Today I Give Up Trying 1339-1340

 Chapter 1339

In an instant!

        The faces of all the people turned ugly!

        What a spectacular scene!

        It was like an army of hell marching through the human world!

        They all knew very well that these people were the strongest fighting force in the Blood Prison!


        The top masters!

        Grand Masters!

        They were all out in force!

        Long Jiu and the others were completely dumbfounded!

        They had never dreamed that the King of Blood Prison would deploy all of Blood Prison's strongest fighting forces to China just to save that one punk?

        This was insane!

        This is simply insane!

        Was it really worth it to offend the whole of China for the sake of one punk?

        And now!

        Their bodies were trembling uncontrollably, obviously terrified to the extreme.

        They couldn't stop these 10,000 people!

        At that moment!

        Long Jiu then asked Song Yuanzheng in an extremely nervous manner.

        "Song Yuanzheng, where is Lin Zuo? Have you made contact yet? With our abilities, we can't stop them at all!"

        At these words, Song Yuanzheng immediately laughed coldly.

        "Don't panic, I've already had someone contact Block Lin, it's said that he's already on his way to Jiangnan, he'll be there in ten minutes!"


        The crowd was instantly shocked!

        Surprisingly, it was also ten minutes?

        Wouldn't that be the same time as the arrival of the King of Blood Hell?

        These two emperors would arrive at the same time and clash with each other?

        And yet, that was not all!

        Song Yuanzheng continued to sneer and said.

        "Apart from the Lin Throne, I've also heard that the Neon Phoenix Army Throne is also on its way to Jiang City! When the time comes, one dragon and one phoenix will battle the King of Blood Hell! These idiots... They won't be able to stop them! Hahahaha!"


        As soon as they heard those words!

        Everyone felt their adrenaline climbing like crazy!

        Their faces were all flooded with shock and ecstasy!

        The Neon Phoenix Army Seat, is coming too?

        The four great military leaders!

        Two of them are coming!

        Oh my god!

        Two of the four most powerful warriors in China's official ranks have come!

        It could be seen that the top echelons of China were completely furious and wanted to wipe out Blood Prison once and for all!

        At once!

        At that moment, the face of Long Jiu was filled with a sense of triumph, and a sense of glory as if he was going to die!

        "Everyone, listen to the order! Both Lin and Ni Huang are on their way here, so we must guard this pass to the death before then! Don't let the two army commanders down!"


        All of them roared in unison, feeling that they had the victory in their hands, and their morale immediately soared!

        And then, the eyes of those who looked at the Blood Prisoners were filled with disdain and contempt.

        With two against one, and the Lin family in charge, Blood Prison was completely finished this time!

        "Hahahaha! Blood Prison Mad God, your plans are wrong, none of you will be able to take half a step into Jiang City today!"

        Song Yuan Zheng laughed furiously, feeling that he had never seen anything like this before, that he was able to call out to the Blood Prison God!

        In those eyes, there was a strong sense of rampant arrogance and triumph: "Now, kneel down and admit your mistake.

        "Now, kneel down and admit your mistake! Perhaps I can even beg for mercy from the two military commanders and spare your lives!"


        Just at this moment, Zhao Chuan's heart was tinged with some doubts, he always felt that things were not that simple.

        It was because he had received an order from Military Seat Ni Huang before, and her order was... Do not stop Blood Prison!

        But now she was personally rushing to Jiang City to destroy the Blood Prison?

        Wasn't that, well, just one more thing to do?

        What's more!

        The King of Blood Prison had always been good friends with China, so how could he fight with China over a trash?


        There was something more to this that they didn't know!

        Just then!

        Just then!

        Zhao Chuan's mobile phone rang violently!

        When he glanced at the caller ID, his body tensed up and a drop of cold sweat spread across his forehead.

        And then!

        He pressed the speakerphone and trembled, saying.

        "Hello... Hello!"

        A long time later...


        Zhao Chuan sat down on the ground with a face as white as death, not knowing what he had heard, and at that moment, he had an expression of having seen a ghost alive.

        "Zhao Chuan, what's wrong with you?"

        Long Jiu asked in disbelief.

        However, there was no reply!

        Zhao Chuan was trembling like chaff, as if he hadn't heard the crowd's words, completely immersed in his inner world, his body trembling violently and uncontrollably.

        One minute!

        Two minutes!

        Three minutes!

        As they watched Zhao Chuan fall to the ground in fear, unable to even speak, a bad feeling came over the crowd's hearts.

        It seemed that something terrible was about to happen!

        I don't know how long it took!

        Zhao Chuan finally came to his senses, and then he howled hysterically.

        "Get out of the way! Get out of the way!"

        "Or it will be too late!!!"

Chapter 1340


        When this miserable howl fell, Long Jiu and Song Yuan Zheng and the others all looked stunned.

        They wondered if they had heard it wrong!

        Zhao Chuan had actually asked them to make way for the Blood Prison?

        Was this insane?

        If the two military commanders and the top brass of China knew about this, they would definitely be charged with negligence of duty!

        At that moment, Long Jiu's face turned gloomy.

        "Zhao Chuan, do you know what you are talking about? In the midst of a great enemy, how dare you disrupt my army's heart? What kind of crime should you be guilty of?"


        At this moment, Zhao Chuan was already crying out, with tears of fear on his face, trembling and shouting angrily.

        "Mud, get out of the way! There's no time to explain! Before things get irreversible!"

