Today I Give Up Trying 1319-1320

 Chapter 1319

After that!

        All Lin Fan said to Ptarmigan was.

        "You take care of the aftermath!"

        Then he took Zhang Yichen and left the venue without looking back.

        That commanding tone once again caused the crowd to be unable to believe their ears.

        At that moment, the Zhang family members, as if their strength had been drained, collapsed helplessly on the ground.

        Their backs were already wet with cold sweat!

        At this moment, they all had the feeling that they had walked through a ghost's gate, and their mouths were filled with bitterness.

        To their death, they didn't want to see Lin Fan again!

        This man, he was simply the devil!


        And at that moment!

        After leaving the Zhang family, Lin Fan and Zhang Yichen, drove away together.

        "Brother Lin, thank you for helping me, I must thank you properly this time!"

        Zhang Yichen was once again grateful, and at this time, she was already completely moved, the desire and love that had been suppressed in her heart was now swarming out uncontrollably.

        It caused her to stare at Lin Fan with such fascination despite everything, not hiding her attitude in the slightest.

        Lin Fan smiled and said playfully.

        "Thanking me? Then how are you going to thank me?"

        "How about I give as a mistress?" Zhang Yichen subconsciously blurted out, in order to be able to become Lin Fan's woman, she had even disregarded her dignity.


        Lin Fan was instantly stunned, wondering if he had heard wrong?

        He looked at Zhang Yichen in disbelief:.

        "You're a diva, don't talk nonsense, in case the paparazzi catches you on camera, you won't be able to wash away even if you jump into the Yellow River!"

        But at this moment, Zhang Aichen had already lost her mind, so she didn't care about that much.

        "Do you think I'm not good enough for you?"

        Zhang Yichen asked nervously, but then, as if she thought of something, her cheeks flushed crimson as she clutched the corner of her coat.

        "There's nothing in me that I can thank you for either, except my body!"

        "If you don't mind, we can get a room, even if I follow you for the rest of my life without a name or a place, I'll accept it!"

        Cough, cough, cough...

        Lin Fan coughed violently, only feeling that what the other party was saying was getting more and more frightening.

        And at this time!

        He was just about to speak, but his mobile phone suddenly rang, and when he picked up the phone, a voice with a voice changer came from the other end.

        "Bai Yi is in Jiangbei and will die!"

        And then he hung up.

        And then, it just hung up!


        In an instant, Lin Fan's eyes exploded with an endless madness of killing intent, like a tsunami of terror that erupted within him!

        It caused Zhang Yichen, who was present, to feel like she had fallen into an ice cellar, and her body trembled uncontrollably.

        The ambiguous atmosphere instantly collapsed!

        At this instant, Zhang Yichen was also frightened by Lin Fan, and the pupils of his eyes contracted fiercely, as if he saw a demon king awakening.

        "Brother Lin, you..."

        "Yichen, you go home first! I, have some things to take care of!"

        Lin Fan's voice, no longer as gentle as Fang's, was low and terrifying, like the low roar of a beast.

        Zhang Yichen could clearly feel that this man was suppressing his rage!

        Something was wrong!

        Something big must have happened!

        She had never seen Lin Fan in such a state before, it was as if he was...

        completely out of control!

        And the moment she reacted, Lin Fan was already nowhere to be found, as if he had disappeared into thin air!


        At this time, Lin Fan completely stormed out!

        "Check! Within three minutes, I want to know Bai Yi's exact location!"

        "If you fail to do so, you will die as a thank you!"


        Hearing such an order!

        The whole Blood Prison was in a frenzy!

        Something had happened to their queen!

        And their king was utterly furious!

        Damn it!

        Who dares to strike at the Queen of their Blood Prison!

        At once!

        All the members of the Blood Prison around the world went mad and used all their connections to explore Jiangbei!

        At the same time!

        Jiangbei's cyber security office was completely paralyzed!

        "Shit! The network security attacks have reached 10 million! There are more than 100,000 hackers, working together to attack our protective network! What the hell is going on here!"

