Today I Give Up Trying 1335-1336

 Chapter 1335

Lin Fan's words were dense with murderous intent!

        Clearly, the rage had reached the extreme!


        To the crowd, it sounded like a big joke!

        All of them scoffed and stared at Lin Fan with playful faces, not believing that this trash could really bring down the huge Xiao family in just a minute.

        Even the whole of Jiangbei's forces combined couldn't do it, so for Lin Fan to try to bring down the Xiao family with just his own strength was simply a fantasy!

        "I'm so scared!"

        Xiao Tingjun said with an exaggerated expression, before staring Lin Fan down with hatred:.

        "In one minute, if nothing happens to my Xiao family at all, I'll take your cheap life!"

        "Now, start counting down!"

        Hearing this, the crowd also found it interesting and gloated as they looked at Lin Fan while counting down after him:.

        "59, 58, 57..."


        Everyone, at this time, was shocked to find that even Ye Shihao and the other four great family lords were also counting down after him!

        Their faces were flushed with sneering smiles, as if they were also expecting something.

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you idiot, even your backers know you won't survive and are counting down in silence for you!"

        "Idiot, the Xiao family has been running through China for 400 years, is it something he can bring down just because he wants to? He's dead!"

        "Countdown to life, how interesting! I just don't know if this punk will continue to be arrogant in a minute!"

        The crowd in the room murmured, and a strong sense of ecstasy surfaced on their faces.

        It was as if they had already predicted the scene where Lin Fan would be brutally tortured by the Xiao family.

        At the same time!

        After Bai Yan knew that Lin Fan's life,, only had a short minute left, a look of intense ecstasy surfaced on that face as well.

        "Lin Fan, don't worry! It won't take long for that bitch, Bai Yi, to meet you on the road to yellow spring!"

        "Three, two, one... Time's up!"

        After Xiao Tingjun finished counting down the last number, a strong pleasure appeared on his face, as if he was a victorious rooster, looking at Lin Fan from a high position.

        "Lin Fan, time's up, you can go to hell!"

        "Do it, first break his limbs and remove his chin, don't let him kill himself! I want to torture him slowly!"


        In an instant!

        All of the Xiao Family powerhouses then approached towards Lin Fan with all their ill intentions.

        They were ready to completely destroy Lin Fan!

        But just then!

        Ding Ding Ding!

        An urgent ringing of a mobile phone rang out instantly!

        It was extremely ear-piercing!

        It was like the sound of a death wish, ringing out from the pockets of the Xiao family one after another!


        Seeing this, everyone's smiles froze completely!

        One person's mobile phone rang, they could understand, but now it was the entire Xiao family's top brass, their mobile phones all ringing at the same time.

        This, what the hell was going on?

        At that moment!

        They had a bad feeling in their hearts!

        Even Xiao Tingjun, father and son, could not help but have their expressions change wildly, and a flash of shock appeared in their eyes.

        They took out their mobile phones, but they did not have the courage to pick up the phone, and drops of cold sweat continued to trickle down from their foreheads!

        DING RING RING...

        Ringing... ringing...

        The sound, one after another!

        The sound of anxiety and ear-splitting!

        As if declaring that something horrible was happening!

        At this moment, it was as if all the Xiao family felt that this was not a mobile phone at all, but a hot potato!

        The atmosphere at that moment was bizarre to the extreme.

        All of the Xiao family were frozen like wooden chickens, staring blankly at the mobile phone in their hands, but like statues, none of them had the courage to be the first to answer it.

        They let the frenzied sound tear at their eardrums!


        Xiao Youwei gritted his teeth and mustered up the courage to press the speakerphone!

        Immediately afterwards!

        On the other end, a harsh wail came out.

        "Chairman, our Xiao family... It's over!!!"

Chapter 1336


        The moment these words fell, an eerie silence fell over the whole room.

        All the noise of everyone came to an abrupt halt!

        Both the Xiao family and their son, as well as the guests present, were shaken to their core upon hearing these words.

        They could not believe their ears at this moment!

        They had heard wrong, they must have heard wrong!

        The Xiao family, it was over?

        After a phone call from Lin Fan, someone reported to the Xiao family's head of family that the Xiao family was completely finished?

        They were dumbfounded!

        They only felt that their worldview had completely split open!

        The Xiao family was really going to be finished?

        This trash, it really only took a minute, a single phone call, to cause this immortal family, which had stood for centuries, to completely collapse?

        This instant!

        Everyone cast shocked and panicked glances at Lin Fan in unison, almost being shocked and pissed on the spot.

        "Impossible! This can't be!"

        At that moment, Xiao Youwei was going crazy, a fierce and violent aura in his eyes, his entire face covered in fierceness and anger: "My family, Xiao Youwei, has been a part of the Chinese family for many years.

        "My Xiao family has been running through China for four hundred years, who can bring us down? How dare you talk nonsense, you are expelled!"

        He did not believe that anyone could overthrow their Xiao family!

        Even more so, he did not believe that their Xiao Family would be overthrown by a mere son-in-law, that was simply impossible!

        Their Xiao family was so powerful, with a strong foundation in Jiangbei, and they were the most powerful family in the world!

        No one in this world could bring them down, no one!


        The secretary at the other end, however, cried out and said.

        "Chairman, it's true! Just now, more than ten consortia from all over the world have launched a malicious takeover of all of our Xiao family's properties, and our shares have evaporated by ten billion in just one minute!"

        "And, it's still evaporating! The shareholders are now going crazy, Chairman, you... What the hell have you done?"


        As soon as these words were spoken, Xiao Youwei's mobile phone fell directly from his hand to the ground, and his face wore a thick sense of dismay, completely dumbfounded.

        Ten consortia, together maliciously acquiring their industries?

        A single phone call with such terrifying rallying power?

        An illusion!

        This must be an illusion!

        The atmosphere fell completely silent at this instant.

        It was as if everyone was holding their breath, and after hearing the secretary's report, they were completely dumbfounded.

        Ten seconds!

        Thirty seconds!

        One minute!

        The time passed quickly, unconsciously, while all the people present were frozen in silence.

        There was a look of fear in their eyes, as if they had expected something terrible to happen.

        However, that was not all!

        After seeing Xiao Youwei pick up the phone, those senior members of the Xiao family who realised that something was wrong also pressed the speakerphone at this instant.

        Immediately after!

        That desperate scene happened!

        "Mr. Xiao, the bank is demanding that we repay all the loans within three days, or else they will sue us in court!"

        "Manager, over twenty properties under our name have been seized, the police have collected all the evidence of our crimes, and all the senior management have been taken away!"

        "President, all of our clients, just now, have called to unilaterally cancel their cooperation with us, we are finished!"

        One by one, the calls were answered!

        But it was... Bad news! Bad news! It was all bad news!


        At this very moment, one after another, members of the Xiao family fell to the ground!

        Their bodies were trembling madly!

        They couldn't believe what they were hearing at this moment!

        The Xiao family was under siege and in danger!


        The next report sent the crowd into a frenzy as if they had been struck by lightning!

        "Chairman, the latest order from Blood Prison is that we have officially been kicked out of Blood Prison!"

        "From now on, the Blood Prison and the Xiao family will never die!"