Today I Give Up Trying 1323-1324

 Chapter 1323


        One billion?

        Upon hearing this, Bai Yi was dumbfounded on the spot!

        There was a strong shock and incredulity in her eyes.

        If she didn't buy it, she would have to pay one billion dollars?

        But where could she find five billion now?

        Seeing the taunting and mocking gazes of the crowd, Bai Yi felt that she had never been so humiliated in her life as she was today.

        Soon, she burst into tears of aggression and whispered.

        "Lin Fan, why do you have to be like this? Are you still not ashamed enough of me?"

        Xiao Tingjun had made things difficult for her!

        The crowd laughed at her!

        Even Lin Fan was making a fool of himself at this time, causing her to become a laughing stock, not to mention losing a billion dollars for nothing!

        "Honey, don't cry, I can really buy these machines!"

        Lin Fan said with a bitter smile.

        But Bai Yi didn't listen at all and turned her back to shed tears of resignation.

        "You're a piece of crap who can have five billion? I reckon you can come up with fifty enough to hang on to, right?"

        Xiao Tingjun laughed loudly, as if he had heard a big joke.

        Even Bai Yi couldn't get five billion, so just this trash could have five billion?

        What a joke!

        And on the side, Xiao Youwei also shook his head contemptuously.

        "Young man, no ability and yet your mouth is still incoherent! What a joke!"

        Everyone in the room looked at Lin Fan with contempt, even if you are poor, you still want to make a fat face, do you have that kind of strength?

        Now you've caused your wife to lose a billion dollars for nothing, that's a good husband!

        However, in the face of the crowd's mockery, Lin Fan's expression looked calm: "I don't have five billion!

        "It's true that I don't have five billion!"


        Everyone's expressions froze, and then the sneering expressions on their faces intensified once again.

        At first, they were shamelessly pretending, but now when they saw the situation was bad, they changed their minds?

        What a disgraceful piece of trash!

        If you had 5 billion, you'd be damned!

        And Xiao Tingjun, at this time, laughed in triumph: "Now you know you regret it?

        "Now you know you regret it? Unfortunately, it's too late, I won't continue to raise the price!"

        "You two idiots, you'll lose this billion for sure! Hahahaha!"

        At these words, everyone snorted out a laugh!

        Their faces were instantly flooded with a thick cold smile!

        They were looking forward to seeing how Lin Fan would be unlucky!

        And at that moment!

        The emcee's face turned gloomy as he stared angrily at this guy who dared to cause trouble at their auction.

        "Sir, since you've already placed your bid, either pay or compensate, or else you won't be able to walk out of Golden Rich Lux!"

        The words were already dense with threatening intent!

        At the same time!

        A group of security personnel, who were then armed with batons, surrounded Lin Fan with their eyes on him.

        As soon as they heard these words!

        The crowd was laughing gleefully.

        "Hahahaha! This is the price of pretending! If you don't have the ability, don't talk nonsense, doesn't this make trouble come out of your mouth?"

        "President Bai, if I were you, I'd just stand by and watch, he made it happen, why should you pay for it? Let the punk die!"

        "Supervisor Xu, I don't think you need to waste your time, this punk is just a door-to-door son-in-law, he won't be able to get the money, just get him killed!"


        "No, please don't! I'll pay! I'll pay right away!"

        Bai Yi pleaded with a white face, her hands scrambling to find her bank card from her bag.

        She was already crying uncontrollably.

        Although Lin Fan's self-righteousness had harmed her, Lin Fan was always her husband, so how could she stand by and watch Lin Fan die?

        But at this time, a hand pressed on the back of her hand.


        Bai Yi turned back in confusion, but saw Lin Fan with a smile on his face saying.

        "Wife, I told you, I can solve it!"

        You can fix it?

        Bai Yi instantly revealed an expression of disbelief, Lin Fan had five billion?

        How was this possible?

        The crowd also all looked as if they had heard a joke as they cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan.

        They wanted to see how this punk could come up with five billion!

        Just then!

        Lin Fan then looked at that Supervisor Xu.

        "Although I don't have any money, I do have one thing that I can pledge!"


        The crowd laughed with even more contempt, what could be worth five billion?

        Was this punk here to be funny?

        "Supervisor Xu, I think this punk is playing a trick on you! Aren't you going to give him a look?"

        Xiao Tingjun laughed fiercely, he no longer wanted to watch Lin Fan pretend to be a punk.

        Right now, he wanted Lin Fan dead!

        Hearing these words, a thick fire instantly surfaced in that Supervisor Xu's eyes as he gritted his teeth and said.

        "You better take out enough to pay five billion, or I assure you, you will die a miserable death!"


