Today I Give Up Trying 1331-1332

 Chapter 1331

There was a dead silence in the room!

        The faces of the top brass in the room all wore a heavy sense of dismay!

        They were completely dumbfounded!

        It turned out that this was all because the wasteful outcast who had been swept away by the Lin family back then...

        Lin Fan!

        A clash of great powers, but because of a trash?

        They couldn't believe it!

        But it happened that this was said by the Lin Family's number one lackey, Song Yuan Zheng, so they had to believe it!

        At that moment!

        The faces of Long Jiu and the others turned gloomy to the extreme.

        Just because of a punk, they had plunged Jiangnan and Jiangbei into chaos?

        That Lin Fan was nothing but a scourge!

        Damn it!

        When he saw how angry the crowd was, Song Yuan Zheng laughed coldly, knowing that he had succeeded in his evil plan.

        And then, he said in a condescending manner.

        "I don't believe that the King of the Blood Prison would be so stupid as to dare to fight our Lin family for a trash!"

        "Besides, even if he really dared to do so, we still have the four military seats in China! And that most mysterious Lin Zuo is said to be in Jiangnan, and now our Lin Family has already used all its connections to contact him, so why do we still need to be afraid of Blood Prison?"


        Hearing these words, the crowd was completely shocked.

        A thick look of shock surfaced in their eyes as they looked at Song Yuanzheng in disbelief.

        Lin Zuo!

        That was the youngest and most mysterious military commander in China!

        He was extremely prestigious in the army, far surpassing the other three military commanders, and all the teams he brought out became the top teams.

        The Lin Commander was a heavyweight existence that could rival the Dark Emperor.

        And the Lin family was able to contact him?

        All of them did not expect that the Lin family had kept such a killer.

        No wonder they dared to take action against Blood Prison.

        If the Lin family and the Lin seat were to join forces, then even the King of Blood Prison would have no chance of winning!

        When they thought of this, their faces were filled with ecstasy.

        At that moment, Song Yuanzheng smiled sorrowfully.

        "Gentlemen, it's time for you to make a choice, will you stand by the Lin Clan or will you condone the Blood Prison?"

        At that moment!

        All of them said with one voice.

        "We are willing to help the Lin Family and deal with the Blood Prison together!"

        Seeing the crowd take a stand!

        Song Yuanzheng's eyes immediately glowed with a cold murderous look.

        "Lin Fan, you will die tonight!"


        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan waited at the entrance of the auction hall, but saw that Bai Yan was the only one to return.

        Bai Yi, who was nowhere to be found!


        His pupils fiercely shrank, and that killing intent then pressed on once again, that one hand once again strangled Bai Yan's neck:.

        "Bai Yi, where is she?"

        The voice, low and hoarse!

        It was like the roar of a wild beast, furious to the extreme!


        Bai Yan, who had no fear, looked at Lin Fan with contempt: "Let go of me, dog!

        "Let go of me, dog! Do you want to let all three of their families die?"

        Lin Fan's eyes filled with blood red, forcing himself to resist the urge to kill as he coldly said.

        "If anything happens to them, I promise you, you will regret living in this world!"


        Bai Yan, however, scoffed and didn't take Lin Fan's threat to heart at all as she sneered.

        "That bitch has already gone back to Jiang City, but asked me to leave a letter for you, a punk, read it or not, it's up to you."

        Lin Fan instantly grabbed the letter, just the first line made his eyes tear up!

        "Lin Fan, goodbye forever!"

        "Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye! For I know that there will be no more miracles this time! The background of the man behind that curtain is far beyond our imagination, an existence that we cannot afford to offend for the rest of our lives! I don't think even if the King of Blood Hell were to strike, it's unlikely that we'd be able to get a bargain from them."

        "Honey, I love you! I really love you so much! I want to grow old with you, I want to give you a bucketload of children, I want to watch the sunrise and sunset with you..."

        "But! Just because I love you, I can't drag you down!"

        "Please leave China! Please find a better woman! And please... Forget about me!"

        Lin Fan's hand was trembling madly!

        Because he could feel that Bai Yi's heart must have stung like a knife when he wrote those words.

        In order not to drag him down, Bai Yi had to leave him!

        The reluctance and pain between the lines was clearly conveyed to Lin Fan, causing his heart to ache so much that he could hardly breathe at this instant.

        "No one can tear us apart! No one!!!"

        Lin Fan roared in indignation, steeply tearing the piece of paper in half, those eyes were already floating with bone-chilling coldness, staring at Bai Yan with a deadly stare.

        "Within ten seconds, tell me where Bai Yi is going..."

        "Or else... Death!!!"

Chapter 1332

"Threatening me?"

        Bai Yan was instantly enraged and snarled at Lin Fan.

        "You don't even take a piss and look at yourself, without Bai Yi backing you up, you're a worthless piece of shit!"

        "Kill me? You're a piece of shit? Hahahaha, don't laugh at me!"

        At this moment!

