Today I Give Up Trying 1343-1344

 Chapter 1343


        At these words, everyone's expressions changed wildly!

        Lin... Lin Zuo?

        Their eyes felt as if they were about to burst open, this guy was the mysterious Lin Zuo?

        And Zhao Chuan finally understood why the King of Blood Prison and Lin Zuo had arrived here at the same time, because they were simply the same person.

        "No... This can't be!"

        Song Yuanzheng revealed an expression of having seen a ghost alive, as if he was about to completely piss himself in fear at this time.

        "This must be a mistake, he's clearly only in his twenties, how could he have two such terrifying identities at the same time?"

        Not just him, everyone present found it unbelievable!

        Overseas, with terrifying battle power!

        At home, absolute ruling power!

        Such an existence, how terrifying!

        For the Lin family to try to wipe out such an existence was simply blind and foolish!

        At first, they thought Lin Fan was mad!

        But now, it seemed that the Lin family was the most stupid idiot of all!

        It was only the next words of the Blood Hell Mad God that caused them to completely despair.

        "Bunch of idiots, our King has multiple identities, apart from being the Dark Emperor and the Lin Seat, he's also a Middle Eastern oil tycoon! More so, he is the BOSS behind the world's top conglomerate, Universal Group!"


        When these words fell, Song Yuanzheng and the others were completely stunned!

        The Dark Lord!

        Lin Zuo!

        The boss of the Global Group!

        All of these identities were so terrifying that everyone present felt as if they were dreaming and could not believe their ears.

        Each one of these identities would be enough to shock the world!

        Yet, they were all concentrated in one person!

        How outstanding this man was!

        However, at that very moment!

        A group of black shadows swept in from everywhere, like ghosts, appearing silently in the middle of the room!

        Each one of them was clad in black robes and had a sinister aura about them!

        "Dark ghosts, it's the Northern Pass Army! The Neon Phoenix Army Seat has arrived!"

        It was only at this time, upon seeing these people, that a glimmer of hope finally emerged in Song Yuanzheng's eyes.

        The Lin Seat was gone, but at least they still had the Lin Family and the Ni Huang Army Seat to back them up!

        Two against two, they still didn't have to fear Lin Fan!

        When Song Yuanzheng saw this, he was on the verge of crying with excitement, and as if he had grabbed the straw that saved his life, he frantically and miserably screamed.

        "Dark Ghost, stop them now! We can't let them set half a step into Jiang City!"

        "When the Lin family's army arrives in Jiangcheng, we'll kill all these bastards!"

        The words fell!

        Those black shadows, then, all walked towards Lin Fan.


        Just when everyone thought that the Dark Ghosts were about to stop Lin Fan, they were shocked to see that all the Dark Ghosts were kneeling towards Lin Fan!

        "Lin Zuo, we are here to help you in Jiang City on the orders of the Neon Phoenix Army Commander!"


        These words were like an explosive boom that exploded wildly in everyone's minds!

        Despair, complete despair!

        The moment they heard these words, Long Jiu and Song Yuanzheng were all trembling madly!

        At this time, they all sat down on the ground in shock!

        The Neon Phoenix Army Seat had come to Jiang City, not to kill Lin Fan, but to help him?

        This cruel truth was like a heavy hammer that hit the hearts of all of them so violently that they were all worse than dead!

        At that very moment, the Blood Hell Mad God, who was at the side, said with a fierce smile.

        "By the way, I forgot to tell you that the one you've been waiting for is a close friend of our King!"

        Best friends in life and death?

        As soon as they heard these words, a strong bitterness surfaced on the faces of all the people.

        All at once, everything became clear!

        Three giants?

        That was a big joke!

        They originally thought that the two great military leaders had come to Jiang City to snipe the King of Blood Prison.

        But as it turned out, the Lin seat was Lin Fan, and the Neon Phoenix army seat was still Lin Fan's friend, their most proud reliance...



        In this instant, Song Yuanzheng had realised that the end was near, and sat helplessly on the ground.