        "Otherwise, not only me, but all of you will be doomed! We have caused a great disaster, and no one can save us if we don't atone for our sins at this time!"


        The whole room was completely shocked by these words!

        Everyone felt a tingling in their skulls, and their eyes were filled with fear and horror!

        If you don't get out of the way, you'll have bad luck?

        How could this be possible?

        They now had the backing of the two military leaders, plus the Lin family, who could touch them?

        What kind of call did Zhao Chuan receive that he was so scared!

        When Long Jiu saw Zhao Chuan, who had always been calm and steady, reveal such a fearful expression, he also had a sudden sense of foreboding.

        Could it be that something had changed again?

        "Zhao Chuan, do you have bubbles in your brain? Do you know what kind of crime it is to desert a battle?"

        Song Yuanzheng said with a disdainful expression.

        "And now that we have the three giants backing us up, who do we have to fear? If we neglect our duties at this time, then none of them, the three giants, will spare us!"

        "Do you want to get us killed?"

        Hearing these words!

        Long Jiu and the others instantly sank all over, and then their faces were instantly gloomy.

        If they let Blood Prison enter Jiang City, they would be offending the three giants at the same time, and then they would really be out of luck.

        At that moment, Long Jiu was unwilling to listen to Zhao Chuan's nonsense anymore and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "Men! Drag Zhao Chuan down to me!"

        As soon as he heard these words!

        Zhao Chuan's body was instantly cold, and a horrified expression appeared on his face as he shook his head repeatedly and murmured.

        "It's over! We're completely finished!"

        "Bullshit three giants, that's not the case at all!"


        No one paid any attention to him, all of them were staring at the Blood Hell Mad God!

        And then!

        Song Yuanzheng stepped forward and stared coldly at the Blood Prison God.

        "Since you Blood Prisoners are looking for death, then today, Jiang City will be the place where your bones will be buried!"

        "Kill them!"


        Just at that moment!

        A shocking scene occurred!

        A helicopter slowly sailed over from afar, and everywhere it passed, the Blood Prison helicopters obediently gave way.

        It was followed by a helicopter!

        Under the puzzled gaze of the crowd, a figure stepped out of the aircraft!

        The moment that man appeared, Song Yuan Zheng was clearly stunned, and then a ruthless smile appeared on his face.

        Very quickly, he pointed at Lin Fan and said to Long Jiu and the others.

        "Gentlemen, this punk is the Lin Fan I was talking about!"


        As soon as they heard these words, a thick rage and resentment surfaced in the eyes of Long Jiu and the others.


        This was the trash that had plunged them into chaos in Jiangnan and Jiangbei!

        When they thought that such a trash had plunged the whole of China into chaos, they could not wait to cut Lin Fan into pieces!

        At that moment!

        Song Yuanzheng sneered at Lin Fan and said.

        "Rubbish! How dare you appear in front of me? I must say, you really don't know how to live!"


        Lin Fan, however, did not want to talk nonsense with him and said in a low voice.

        "Get out of the way!"


        Upon hearing this, Song Yuanzheng was instantly enraged, a wasteful outcast young man, the son-in-law of a doorstep, dared to order him, the commander-in-chief?

        "Dog, just you! How dare you tell me to get out of the way? I think you simply don't understand the situation!"

        Song Yuanzheng snorted coldly, looking at Lin Fan with a sneer on his face.

        "Don't think about saving your wife, tonight she is destined to become someone's plaything, and you... are also doomed to die!"

        Song Yuanzheng's face was thick with disdain.

        Asking him to get out of the way as soon as he appeared?

        This punk, thinking he was the King of Blood Prison?

        A man who was about to die, how dare he be arrogant in front of him, how ridiculous!

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, was oblivious to his opponent's humiliation, and his face remained indifferent: "Since you don't want to move aside, then I'm not going to.

        "Since you are unwilling to move aside, then you... Go to hell!"


        A majestic killing intent instantly erupted from Lin Fan's body!

        At this moment!

        It was as if he was a demon king from hell who wanted to slaughter all living beings... it was terrifying!

        Click, click, click!

        Underneath his feet, the oil-parking road burst open like spider silk under the crushing force of his fierce aura!

        Seeing this!

        Long Jiu's old body trembled wildly as he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief!

        In his heart, waves of shock had already been set off!

        Impossible! This was impossible!

        Such a terrifying killing aura, as if he had slaughtered millions of people!

        At this moment, he was under the illusion that even a thousand armies and horses would not be able to defeat Lin Fan alone!

        Such a monster was a waste?

        And Zhao Chuan was equally shocked!

        At this moment, he had already understood Lin Fan's identity, so the moment he saw Lin Fan appear, his body trembled uncontrollably.

        Surprisingly, he couldn't even stand up, and his eyes stared deadly at Lin Fan, the bitterness on his face thickened to the extreme!

        That man, he had finally come!

        His back was completely drenched in cold sweat at this very moment!

        It was too late!

        Everything was too late!

        However, just as the crowd was sneering at Lin Fan's lack of self-esteem.

        However, just as the crowd mocked Lin Fan's lack of self-esteem, a terrifying scene shuddered into the crowd's eyes.

        A clamour!

        After seeing Lin Fan appear, a look of reverence appeared in the eyes of all the Blood Prison powerhouses, including the Blood Prison Mad God, as if they were worshipping a god!

        Then, they all knelt down towards Lin Fan.

        Then, they all knelt down towards Lin Fan, respectfully, and shouted in unison.

        "Greetings to the King of Blood Prison!"