        She looked at Lin Fan with contempt, now that even Bai Yi was finished, Lin Fan, a punk, still wanted to use a chicken feather as an arrow?

        What a joke!



        The next instant, she received a heavy slap on the face, and her entire body stumbled, sitting helplessly on the ground.

        She was directly dumbfounded!

        She didn't seem to have expected that this punk Lin Fan would actually dare to hit her!

        Immediately, her face was completely distorted, and a strong hatred surfaced in her eyes.

        "Bastard! You damned bastard, how dare you hit me? I'll have you killed! I will have you killed!"

        Even Bai Yi had been manipulated by her, so what was Lin Fan to her?

        This punk, who had humiliated her time and again before, now dared to hit her?

        It was unforgivable!

        She would make Lin Fan kneel in front of her and regret what he had done to her!


        At this moment, Lin Fan acted as if he hadn't heard her threats, and said word for word.

        "Next, I will break your limbs until you tell me where Bai Yi is."

        The voice, which carried an evil quality!

        Without the slightest hint of emotion!

        It was chilling!


        Even Bai Yan, at this moment, could not help but be completely frozen!

        At this moment, she suddenly had a strange feeling that Lin Fan was both hell!

        It was as if Lin Fan could break her into pieces at any time if he wished, and that terrifyingly oppressive feeling was like a lofty mountain pressing down on her heart.

        She couldn't breathe!

        Bai Yan looked dumbfounded at Lin Fan who was gradually walking towards her, and this instant was surprisingly terrified to the extreme.

        Impossible, this couldn't be!

        This trash, how could he possess such a terrifying aura?


        Just as Lin Fan was about to strike at Bai Yan, a man fiercely stepped in front of her, while staring eerily at Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, if you have time to worry about others, you might as well worry about yourself first."

        "Without Bai Yi to back you up, then it's time to settle the total score between us!"

        There was a strong hatred in those words!

        It was all because of Lin Fan that he had been reduced to an inhumane invalid, and now he finally had what he wanted and could take his revenge!

        Tonight, he wanted Lin Fan to die in Jiangbei!

        When she saw Xiao Tingjun arrive, Bai Yan instantly snapped out of her shock and immediately looked like she had seen a mountain of support, her face glowing with joy.

        After that, she laughed gleefully and looked at Lin Fan with a touch of contempt in her eyes.

        "Lin Fan, I forgot to tell you, just now I asked Bai Yi to kneel down, so that I would consider sparing your life, and guess what? That bitch actually knelt down for me!"

        "But now I'm afraid I'll have to go back on my word! Hahahaha!"


        Upon hearing those words, Lin Fan's tiger body trembled violently, and the killing intent in his body surged wildly, maniacally and violently!

        His pair of eyes were already covered in blood, staring deadly at the Xiao family's father and son, his voice piercing with a bone chilling intent.

        "Don't meddle, the Xiao family either get lost or die!"

        Lin Fan was so eager to save others now that he was in no mood to bother with these jumping clowns, but if the other party insisted on seeking death, then Lin Fan wouldn't mind sending them on their way!


        As soon as he heard those words!

        The Xiao Clan and Bai Yan first froze, then they roared madly!

        "Pfft! Hahahaha!"

        Bai Yan laughed as if she had heard a big joke, pointing at Lin Fan and saying.

        "Lin Fan, just because you're a wife dependent punk can make the Xiao family disappear forever? Without Bai Yi, you're nothing! How dare you pretend to be a dead punk? What a laugh!"

        On the other hand, Xiao Youwei also snorted angrily.

        "Make my Xiao family disappear forever? I'd like to see how you can make my Xiao family disappear without Bai Yi!"

        In their eyes, Lin Fan was a trash who relied on his wife, and without Bai Yi, Lin Fan was nothing.

        Such a trash, and he still dared to shout at their Xiao family?

        He was simply looking for death!

        And at this time!

        Xiao Tingjun had long since pressed on and stared at Lin Fan sorrowfully.

        "Fine, fine, since you're looking for death, then I'll fulfill you!"

        "Don't worry, I won't let you off that easily, I'll cut off your flesh piece by piece, and cut you into pieces and bones! Hahahaha!"

        It wasn't just the Xiao family!

        The rest of the guests who walked out from within the auction hall also shook their heads in contempt one by one, the way they looked at Lin Fan was as if they were looking at an idiot.

        "So, you guys insist on stopping me?"

        Lin Fan's tone was cold and dense with killing intent.

        "Cut the fucking crap! Now kneel down, and perhaps I can still show mercy and leave your corpse whole!"

        A stern look appeared between Xiao Tingjun's eyebrows as he looked at Lin Fan from above, as if Lin Fan was already a turtle in his jar.


        The very moment his words fell!

        There was a buzz!

        With a loud sound, the crowd was shocked to see a helicopter slowly descending from the sky!

        And then, under the shocked eyes of the crowd, four figures stepped down from the helicopter and knelt down in front of Lin Fan!

        "King, we're here to pick you up!"