Today I Give Up Trying 1329-1330

 Chapter 1329

And now!

        All the airports in the world, one plane after another, are taking to the skies, heading straight for the city of Jiang!

        The countries were in shock!

        "The Blood Order, which has been silent for ten years, has reappeared! Who has the audacity to anger that man!"

        "Quickly! Full release, the power of the Blood Prison is enough to destroy nations! We simply can't stop them!"

        "We can't afford to offend a man who can command the entire underworld!"

        And then, the countries sent out notices to all the gates to let them go, not to stop those madmen!

        Because they knew that even if they really wanted to, they couldn't stop them!

        Blood Hell had been ruling the underworld for ten years, and their influence in the underworld was terrifying to the extreme!

        All the drug lords, warlords, assassins, and even terrorists and other forces on the dark side of the world bowed down to them, and now the Dark Emperor was furious and issued a blood order to summon all the members of the Blood Prison.

        Anyone who dares to stop them will be seeking their own death and will be subjected to the frenzied revenge of the Blood Prison!

        This night!

        Countless gazes from around the world converged on the far east, and the spirits of all the powers were tense to the extreme, shocked and incredulous.

        What has happened in China?


        And now!

        In the office of a certain military regiment, a woman in military uniform buried her head in a desk, correcting documents.

        The face was plain and heroic!

        It was obvious that she was a woman, but her body was permeated with an aura of authority that was even more dominant than that of a man.

        This kind of aura was honed from a lifetime of fighting and experiencing countless kills, and even the god of war was inferior to it.

        At the same time!

        She is also the only one in the whole of China who possesses the seal of a marshal!

        On countless occasions, she has suppressed the northern border with her iron-blooded methods, and so far she has killed more than a million enemies.

        As a result, she has an unmistakable aura of blood on her body that cannot be dispelled no matter how much she bathes!

        All the lords of the land call her the Bloody Phoenix Queen!

        Because this woman is even more ruthless than men, she never leaves a soul alive wherever she goes.

        And her favourite thing to do is...

        Slaughter cities!

        She was the one who even the God of War had to bow down to, one of the four great military seats of China, the Ni Huang Military Seat!

        And at that moment, without raising her head, Ni Huang asked


        Inside the office, with a swift breeze, there were several figures, half-kneeling in front of Ni Huang.

        "Back to the military seat! Something big has happened in Jiang City! Lin Zhaoge's father-in-law and mother-in-law have been kidnapped, and Lin Zhaoge is furious!"

        "The Young Lord has now passed down a blood order, causing a global sensation! All the Blood Prisoners are rushing to China, and the number has reached 10,000!"

        "The Dragon and Tiger War Gods, the Blood Prison Mad Gods and other top powerhouses are forcing their way through the gates despite the obstacles, killing all who stand in their way! All of them ran to Jiang City at the first opportunity!"

        "Military seat, the sky is falling!"


        The pen in his hand was instantly broken in Ni Huang's hand!

        And then!

        A look of ecstasy appeared on her face.

        "Three years of patience, is he finally going to explode?"

        "The man who is said to be the strongest in the world is finally coming back!"

        Her body trembled uncontrollably, unable to hide her excitement, for she had waited for this moment for far too long.

        At once!

        She then shouted violently.

        "Pass on the order that no one will be allowed to stop Blood Prison from entering the country, those who disobey will be enemies of the Northern Realm and will be killed without pardon!"

        "Tonight, the Northern Realm and the Blood Prison will go to the River City together!"


        Everyone shouted, and then instantly disappeared inside the office.

        And then, an icy smile appeared on Ni Huang's face.

        "Lin family, have you ever thought that the wasteful outcast who was humiliated and swept away by you all has now grown into a dragon that is strong enough to devour you?"

        "Lin family, your retribution has come!"

Chapter 1330

At the same time!

        The entire Jiangnan and Jiangbei, all the top brass, all held an emergency meeting!

