Today I Give Up Trying 1345-1346

 Chapter 1345

When he saw Lin Fan appear, a strong hatred surfaced in Wang Mingzhe's eyes, as well as the playfulness of a cat catching a mouse.

        It was as if Lin Fan was already a fish on his plate, ready to be slaughtered by him!

        This time, he vowed that he would never let this trash, Lin Fan, leave from here alive!

        "Lin Fan, I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

        Wang Mingzhe sorrowfully walked up, a mocking sneer on his face.

        At this moment!

        Lin Fan's murderous aura surged as he coldly swept a glance at him.

        "My wife, where is she?"

        "Don't worry, she's fine now, but after a while, I can't guarantee it!"

        Wang Mingzhe laughed gloatingly and taunted Lin Fan, saying.

        "You say, you're such a loser, if you had honestly given up your wife to me, wouldn't everything have been fine?"

        Speaking of this!

        Wang Mingzhe's face was filled with the pleasure of revenge.

        "It's all because of you that I've come to this end! In a moment, you two dogs will pay a terrible price for offending me, hahaha!"

        Wang Mingzhe laughed extremely wildly.

        Because in his eyes, Lin Fan and Bai Yi, were already dead people!

        Lin Fan frowned, having lost his patience by this time, and said in a cold voice.

        "Either lead the way or go to hell!"

        Lin Fan was furious!

        So, he didn't care what kind of place this was, or who was backing Wang Mingzhe...

        All he knew was that if he dared to hurt his woman, then he would step on this place and kill everyone!

        At those words!

        Wang Mingzhe was clearly stunned, and then he scoffed.

        "I'm scared... How dare you be so arrogant even though you're a loser who relies on your wife? When you meet the one behind me, I'm afraid you won't even have time to cry!"

        In his opinion, Lin Fan was just pretending to be arrogant now, and when he met the powerful one, Lin Fan would be completely paralyzed with fear.


        After seeing Lin Fan's extremely gloomy face, his heart then surged with a strong sense of pleasure as he deliberately stalled for time and said.

        "I have to say, your wife is really charming, even when she cries, she is so pitiful!"

        "Tasty, too tasty! She's probably already serving the master inside and having a good time!"

        "I don't think you should go in and make a nuisance of yourself, in case your wife gets a taste for it and complains that you're disturbing her pleasure."


        The moment the words fell!

        Lin Fan's long-dormant murderous eyes completely exploded out.

        With a pair of blood-curdling claws that had killed countless people, he grabbed Wang Mingzhe's throat and suddenly lifted him up in the air!

        "You, think I'm joking with you?"

        Lin Fan's face was gloomy to the extreme, his voice trembling with intense killing intent.


        In this instant, Wang Mingzhe's body was steeply tense, as if he had fallen into the ice cellar one, fearful to the extreme.

        That gloomy face and furious words were revealing a bitter killing intent, making him uneasy to the extreme.

        How could this fellow's body possess such a terrifying aura?

        "I... I'll lead the way!"

        Wang Mingzhe hurriedly said in a trembling voice, he had a feeling that if he ever dared to humiliate him again, this trash would definitely kill himself, on the spot!

        Lin Fan then violently slammed Wang Mingzhe to the ground, causing him to become dizzy and unable to get up for half a day!


        He obediently got up and led the way, but in the depths of his eyes, the ultimate resentment surfaced!

        Wait for it, punk!

        I'll see how arrogant you'll be after I meet that man!

        I'll make sure you die a horrible death!

        A clatter!

        Not long after, Wang Mingzhe pushed open the gate of the Rose Manor, and the moment he stepped in, his face was filled with a thick resentment.

        It seemed that Lin Fan was already a turtle in his jar!

        And then!

        Lin Fan suddenly saw Bai Yi's family kneeling on the ground, sobbing in a whisper, while their faces were all filled with a strong sense of fear.

        Seeing them in such a humiliating posture, the meaning in Lin Fan's body couldn't help but intensify a few degrees.

        And at that moment, Bai Yi also snapped her head back, and the moment she saw Lin Fan, she was first stunned.

        The moment she saw Lin Fan, she was first stunned, and then the tears of anguish and despair gushed out like an uncontrollable flood!

        Immediately, she roared at the top of her lungs.

        "Go! Honey, why did you come? Didn't I tell you to leave? Go away!"


