Today I Give Up Trying 1347-1348

 Chapter 1347


        Hearing these words, the Bai Yi family's eyes were all filled with a thick sense of disbelief.

        The Lin family, wanting to kill Lin Fan?


        Weren't they a family?

        "Lin Fan, why is this happening? Why would your family want to kill you?"

        At this time, Bai Yi was completely desperate, she had done so much, even sacrificing herself, wasn't it just to protect Lin Fan?

        But in the end, it was all in vain!

        She couldn't save Lin Fan!

        At this moment, no one could save Lin Fan!

        Because it was the Lin family that wanted to kill Lin Fan!

        She couldn't understand why the Lin family would want to kill Lin Fan when they were obviously family!

        At this time!

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, too, had been completely terrified.

        The Lin family, the strongest powerful family in China, could be described as a truly powerful existence, and since such an existence wanted to kill Lin Fan?

        In that case, who could save Lin Fan?

        Bai Yi's family all felt that at this moment, Lin Fan was already in danger of escaping.

        At this time, Bai Yi's legs were too weak to stand up, and her hands clutched Lin Fan's collar as she cried out in tears.

        "You shouldn't have come, you shouldn't have come!"

        And just then!

        Zhao Zekun was staring at Bai Yi with a lecherous expression.

        "Bai Yi, don't say I won't give you a chance, as long as you are willing to abandon this trash and become my lover now, I can consider sparing your family's life!"

        It had to be said that Bai Yi was really beautiful to look at, making him, a young man who had seen countless women, swayed.

        So now, he didn't just want to get Lin Fan killed, he wanted to snatch his wife before he got him killed!

        Then, in front of Lin Fan, he would play with his wife so that Lin Fan would die of hatred!

        A humiliating death!

        This is the real thing, to make Lin Fan die a horrible death!


        But Bai Yi stared at Lin Zekun in anguish.

        "You're dreaming! I, Bai Yi, was born as Lin Fan's man and will die as Lin Fan's ghost!"

        "Today, I will die with him!"


        Hearing those words!

        Lin Zekun's eyebrows instantly wiped over a thick hostile aura as he stared at Bai Yi with a murderous aura.

        "How dare you, you ungrateful bitch! Then I'll let you die a horrible death!"

        "Men! Strip this woman naked and fuck her one by one! I'll play her to death!"


        These words were so vicious and perverse!

        The expressions of all those present changed wildly!

        And at that moment!

        Xiao's father and son, Bai Yan, Wang Mingzhe and the others all had a strong look of ecstasy on their faces, as if they could already anticipate Bai Yi's fate.

        Wang Mingzhe, in particular, was already laughing hideously at this time, and volunteered to say.

        "I'll be the first to go!"

        This woman, daring to look down on him repeatedly?

        Later on, he would definitely torture this woman fiercely!


        At once!

        One by one, the strongest members of the Lin family slowly pressed towards Lin Fan with hideous smiles.

        Seeing this!

        Bai Yi's face turned white, and if it wasn't for Lin Fan's support, she would have fallen limp to the ground.

        In the next instant, her face was flooded with a strong look of determination as she looked bitterly at Lin Fan: "Wife, I'll die even if I have to.

        "Wife, even if I die, I will never betray you, we... I'll see you in the next life!"

        After saying that!

        She was about to bite her tongue and kill herself, preferring death to letting these beasts defile her.


        Lin Fan's eyes instantly filled with a cold aura, and he immediately clasped Bai Yi's jaw, stopping her from making a move.

        In a deep voice, he said.

        "Wife, trust me!"

        Trust you?

        When those words rang out, all the voices in the room, instantly fell completely silent.

        Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan with a sneer on their faces, as if they were watching a joke.

        You punk, you're already in a difficult position to protect yourself now, and you still dare to act like a punk?

        How ridiculous!

        They even admired Lin Fan's naivety, that he still had that slim hope at the brink of death.

        At once!

        All the people in the audience cast disdainful and contemptuous glances at Lin Fan.

        On the other hand, Lin Zekun's face instantly turned gloomy: "Do it!

        "Make a move!"

        Since Lin Fan still had illusions, then he would shatter them once and for all!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        Countless Lin Clan powerhouses swept out, with evil and lustful faces, greedily grabbing at Bai Yi.

        They couldn't wait to enjoy this stunning beauty.


        Just then!


        Two blood shadows shot out from outside the door with a majestic and surging murderous force, and ruthlessly slammed into those Lin family powerhouses!


        Those Lin family members' bodies burst open and flew backwards, instantly turning into a puddle of mud as if they had been hit by a car, and died on the spot!


