Today I Give Up Trying 1327-1328

 Chapter 1327


        Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Fan and Bai Yi, both couldn't help but look into a corner.

        And then!

        Then they saw a delicate figure, slowly walking over, with a spiteful smile on that face:.

        "Bai Yi, Lin Fan, it's been a long time! I've been thinking about you all this time!"

        "Thinking of you all to death!"

        "Bai... Bai Yan?"

        Bai Yi froze, hadn't Bai Yan already left China? Why did she appear in Jiangbei?

        And the moment Lin Fan saw Bai Yan, he understood everything!

        At that moment, his face turned gloomy to the extreme.

        "That phone call, did you make it?"

        "Did I warn you not to set foot in China again?"


        Bai Yan smiled contemptuously.

        "I made the call, but as for what you said, not to enter China again..."

        "Oh, Lin Fan, if you are all dead, then who else can restrict me from entering and leaving China freely?"


        Bai Yi's expression froze when she heard this, and a bad feeling snapped in her heart.

        With Bai Yan's ability, she definitely wouldn't dare to go back to China by herself, let alone appear in front of them.

        Unless, of course, she had done something!


        Lin Fan also thought of a possibility and an extremely terrifying killing intent steeply erupted from his eyes, he didn't want to bother with this jumping clown now.

        He had to rush back to Jiang City immediately!

        Only, just then!

        "Bai Yi, Lin Fan! Don't go back to Jiang City! Leave us alone! Run away! Run away!"

        A harsh cry resounded out!

        It caused both Lin Fan and the two of them to stumble in their tracks!

        They looked at Bai Yan in panic and saw her holding up her mobile phone, and on the screen they saw a bloodied Bai Shan couple with their heads in their hands!


        In an instant, Lin Fan's face turned deep and fierce, and his teeth squeaked together!



        The thing he feared most had finally happened!

        Luring him to Jiangbei was only the beginning of a conspiracy, the other side had laid a huge trap!

        "What the hell do you want?"

        Bai Yi hissed and raged at Bai Yan, she didn't expect that they had already shown mercy and spared her before, but she still didn't know how to repent.

        She still wanted to come back to China to harm them!

        This was her good sister?

        This was her family?


        In response to Bai Yi's questioning, instead of showing any mercy, Bai Yan sneered with resentment

        "What do you want? Of course I want you all to die!"

        "My good cousin, you really didn't dare to leave me alive in the first place, hahaha!"

        "It's not too late to kill you now!"

        Lin Fan roared brazenly, that aura was like a ferocious beast shaking with rage.

        In the next instant, his hand had already strangled Bai Yan's throat, and his eyes were filled with violent killing intent.

        This bitch, damn it!

        Lin Fan regretted why he hadn't killed this bitch in the first place, and now he had let the tiger return to the mountain leaving a huge aftermath.

        Bai Yan was also frightened by the terrifying aura on Lin Fan's body, was this still the wasteful doorstep son-in-law in front of him?


        Bai Yan then felt her scalp tingle and a cold sweat seeped out behind her!

        She could clearly feel that Lin Fan was really planning to kill her.

        Just as quickly, however, she reacted again and sneered.

        "Kill me, kill me if you have the guts! That way, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei will also be buried with me!"


        Bai Yi's expression instantly changed and she hurriedly shouted at Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, let her go! My parents are still in her hands!"

        Lin Fan's hands were trembling, at this moment he really wanted to just snap her neck, but in the end he held back!

        Seeing this!

        A rampant smile surfaced on Bai Yan's face as he said.

        "Hahahaha! Punk, now I, Bai Yan, am not the same as I was back then!"

        "Because I've found a big backer, a big backer that will kill you all just like a game!"

        "Today, you pair of dogs and men will not be able to escape!"

Chapter 1328

All this time, Bai Yan had dreamed of breaking Lin Fan and Bai Yi into pieces.

        And now, she was about to get her wish!

        With that backer behind her, even if Bai Yi really did strike a deal with the King of Blood Hell, she wouldn't be the least bit afraid.

        In her eyes, Lin Fan and his wife were already dead people.

        "Bai Yan, let my parents go, whatever you want to do to me is fine, just please let them go!"

        Bai Yi was already sobbing uncontrollably as she pleaded bitterly to Bai Yan.

        "Hahahaha, Bai Yi, I didn't expect you to have a day!"

        Bai Yan laughed rampantly, admiring his masterpiece:.

        "You come over here with me, as long as you and I go over there and talk, then I will consider sparing their lives!"


        Without waiting for Bai Yi to agree, Lin Fan was the first to shout violently.

        "No way!"

        Bai Yan obviously didn't have good intentions, and Bai Yi's life might be in danger if she went.

        "Lin Fan, let me go, that's my parents! Do you want me to see them die without saving them?"

        But Bai Yi, with a sobbing voice, walked straight towards Bai Yan.

        She also knew that Bai Yan must not have good intentions, but she had no choice now.

        Now they were in Bai Yan's hands, and if they didn't do as they were told, her parents would die!


        And the moment he saw Bai Yi leave, the floor beneath Lin Fan's feet, burst open abruptly!

        Murderous Qi, wildly surging from his body uncontrollably!

        The extreme killing intent was as thick and heavy as it had ever been!

        He was completely enraged!

        And then!

        Trembling, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

        "Pass on the order! All members of the Blood Prison, above the rank of Zong Shi, enter China, enter Jiang City!"

        "Tonight, let's go on a killing spree!!!"

        The Mad God of Blood Prison on the other end was silent for a long time...

        "Blood Hell, on command!!!"

        Shortly after Lin Fan gave the order, Jiangnan and Jiangbei, completely boiled over!

        Two rampaging figures, like the wind and lightning, quickly raced out in the direction of Jiang City!

        Their eyes were bloodshot, their killing intent boiling over!

        Their queen had been humiliated, her parents were in danger, and their king was utterly furious!

        When they heard the news, their murderous intent went into overdrive!

        Their king needed them, so they had to get to Najiang City in the shortest possible time!


        Just as they were about to step into the Jiangnan territory, a group of mysterious black shadows, however, violently blocked their way.

        "Dragon and Tiger War Gods, without permission, how dare you enter the world privately? Your actions have caused to unsettle the legion, you are disobeying military orders!"

        However, the Dragon and Tiger War Gods, who were running wildly, did not stop in the slightest, their eyes fiercely looked at those black shadows on the other side and roared in one voice.



        Those black shadows' expressions instantly changed wildly as they were completely stunned!

        With their status, who dared to kill them so easily?

        Dragon and Tiger War God, this is simply insane!


        The man at the head of the group shouted at once, for he knew very well that they alone could not stop these two monsters in front of them.

        The Dragon and Tiger War God broke through the encirclement, and at top speed, ran wildly towards Jiang City, losing sight of them in the blink of an eye.

        This scene shook the dark shadows present deeply!

        And at that moment!

        The leader of the Black Shadows was the one whose face was so ugly that he cursed in a low voice with his heart pounding.

        "Damn it! What the hell is going on that these two great gods have to go to Jiangcheng even if they disobey the military order?"

        And at this time, his mobile phone rang, and the moment he picked it up...

        The moment he answered it...

        The phone hit the ground heavily, and he turned pale, completely dumbfounded.

        "Chief, what the hell is going on?"

        All the dark shadows were shocked to see this, because they had never seen such an expression on the chief's face.

        It was full of endless fear!

        At the sound of the words!

        The face of that chieftain was flooded with a dense bitterness: the

        "The sky... It's collapsing!"