        Instead of retreating, Lin Fan stepped forward slowly towards Bai Yi, his eyes filled with infinite doting and love.

        "I swore that I would let you live your life in peace and without worries!"

        As he spoke!

        Lin Fan had already embraced Bai Yi into his arms and said in a soft voice.

        "I, I cannot break my promise!"

Chapter 1346

Hearing these words, Bai Yi was completely devastated!

        She cried out at the top of her lungs, her fists repeatedly hitting Lin Fan's chest: "Why are you so stupid?

        "Why are you so stupid? Why do you always disobey me? I only want you to live, do you hear me? Lin Fan, you must go! Go!!!"

        Tears, indisputably, gushed out madly.

        At this time she was not at all happy to see Lin Fan coming to her rescue, it was just a death wish.

        Because the existence that had struck out at them this time was someone they could never afford to offend in their lifetime.

        Seeing Bai Yi in such a state, Lin Fan only felt his heart clench into a ball, with an indescribable heartache.

        And then, he was the one who spoke to comfort him, saying.

        "Don't worry, today... We'll go home together!"


        Hearing these words, both Wang Mingzhe, Bai Yan and the Xiao family fathers froze.

        Going home together?

        The next moment, a smile appeared on their faces, as if they had heard a big joke.

        They had already come here, and they were still imagining that they could leave in peace?

        Was this guy an idiot?

        At that moment, they cast resentful and despicable glances at Lin Fan, as if they could already predict Lin Fan's pathetic fate.

        It wasn't just [Nameless Novel] them!

        Even Bai Yi's family, after hearing these words, their faces turned white.

        Even Bai Yi was out of options, so what could Lin Fan alone, a home-cooked man, do?

        It was simply impossible!

        And just then!

        A clap!

        A sound full of mocking claps came from the high platform in front of him.

        Only then did Lin Fan realise that there was a man standing there, standing with his arms folded, with a noble aura that looked out of the world!

        It was as if he was born to be a king and dominate all life!

        Lin Fan's pupils instantly shrank!

        Because this back was too familiar to him!

        Even if another ten thousand years passed, he would not be able to forget this person who he hated to the bone and wanted to break into pieces.

        And then!

        The figure slowly turned around, revealing a fair and feminine face, with a playful smile at the corner of his mouth.

        "What a lover, you've touched me!"

        "As a token of appreciation, I will let you and your wife be a pair of desperate lovers!"

        The words were plain, but they were thick with killing intent!

        And the moment he saw the other party's face, Lin Fan was completely furious, and a steaming murderous intent emerged in his eyes.

        "Lin Zekun!"

        This man was the third young master of the Lin family, Lin Zekun!

        This man was one of the culprits who had humiliated Lin Fan and killed his mother.

        "Lin Fan it's been a long time, does it seem like history is always amazingly similar, at first I got your mother killed, now I'm going to get your wife killed, hahaha!"

        Lin Zekun let out a loud laugh, looking at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an ant that could be crushed at will.

        It was full of contempt and mockery!


        Upon hearing these words, Bai Yi's family completely froze, and then they all looked at Lin Fan with an incredulous look.

        Lin Zekun, who had once killed Lin Fan's mother?

        Lin Fan... The Lin family?

        It was as if Bai Yi and the others had thought of something, and they fiercely revealed expressions of extreme horror.

        Lin Fan, surprisingly, had an affinity with the Lin family?

        Hearing Lin Zekun make fun of the past, Lin Fan's eyes were completely bloodshot, containing a crazy killing spirit!

        "You, seek death!!!"


        He stood up and wanted to wipe Lin Zekun out completely!


        "Lin Fan, don't! We can't afford to offend him!"

        But Bai Yi, however, shook her head at Lin Fan, crying and begging!

        She really didn't want to, watching Lin Fan go to his death, and immediately, she was pleading to Lin Zekun, saying.

        "Young Lin, you can do whatever you want to do to us, but since Lin Fan is also a member of the Lin family, please spare his life!"

        "Shut up!!!"

        But unexpectedly!

        As soon as he heard those words, that Lin Zekun became completely furious, and a horrible killing intent surfaced on his face, as if he had been seriously insulted.

        "How can you call yourself a member of the Lin family with such a trash?"

        "I'm telling you, killing him today is the Lin family's intention!"