        This sudden scene caused the expressions of the gloating crowd to stiffen.

        In the next instant, they all looked at the two bloody shadows in unison!

        "Dragon and Tiger War Gods!"

        In an instant, everyone froze, as if they hadn't expected that Lin Fan had brought two Great War Gods with him.

        Even Lin Zekun at this moment was completely frozen!

        In his eyes, an incredible shock fiercely surfaced!

        In the next instant, his face turned extremely ugly, because he knew that the presence of the Dragon and Tiger War Gods meant that the Blood Hell Mad God had decided to tear his face off with their Lin family!

        And just then!

        Lin Fan was supporting Bai Yi and slowly stood up, his deep, cold eyes staring at Lin Zekun with a deadly stare.

        "You, you've scared my woman!"

Chapter 1348


        These words were thick with threats!

        It made Li Zekun completely furious!

        His eyes erupted with fierce killing intent, how dare this trash threaten him?

        "Lin Fan, do you think you can change the situation just because you've brought in two losers? In that case, you're underestimating me, Lin Zekun, aren't you?"

        "They, are just here to die!"

        He didn't have the Dragon and Tiger War God in his sights at all, Lin Fan had left a backhand, did he not?


        Unless the King of Blood Hell descended, no one would be able to stop him.


        And at this moment!

        The Dragon and Tiger War Gods were completely furious at this time, and without any nonsense, they directly pounced on Lin Zekun.

        They were going to shred this bastard who dared to insult the King and Queen to pieces!


        On Lin Zekun's face, however, there was no trace of panic, instead, the corners of his mouth curled up in a sneer.

        "Good, since you are seeking death, then today I will let you see the depths of my Lin family!"


        As soon as the words were spoken, three terrifying figures swept out from behind Lin Zekun, and blasted towards the incoming Dragon and Tiger War God!

        Bang! Bang!

        After the two loud bangs, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods all flew backwards and hit the ground heavily.

        He vomited blood on the spot!

        A look of horror suddenly appeared on his face!

        His eyes looked at those three figures in horror!

        Those... It was three Gods of War!

        Of the eight Great War Gods of China, two were under Lin Fan's command, the other three had been defeated by Lin Fan, and now these three were the three War Gods who had never shown their faces before!

        At this instant, everyone was dumbfounded!

        None of them seemed to have expected that the Lin family would have taken three War Gods and completely subdued them!

        "War... War Gods!"

        Finally, Bai Yi was sitting on the ground with a poof, his face fiercely dead grey as he looked at the three War Gods with extreme despair.

        The glimmer of hope that had just risen was completely extinguished at this moment.

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you have the help of the Gods of War, but don't we? Your wishful thinking is wrong!"

        Wang Mingzhe laughed loudly and looked at Lin Fan with a look of death.

        "Besides! This time, just in case, we have also prepared a killer for you!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, an extremely terrifying murderous aura suddenly surged out.

        At this moment, the atmosphere seemed to have plummeted to a freezing point!

        Everyone looked towards a corner as if they had sensed it, with incomparably shocked expressions on their faces.


        A sound of a walking stick hitting the ground rang out.

        And then!

        An old man with an old description slowly walked out with a kind smile on his face.

        But there was an overwhelming and terrifying aura about him!

        The moment he was seen, even the Dragon and Tiger War God could not help but change his expression: "The King of the North!

        "King of the North!"

        This old man was a veritable legend!

        He had ruled over the Northern Realm for decades, making the Northern Realm border gates untouchable!

        How dare he help Lin Zekun?


        The moment they saw this old man, Bai Yi's side was completely desperate!

        Because they all knew how terrifying this old man was, he had spent decades pacifying the most chaotic northern border of China.

        So much so that today, the Northern Realm is still peaceful and prosperous!

        The three Great Gods of War had already defeated the Dragon and Tiger Gods of War, and with this old man, they could not win.

        At that moment!

        A thick scowl then surfaced on the faces of the Xiao family's father and son as they laughed madly and loudly.

        "Lin Fan, Bai Yi, you've lost! You will lose! With the King of the Northern Realm in town, even the Blood Hell Mad God you invited here will have to kneel down! Hahahaha!"

        "Even if they lose for sure, they're dead!"

        Bai Yan giggled, and a gloating smile spread across her face:.

        "Lin Fan, can you continue to be arrogant now? With the King of the Northern Realm here, all your backers, they don't work anymore!"

        At that moment!

        The Northern Realm King's face also wore a benevolent smile:.

        "Little Dragon and Little Tiger, you are both rare talents in China, I don't want China, for no reason, to lose two War Gods, so..."

        "You guys leave!"