say you could leave!"