Today I Give Up Trying 1337-1338

 Chapter 1337


        As soon as these words were spoken, the Xiao family members present, as well as the countless guests, completely exploded at this time.

        All of them felt as if a cold current was pouring from the soles of their feet to the sky!

        Not only had the Xiao family been besieged, but even the mountain behind them had swept them out of their homes?

        Oh my God!

        Could it be that the Xiao family was really doomed today?

        Everyone could not believe that this 400-year old family was coming to an end!

        This was unbelievable!

        The Xiao family was completely petrified, and their eyes were filled with shock!

        The Blood Prison had kicked them out of the Blood Prison and even sworn an oath to be their enemy for the sake of a loser son-in-law?

        This was like a nightmare from heaven, making it hard for them to accept!

        Especially Xiao Tingjun!

        At this time, he was almost pissing himself in fear as he screamed in a dazed manner.

        "Why on earth is this? Lin Fan is clearly a trash, how could he possibly overthrow our Xiao Clan? This absolutely can't be because of him!"

        Xiao Tingjun's voice was dense with shock and anger and resignation.

        It wasn't just him!

        Just about all of the Xiao family members present were also in disbelief as if their parents had died.

        Extreme despair!

        They had just dismissed Lin Fan's words as a joke!

        But now, Lin Fan's words were extremely unbelievable... It had come true!

        He had really used just one minute to make their Xiao family lose everything and completely collapse!

        At this moment, everyone saw with their own eyes that the four hundred year old imperial dynasty had instantly collapsed into nothing!

        And this, just because of a piece of crap?

        And a phone call?

        Everyone immediately looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost, their bodies trembling madly, their eyes looking at him in disbelief.

        At this time, Xiao Youwei looked like he had lost his soul, sitting helplessly on the ground.

        One minute, he was the wealthy and powerful common master of Jiangbei!

        One minute, he had become a penniless, completely bankrupt waste!

        The next instant, he was staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        "Who the hell are you?"

        Hearing those words!

        Whether it was Xiao Tingjun, Bai Xue, or the guests present, they all revealed extremely complicated expressions as they stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        Because they knew that if the other party was truly a trash, there was no way to bring a dynasty to ruin in just a minute!

        Even the Blood Prison had swept the Xiao family, who had been loyal to them for ten years, out of their home for the sake of this trash in front of them!

        In an instant, the faces of all the people were filled with shock and fear.

        And the people of the Xiao family, at this instant, completely regretted it.

        They shouldn't have offended this trash!

        They, the Xiao Family, had made a grave mistake!

        Now, they were completely finished!

        And at this moment!

        Lin Fan, however, gave Xiao Youwei a faint look.

        "Soon, you will know who I am, and it is then that you will realise what true despair means!"

        "Take them with you! To Jiang City!"

        With that, the four great family masters smiled fiercely and stepped forward, capturing Xiao's father and son and Bai Yan and dragging them to the helicopter at the same time.

        Not a single person dared to stop them the entire time!

        Because they all knew that the Xiao family was completely finished!

        At the same time!

        Lin Fan looked towards the remaining guests and said with a ruthless expression.

        "I've already given you all a chance, since you're looking for death, then I'll make it happen!"

        "Break a leg each or die!"


        Immediately, everyone present was struck by lightning, and then bitter smiles appeared on their faces as they drooped their heads in despair.

        At this time, they all wanted to slap themselves hard!

        If they hadn't repeatedly insulted Lin Fan, how could they have ended up in this situation?

        They were simply to blame for this!

        After those words!

        Lin Fan ignored them and boarded the helicopter, heading for Jiang City.

        And when he saw this!

        The guests in the audience sat down on the ground one by one!

        A bitter smile appeared on their faces.

        "Jiangbei, the sky is about to change!"

Chapter 1338

And at that moment!

        The whole of China was completely abuzz!

        Everyone could see the planes, converging towards Jiangcheng!

        The Jiangcheng Pass!

        Long Jiu and the others were standing at attention, their bodies filled with a solemn aura, staring ahead with incomparable tension!

        Each and every one of them was tense to the extreme!

        Because they all knew what kind of terrifying existence they were facing.

        As time passed, drops of cold sweat continued to slide down the foreheads and cheeks of Long Jiu and the others.

        About half an hour!

        At the end of the dark night, a human figure appeared!

        Still in that familiar blood-coloured armour, his body raging with a furious killing intent, like a giant beast coming across a mountain range, his aura furious and fierce!

        A pair of eyes full of fury and bloodshed!

        "It's... It's the Blood Hell Mad God!"

        Seeing this!

        The crowd was all dumbfounded, their legs trembling uncontrollably while they stared at each other in death.


        His footsteps seemed to be slow, but in just a dozen seconds, he was already close to Long Jiu and the others.

        Seeing this!

        Long Jiu was also in a cold sweat, but he was not allowed to stand out, his face grim as he roared angrily at the Blood Hell Mad God, saying.

        "Blood Hell Wild God, leave! This is not a place where you Blood Hell should come, and since you have always been good friends with my China, as long as you leave at this time, we can pretend that nothing has happened!"


        It invaded everyone present, including Dragon 9!

        Because they knew very well how terrifying this man in front of them was!

        Even if they were heavily armed at this time, once they fought with each other, they would inevitably only be able to fight to the death.

        This man was a monster that even a War God could not resist!


        The Blood Hell Mad God, however, shook his head and said indifferently.

        "This matter has nothing to do with you guys, so back off!"

        "Otherwise, the consequences are not for you to bear!"


        Upon hearing these words, Long Jiu's face instantly turned ugly, the other party actually dared to threaten all of them with just one person?

        This, was simply slapping them in the face!


        And at that moment!

        A laugh filled with ridicule suddenly rang out, and then Song Yuan Zheng walked out with big strides.

        "Blood Prison Mad God, you are really brain-dead, how dare you make enemies of our China for a wasteful couple? Do you really think that your Blood Prison is invincible? You dare not even put our China in your sights?"

        Song Yuanzheng, with a light-hearted and arrogant look, stared coldly at the Blood Prison Mad God: "Let you go, that is.

        "Letting you go is to give you face, if you give shame, my side of China doesn't mind letting you idiots have no return!"

        Seeing how unruly Song Yuanzheng was!

        Long Jiu and the others, it was as if they had found their backbone, and with that, a cold smile of disbelief appeared on their faces as they stared playfully at the Blood Hell Mad God.


        They had that Lin Zuo backing them up, what did the Blood Hell Mad God count for?

        Even if the King of Blood Hell himself came to China, they would have the strength to fight!

        As for the Blood Hell Mad God, although he was very strong, he was nothing compared to those two emperor-level existences.


        The Blood Hell Mad God, however, acted as if he hadn't heard Song Yuanzheng's words, and said in a deep voice

        "King, there are still ten minutes left before he descends into Linjiang City, we have to clear all obstacles for him before then!"


        Along with his roar, a terrifying boom sounded out!

        Helicopters rose up from the horizon!

        And then!

        A single figure slowly emerged from behind the Blood God!

        Ten of them!



        The number of people, uncontrollably and wildly increased!

        The Blood God's gaze was violent as he hissed in rage.

        "I repeat for the last time, those who stand in the way, die!!!"