Today I Give Up Trying 1349-1350

 Chapter 1349


        Although these words were calm, how domineering they sounded to the crowd!

        As if, the Dragon and Tiger War God was already his defeated opponent, oozing with absolute confidence!

        Hearing these words, Bai Yan and Wang Mingzhe and the others, their faces were all flooded with a strong look of ecstasy, and they were practically on the verge of jumping up and down in excitement.


        Just when they thought that the Dragon Tiger War God would definitely retreat in disgrace, they saw the Dragon Tiger War God, a touch of disdain surprisingly appear on his face:.

        "King of the North, we admit that we are no match for you, but it should be you who should leave tonight!"

        "Because tonight, you don't know what a terrifying existence the Lin family has offended!"


        As soon as they heard this, the crowd was in an uproar!

        The Dragon and Tiger War Gods, how dare they threaten the King of the North?

        Who are they to do that?

        That King of the North was a figure comparable to the Blood Hell Mad God, and even if the Blood Hell Mad God descended, it wouldn't change the situation today!

        And the Dragon and Tiger War God, how dare they tell the North King to leave?

        This was insane!

        Immediately, everyone was casting contemptuous looks at them, had this Dragon and Tiger War God become fond of pretending even after being with Lin Fan for so long?


        The King of the Northern Realm sneered twice, obviously also feeling that the Dragon and Tiger War God was insulting him, as the King of the Northern Realm, he had never been afraid of anyone.

        Immediately, a stern look flooded his eyes as he said.

        "Is that so? But why do I feel that apart from the King of the Blood Prison, none of you in the Blood Prison can enter the eyes of an old man!"

        Hearing these words, the Dragon Tiger War God laughed instead of being angry, and a playful smile appeared on his face.

        "What if, then, it is the King of Blood Prison?"


        These words had just fallen!


        That King of the North burst into laughter as if he had heard a big joke.

        The look in his eyes when he looked at the Dragon and Tiger War God was filled with a strong sense of playfulness, as if he said, "I have seen through you all long ago".

        "You don't need to bluff me any more, as far as I know, Lin and NeHuang have already gone out together to snipe the Blood Prison King!"

        "The best outcome would be for him to escape from China alive! And the odds are that the man who claims to be the strongest will stay in China forever!"


        In an instant, the whole room was completely shocked!

        Lin Zuo and the NeHuang army seat, together they had gone to snipe the King of Blood Prison?

        Huaxia, the four strongest military seats, had directly sent out two of them, then even the man who claimed to be the strongest in the world, would only have to avoid them!

        The Lin family, in order to kill Lin Fan, had gone to such lengths?

        This, this was incredible!

        At that moment!

        Bai Yan and the others only felt that happiness had come too suddenly, and they all looked at Lin Zekun with admiration on their heads!


        Wang Mingzhe, the ass-kisser, knew that this was the best time to kiss his ass, so he immediately knelt down towards Lin Zekun and said incomparably admiringly.

        "Third young master, you're really a god of foresight and wise in your calculations! You've managed to manipulate even Lin Zhaoge and Ni Huang Jun Zhaoge!"

        He had never imagined that Lin Zekun had set up such a grand game!

        At the same time, he had brought in four super terrifying beings, namely, Lin Zhaoge, Ni Huang Jun Zhaoge, the King of Blood Hell and the King of the North!

        They were already assured of victory!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Zekun, who heard these words, also had a thick look of triumph on his face as he looked at Lin Fan from a high position:.

        "Lin Fan, do you understand now? A punk is a punk after all, and will never be on the stage in front of a true genius!"

        "Next, you can die!"

        At those words!

        Lin Fan then raised his head, his gaze chillingly looking at Lin Zekun, the corner of that mouth raised into an extremely fierce smile.

        "In order to kill me, your Lin family, you have really gone to great lengths!"

        The Lin family, who had hurt him and his mother!

        Now, they wanted to destroy his hard-earned family!

        This, completely drove Lin Fan mad!

        "Since you have laid this certain death for me, then I... First break the trap! Then kill!"

        Then, he took a deep breath, and under the extremely frightening gazes of the crowd, he roared.

        "Blood Hell, descend!!!"

Chapter 1350


        The moment Lin Fan's words fell!

        A hurricane of scarlet wind came sweeping through the door!