        A cold smile of self-deprecation appeared on his face, which was ashen.

        He had messed with the wrong person!

        Now, it wasn't just him!

        Even the Lin family was on the verge of extinction!

        Because they had angered a demon!

Chapter 1344

Lin Fan faintly glanced at those dark ghosts before saying.

        "I'm going over there, tell them to make way!"


        All the Dark Night Ghosts, nodded respectfully!

        And then, in unison, they turned back to stare at Long Jiu and Song Yuanzheng and the others.

        "The Ni Huang army seat has an order, no obstruction of the Lin seat, those who disobey the order will be killed without amnesty!"

        As soon as they heard those words!

        All of them had their liver and guts split, while behind them they wore bitter smiles and quickly made a way.

        At this moment, they all felt that their last hope had been dashed!

        But that was not all!


        Just then, a dark spectre but coldly fixed Song Yuanzheng with the following stare.

        "Song Yuanzheng, as the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangbei, yet you have used your power for personal gain, immediately send him to a military court to await the verdict!"


        Hearing these words, Song Yuanzheng's whole body trembled wildly!

        A court-martial, awaiting a verdict?

        Song Yuanzheng's eyes went black and he almost fainted on the spot.

        Immediately afterwards, a look of death-defying fear appeared on his face, and he sat down completely on the ground!

        Then, with a sobbing face, he turned to Lin Fan and bitterly begged.

        "Lin Zuo, spare me! This is all the Lin family's intention, it has nothing to do with me! I beg you to spare me this time, I'll work for you as a cow!"

        He knew very well that if he had offended Lin and the Neighbouring Army, he would be court-martialled today, and tomorrow he would be sentenced to death!

        He didn't want to die!

        At this time, Song Yuanzheng was completely scared and instantly cried like a pussy.


        Lin Fan, however, swept him away with a faint glance.

        "Are you a dog of the Lin family?"

        "Sorry, I swore that one day I would break the Lin family and leave no dog behind!"

        With that, Lin Fan simply turned his head, towards his helicopter, and walked over!

        "No! No! I can save your wife! Let me go!"

        As soon as he heard this, Song Yuanzheng screamed like crazy, kowtowing to Lin Fan one after another, snotting and crying, shitting and pissing all over the place.

        And at that moment!

        The Blood Hell Mad God then sneered and looked at him.

        "Don't worry, you won't die in vain! In no time, everyone in the Lin family will be buried with you!"

        And then, Song Yuanzheng, who was completely desperate, was dragged down by the Dark Ghost!

        And at the same time!

        Inside that helicopter, Xiao's father and son and Bai Yan, however, could not see what was happening outside.

        When they saw that Lin Fan had returned alive, a look of disappointment spread across their faces.

        Damn it!

        Facing the Jiangbei and Jiangnan Alliance, this trash hadn't died?

        How could this be possible!

        And at that moment, Xiao Youwei also finally came back from the shock of that dumping of his family's fortune, and a thick hatred surfaced on his face.

        "Lin Fan, although you have destroyed our Xiao family, you will have to bury us with you!"

        "You have no idea what a terrifying existence you are facing, in front of him you and your wife are nothing more than mere ants!"

        "When the time comes, I look forward to watching you two, husband and wife, die a miserable death, hahaha!"

        On the side, Bai Yan also had a resentful look on her face, a gloating smile appearing in her eyes.

        "Lin Fan, when you meet that one, don't be so scared that you pee your trousers!"

        They all knew that Lin Fan was looking for death!

        This idiot had no idea what a terrifying existence he had offended.

        Originally, this guy had a chance to escape, but instead he had to go to Jiang City to save Bai Yi, so soon Lin Fan and Bai Yi would become a pair of deadly lovebirds.


        Lin Fan ignored their ridicule.

        After that, the helicopter started up and swept towards Jiang City once again.

        About half an hour later, they stopped at an extremely luxurious rose manor.


        Just as they landed, Lin Fan saw a man standing on the lawn with a thick sneer on his face.

        It was none other than Wang Mingzhe!