        Each and every one of them, with faces as heavy as water and foreheads covered in sweat, were tense to the extreme.

        "Have you all received the news?"

        An old man inquired, dressed in military attire, his white hair pale, but his body had an aura of unruffled authority.

        Long Jiu, the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan!

        As soon as they heard this, the hearts of the crowd became even more depressed!

        Zhao Chuan smiled bitterly and said.

        "My Jiangbei, Cyber Security Department, has completely collapsed! All information networks are in the hands of Blood Prison!"

        Another middle-aged man, who also looked grave, said.

        "On my side of Jiangnan, tens of thousands of Blood Prison powerhouses have parachuted into Jiang City together, with as many as a hundred Zongshi alone, and have completely broken down their defenses, unable to stop them any longer!"

        "Why would a behemoth like the Blood Prison set its sights on a tiny Jiang City, it's simply illogical!"

        "Jiangnan and Jiangbei have all collapsed, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods have defected and the other three War Gods are standing by for some reason, plus this time it's by the Blood Prison Mad God, we can't stop them!"


        Hearing these words, the atmosphere became oppressive to the extreme!

        Everyone's faces looked extremely ugly.

        Because they all knew very well how terrifying that Blood Prison was, and now only a mere 10,000 people had come, they still had 690,000 troops in the Blood Prison that had not yet been mobilised.

        Once they came out, it would be a nightmare for the whole of China, not to mention Jiangnan and Jiangbei!

        Seeing this!

        Long Jiu also let out a deep sigh and said.

        "Now, the Blood Prison is invading Jiangnan and Jiangbei in full force with unclear intentions, so I would like to hear everyone's opinions."

        And at that very moment!

        A middle-aged man with a big belly then sneered and said with a murderous look on his face.

        "What other opinions can there be? We are a great nation, are we still afraid of a small Blood Prison?"

        "Go ahead and kill them on the spot!"

        This man was the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangbei, Song Yuanzheng!


        At these words, the whole room was shocked!

        Everyone was looking at him with a frightened look, wouldn't that be a deadly feud with Blood Prison?

        You know!

        The Blood Prison had been ruling the underground world for ten years, and such an existence had more than just 700,000 people to call upon.

        If Jiangnan and Jiangbei really fought with him, the best outcome would be... Both sides would be injured!

        Zhao Chuan frowned and stared at the middle-aged man, saying.

        "Blood Prison has been close to China over the years and has helped us more than once, without asking for anything in return!"

        "Now you want to strike at the Blood Prison, aren't you afraid that China will bear the reputation of being ungrateful and unrighteous?"


        Song Yuanzheng, however, snorted and said with extreme disdain.

        "No matter what they did before, now they are just thieving pirates who invaded the gates of my China!"

        "If they trespass on our national gate without our permission, then they deserve to die!"

        And then, Song Yuanzheng turned his words around and said sorrowfully.

        "Besides, it's not like I want them dead, it's the Lin family that wants to deal with them!"


        Upon hearing these words, all of the top brass present stalled in their breath, their faces dense with horror.

        At this moment, they couldn't believe their ears.

        The Lin Family, that number one family in China, was actually trying to stop Blood Prison?

        What the hell is going on here!

        Even Long Jiu, after hearing this, could not help but take a vicious breath of cold air backwards, and looked towards Song Yuan Zheng incomparably shocked:.

        "Song Yuanzheng, are you telling the truth?"

        One with immense power!

        One with terrifying battle prowess!

        Such two huge behemoths were about to clash?

        That would definitely set off a shocking wave!

        "Of course!"

        Song Yuanzheng snorted coldly and said.

        "Just a moment ago, the Lin family has informed me that this time, the Blood Prison has invaded China in a big way to rescue that trash that the Lin family abandoned back then, and since the Blood Prison doesn't give face to the Lin family, then naturally the Lin family won't let the Blood Prison have a good time either!"

        "The Lin family has given a death warrant, no matter what, that trash will have to die today!"