Today I Give Up Trying 1333-1334

 Chapter 1333

The moment they saw the helicopters land, everyone already felt their hearts fluttering and beating wildly.

        Because they all knew that the price of these helicopters was over a hundred million dollars!

        Ten of them!



        Oh my God!

        They couldn't imagine why thirty helicopters worth over a hundred million dollars had descended on the entrance of the auction house to greet them.

        And just as they were horrified!

        The four people who stepped out of the helicopter completely scared them silly, and they all felt their scalps tingle!

        Those were the four heads of the Jiangnan families!

        They were the four most powerful people in Jiangnan, and now that they were under the command of the King of Blood Prison, their status and power had risen, overpowering the other provinces.

        What are they doing here for?

        However, just as everyone was puzzled, the four great family heads knelt down towards Lin Fan in unison.

        Their demeanour was humble and respectful to the extreme!

        Seeing this!

        Everyone was completely dumbfounded!

        The atmosphere in the room seemed to freeze, and everyone could not believe their eyes at this moment.

        It was impossible!

        This could not be!

        The four great family masters were all kneeling down to this waste of a son-in-law, Lin Fan?

        At this moment, they only felt like a bolt from the blue had struck them, causing their bodies to tremble uncontrollably.

        All of them were horrified to death!

        It was not just them!

        Even the Xiao family and Bai Yan were completely frozen.

        It was clearly Bai Yi who was being served by the Four Great Family Masters, but now that Bai Yi was in danger, they were worried about this insignificant trash instead of Bai Yi?

        What the hell is going on here?

        Moreover, what did they just hear?

        The four family masters were actually respectfully addressing Lin Fan as ...... King?

        What was the meaning of this!

        In an instant!

        Everyone was dumbfounded!


        Xiao Tingjun, however, snorted coldly at this time and roared furiously in anger, saying.

        "So what if the four great family lords? This is Jiangbei, not their Jiangnan, you want to come to Jiangbei and stomp on our field?"

        "Idiot's dream!"

        Today he had already made up his mind that he would break Lin Fan into pieces no matter what!

        It was useless for anyone to come!


        Hearing these words, the corner of Ye Shihao's mouth, however, curled up in a contemptuous arc: "Who told you that we are the best?

        "Who told you that we are here to stomp on the stage?"


        Upon hearing these words, everyone present was stunned!

        What was it if they hadn't come to Jiangbei to step on the stage, if they were so excited?


        If not to stomp on the stage, how could they possibly save this wasteful son-in-law of the Bai family?

        And at this time, Xiao Youwei's face was also gloomy as he said in a commanding tone.

        "Since the four of you are not here to stomp on the stage, then please leave! No one who comes today can save Lin Fan, his dog's life is taken by our Xiao family!"

        Take Lin Fan's life?

        The four great family lords, smiled!

        They slowly stood up and looked at Xiao Youwei with a look of idiocy, one after another.

        "If you want to take his life, I'm afraid that your Xiao Family doesn't have the qualifications to do so!"


        It was as if everyone had heard something horrifying, as they all stared at each other, horrified to death!

        The Xiao Family, not qualified?

        A mere son-in-law, without Bai Yi's shelter, he was a complete waste!

        Wouldn't the Xiao family be able to kill him with a snap of their fingers?

        Yet the Four Great Family Masters said that the Xiao Family was not qualified?

        How could this be!

        Yet, this was just the beginning!

        Just as the crowd was stunned and dismayed, the next scene caused them to go completely mad.

        Ye Shihao was staring straight at Xiao Youwei with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth.

        "We are indeed not here to stomp on the scene, for we are here to admire how a great clan with a long history of four hundred years completely fell in a single day!"

        "Gone forever!"

Chapter 1334


        The whole room was dead silent!

        Everyone's eyes were filled with disbelief!

        The same words had been said by Lin Fan a few minutes ago, but they had just taken it as a joke.

        But a few minutes later, Ye Shihao was repeating it all over again!

        He also thought that a mere superfluous son-in-law could bring down a super-princely family that had been standing for 400 years?

        Not to mention the fact that the Xiao family was backed by the Blood Prison!


        Ye Shihao was absolutely insane!

        How dare he say such uninformed words, just like Lin Fan, an idiot.


        Immediately, Xiao Tingjun burst into wild laughter, as if he had heard a big joke.

        "Ye Shihao, you have a brain fart, don't you? How dare you think that an ant can take down an elephant?"

        "My Xiao family has been around for four hundred years, what great storms have we not seen? Would we be afraid of a mere trash son-in-law? What a laugh!"

        And Xiao Youwei also snorted coldly, with extreme disdain, saying.

        "Bai Yi is finished, the four of you have been reduced to mere dogs, so I advise you to mind your own business!"

        "Otherwise, I assure you that you will not return from this trip to Jiangbei!"

        The words were thick with killing intent!

        And a condescending contempt!

        Seeing this!

        Ye Shihao and the others laughed and stopped speaking out.

        Why be angry with a man who was about to die?


        Their silence at this moment, in the eyes of the crowd, was that they were afraid of the Xiao Clan!

        Thus, Bai Yan then smiled smugly.

        "Lin Fan, is this the backer you've found? I don't think so! You've been relying on your wife until your death. To be a man like you, you're no better than a dog, haha!"

        And Lin Fan did not retort, but said in a flat tone.

        "I don't have time for you losers, kneel down! You may live!"

        "Otherwise, the Xiao family will be annihilated today!"


        When everyone heard these words, they all laughed coldly with extreme disdain, looking at Lin Fan with eyes filled with dense contempt.

        How dare you still speak tough now?

        How dare you not see the coffin and not shed a tear!

        Does this idiot have to be afraid only after the Xiao family has laid down their hands?

        Destroy the Xiao family?

        Even Bai Yi wouldn't dare to say that if he were here, what right did this punk have?

        In their opinion, Lin Fan's words were comical and ridiculous to the extreme.

        And hearing these words!

        Xiao Tingjun was also staring Lin Fan down with ill will:.

        "Good, I'd like to see how you, a punk, can bring about the destruction of my Xiao family!"

        "I'll give you a chance now, kneel down and kowtow to me now and admit your mistake, I'll give you a painful one! Otherwise, I will let you die a painful death!"

        With that look, it was as if Lin Fan was already his stack of fish and meat.


        A stern look appeared between Lin Fan's eyebrows.

        "It won't take an hour to eliminate you, just a minute... That's enough!"


        The crowd was once again shocked!

        One minute to wipe out a 400-year-old immortal family?

        Does this idiot know what he's talking about?

        Over the years, countless hegemonic figures had tried to replace the Xiao Family, but all of them had invariably fallen at the feet of the Xiao Family!

        But this son-in-law in front of him said that one minute would be enough to make this immortal family disappear forever!

        What a joke!

        At that very moment!

        Xiao Youwei was also completely enraged by Lin Fan's arrogant to the extreme words.

        An old face instantly crawled with a fierce and hostile look as he gritted his teeth and said.

        "Ting Jun, don't kill him! Cut off his limbs and keep him in captivity like a beast of burden, and my Xiao family will torture him for eternity!"

        Hearing these words, everyone then cast a pitying glance at Lin Fan!

        You have to pretend?

        Well, now there's no way to die properly!

        When Bai Yan saw this, her heart burst with joy, it was as if she had already seen the second half of Lin Fan's life, which was worse than death.

        And just as everyone was mocking and ridiculing, Lin Fan took out his mobile phone and dialed a mysterious number.

        "Within one minute, I want the Xiao family to go bankrupt!"