        Right at that moment, Lin Fan directly slapped a black seal, heavily on the table.

        "This thing, is it worth five billion?"


        Immediately following!

        That Supervisor Xu was instantly kneeling on the ground, that fierce face instantly white.

Chapter 1324

At that moment!

        Supervisor Xu looked like he had seen a ghost and was actually scared to his knees on the spot!

        His face was white as he picked up that seal with trembling hands and said in extreme horror.

        "This... This is!"

        This texture... The shape...

        He was, indeed, right!

        At that instant!

        He then looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        "Impossible! This can't be! How could this thing be in your hands?"

        This seal was a symbol of power and status!

        In the underground world, it was equivalent to a jade seal in ancient times!

        With this seal, one could command the entire underground world, so how could it be in the possession of Lin Fan, his trash son-in-law?

        That's impossible!


        Seeing this, everyone present was already dumbfounded!

        Supervisor Xu had actually knelt down to this punk?

        Immediately, everyone was rubbing their eyes hard, wondering if they were seeing things wrong.

        A moment ago, Supervisor Xu had been so aggressive that he wanted to put Lin Fan to death!

        But now!

        He was so frightened that he knelt down on the spot after seeing Lin Fan take out that worn out seal?



        It was at this time that a pair of incredulous eyes stared at that seal with a deadly gaze.

        What the hell is this thing?

        Seeing this!

        The Xiao family father and son could not help but freeze, and a sense of foreboding suddenly came over them.

        This seal, could it really not be worth five billion dollars?

        Only, right under the stunned gazes of the crowd, Lin Fan was smiling faintly and looked at that Lin supervisor with interest.

        "Because this thing, originally, belongs to me!"


        Supervisor Lin was instantly struck by lightning, and a strong sense of despair and fear had surfaced on his face as he kowtowed to Lin Fan like a madman: "I deserve to die!

        "I deserve to die! I didn't know it was you! Please spare my life!"

        Sincere fear!


        At the end of the sentence, Supervisor Lin had even lost his voice and cried out!

        He was clearly scared out of his wits!

        Because he knew very well what a terrifying existence the owner of this seal was!

        That was an existence that dominated the entire underground world and commanded countless overlords...

        The Emperor of the Darkness!

        The Emperor of the Underworld!

        And he had not only humiliated him, he had even threatened him?

        This, is seeking death!

        Supervisor Lin's back was already completely wet, and he was even on the verge of fainting from fear at the thought of committing such a huge mistake.

        Instantly, the eyes of the guests present looked at Lin Fan changed, the colour in their eyes dripping with extreme shock.

        The impact of this scene was simply too great for them!


        They all felt their brains buzzing after they saw Supervisor Lin's painful cry, a look that was on the verge of pissing in fear.

        In Jiangbei, Supervisor Lin was considered to be a big shot, and both the black and white sectors had to give him some face, and he was known as a brother to many powerful people.

        But now!

        After seeing the black seal that Lin Fan took out, he completely fell to the ground in fear, begging for forgiveness.

        This was unbelievable!

        It made them all feel like they were dreaming!

        Not only them, but even Bai Yi was dumbfounded, her pretty eyes glowing with disbelief as she stared at that seal with a deadly gaze.

        Because this seal, she had seen it before!

        About a month ago, she had found it in Lin Fan's drawer and thought it was ugly!

        After that, she had used this seal to pad the foot of her bed!

        But now, Lin Fan had taken out this seal and scared the head of Jin Fu Lux in Jiangbei?

        What was the horrible origin of this seal?

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan then smiled.

        "Don't worry, I have no intention of making things difficult for you!"

        Hearing these words!

        Supervisor Lin was so moved that he was on the verge of tears, and again, he kowtowed to Lin Fan with fear and trepidation.

        "Thank you very much, Your Excellency! Thank you for not killing me!"

        By this time, Lin's back was completely wet with cold sweat, and his whole body looked like he had been fished out of a river.

        For a moment, he felt that he had crossed the threshold of ghosts with one foot.

        Because he knew very well that with the ability of this man in front of him, if he wanted to kill him, it would only be a matter of words.

        But at that moment!

        Xiao Tingjun, however, roared in extreme anger.

        "Supervisor Lin, are you crazy? How can that broken seal be worth five billion? You've definitely let this trash fool you!"

        He couldn't accept this scene!

        It was fake!

        Whatever that seal was, it must be a fake!

        This punk, he must die today!


        Supervisor Lin, however, swept him with a contemptuous look:.

        "Five billion? Idiot with no eyes! This seal is more than five billion?"

        "Let alone five billion, even fifty billion! Five hundred billion! I can't even afford it!"