        Ten people!

        Fifty people!

        One hundred people!

        Soon, the entire manor was filled with a crowd of people!

        A hundred people, all of them at least Zong Shi strength, all standing boldly behind Lin Fan!

        This was the Blood Prison in full force!

        The terrifying aura of all the sect masters burst forth, overwhelming everyone in the room and making them all feel oppressed.

        In an instant!

        In the eyes of Bai Yan and the others, there was a dense fright!


        And that was not all!

        At that very moment, everyone heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the door, neatly and furiously!

        Everyone looked around in horror, but all they could see was the colour of blood!

        The entire Rose Manor had been completely surrounded!

        "What's going on! Did Song Yuanzheng and Lin Zuo and the others, not stop the Blood Prison?"

        Immediately, Wang Mingzhe's face was flooded with dense fear that they had been surrounded.

        Hearing this!

        Lin Zekun's face was also ugly, as this scene had gone beyond his plans.

        "You guys underestimate the King of Blood Hell too much, a man like that, it's not easy enough to hold him back, so don't expect more!"

        The King of the Northern Realm, however, had a certainty on his face and smiled lightly, saying.

        "As long as the King of Blood Hell doesn't come, with these trash alone, I'll kill them like slaughtering dogs!"


        Only then did the arrogant words of the King of the Northern Realm come out of his mouth.

        A cold laugh came from the crowd.

        "Is that so? What about me?"

        A clatter!

        All the members of the Blood Prison made a way!

        And then!

        A man as big as a mountain broke through the crowd and ruthlessly crashed into the eyes of everyone.

        The God of Blood Hell!

        His appearance caused the pupils of the King of the North to shrink fiercely!

        It was because he had fought with the Blood Hell Mad God, and they had fought to a draw at that time.

        But what he couldn't imagine was why the Blood Hell Mad God would appear here.

        The Blood Hell Mad God was loyal to the Blood Hell King, how could he possibly leave him behind to come here to save a trash?


        Just then, Lin Zekun sneered.

        "So what if it's the Blood Prison God! As long as we can stall for time, when Lin Zaikun and the Neon Phoenix Army Seat have repelled the Blood Hell King, they will naturally come to support us, and they will still die!"

        The odds of winning today were still on their side!

        However, a desperate scene, which was only about to happen!

        "I'm sorry, but it's you who will die tonight!"

        A cold voice followed!


        Hearing that voice, Lin Zekun and the others' expressions instantly changed wildly, before they all looked in one direction!

        And then, under everyone's horrified gaze, a roaring figure descended from the sky!

        A military uniform, with a strong aura of killing and destruction all over his body!

        The NeHuang Army Seat!

        This woman had finally arrived, but what was extremely frightening and puzzling to the crowd was that she was on Lin Fan's side!

        This was not right!

        This wasn't right!

        The moment they saw this scene, everyone on Lin Zekun's side instantly realised that something wasn't right.

        In their eyes, there was a strong sense of panic!

        This, what the hell is going on!

        Didn't the Ni Huang army seat go to snipe the Blood Prison King?

        Why did she appear here?

        She was even on Lin Fan's side!

        At this moment, everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost, and their faces were filled with disbelief.

        This scene was simply unbelievable!

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Yi's family was completely dumbfounded!

        They didn't even know the Ni Huang army seat, so why would she protect them?

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan then said to Bai Yi.

        "Wife, it's already alright, you can take Mom and Dad away first!"

        Bai Yi visibly froze, and then asked.

        "What about you?"

        Lin Fan smiled, "Don't worry, with the Blood Hell Berserker God and the Neon Phoenix Army Seat here, can't they still kill me?"

        Bai Yi then nodded and said, "Then you must be careful, I'll wait for you outside, if you don't come, I won't leave!"

        And then, Bai Yi took her parents and left the place.

        Seeing them leave, Lin Zekun realised that the situation had completely gotten out of hand, and at that moment, his face turned gloomy to the extreme.

        "Military seat Ni Huang, didn't you go to snipe the King of Blood Prison? Why are you here?"

        Everyone, too, looked at the Neon Phoenix Warlord in horror and confusion!

        At these words!

        A playful smile appeared on Ni Huang's face.

        "Lin Zuo and the King of Blood Hell, aren't they right here?"