        "There's no reason! We, in China, have never offended these hackers, so why would they join together to attack our protection network!"

        "Something's wrong! This kind of thing has never happened before, it's simply more terrifying than a cyber war, what the hell is going on!"

        All the security officers, completely confused!

        Looking at the deficit in front of the computer, their eyes were filled with shock!

        They couldn't believe it was real!

        Today, with their power alone, they could not stop the combined attack of 100,000 hackers!

        And seeing this!

        Zhao Chuan, the head of the Security Division, was also in a cold sweat, and with endless panic in his eyes, he shouted angrily.

        "Check it out! What the hell is going on here? A hundred thousand hackers are attacking together, who has such a terrifying call to arms!"

Chapter 1320

Drops of cold sweat continued to seep down from his forehead!

        What the hell, was the sky falling down, right?

        Why were they the only ones in Jiangbei in such a horrible state?

        It was a targeted strike!

        It's all over the internet, the whole dark web is active for it!


        Just then!

        A security officer, however, instantly sat down on the ground with a ghostly expression on his face, looking at his computer screen in disbelief.

        "What's going on!"

        Zhao Chuan angrily scolded.

        But he saw the security officer, his face white, his fingers trembling, pointing at the screen in front of him.

        "Chief, you... Look!"

        Zhao Chuan suddenly had a bad feeling, and then he walked quickly to his computer.

        Immediately afterwards!

        He saw a bloody skeleton appear on the screen!

        Immediately afterwards, he instantly collapsed to the ground, and drops of cold sweat continued to trickle down from his forehead!

        "Blood... Blood Prison!"

        Zhao Chuan's face was completely white as his eyes glared round in disbelief at what he was seeing before his eyes.

        He finally knew who it was that had such a terrifying call to arms!

        The Blood Prison!

        The King of the Underworld!

        He had ruled the Underworld for ten years!

        An immortal dynasty in the entire Underworld!

        It's terrifying!

        But for so many years, Blood Prison had been on good terms with them in China, cooperating more than once in depth, and was in a friendly alliance.

        But now, to strike at Jiangbei's security network, what the hell is going on here!

        Damn it! Damn it!

        Zhao Chuan's back was already wet with cold sweat, at this time he was going crazy, who had angered such a huge thing and caused them to follow Jiangbei's bad luck!

        "Chief, we can't hold it off any longer!"

        Someone shouted at Zhao Chuan.

        And Zhao Chuan's face was then flooded with a thick bitterness: "The Blood Prison has struck.

        "The Blood Prison has struck, how can we... How can we possibly block it?"


        And at this moment!

        The helicopter Lin Fan was in had already arrived in Baiyun City in Jiangbei, and was airborne in front of an auction called Jin Fu Lux!

        His eyes were already filled with endless killing intent!

        Fierce and fierce to the core!

        Someone wanted to harm his queen?

        Then, pay the price in blood!


        Lin Fan directly knocked out the security guard, and then kicked open the door of the Golden Fulix Auction.

        This action instantly caused the crowd inside the auction to jump in shock.

        The guests in the room were all looking towards the door at this moment!

        This also included Bai Yi!

        "Lin Fan, why are you here?"

        Bai Yi said in disbelief at once.

        Especially after she saw the bloodshot eyes covering her face, she was immediately startled.

        Nowadays, Lin Fan looked like he was about to eat someone, and the aura on his body made her feel uneasy.

        She had never seen Lin Fan look like this before!

        And at this moment, Lin Fan couldn't help but frown together.

        Bai Yi, surprisingly, was fine?

        Lin Fan then walked over towards Bai Yi.

        "You're fine?"

        Bai Yi looked puzzled.

        "What can I do? I'm at the auction, so sit down and don't disturb others!"

        Lin Fan then sat down and said with an ugly face.

        "Someone called me just now and said that you were imprisoned, so I rushed over from Jiang City."

        Seeing Lin Fan care for himself so much, Bai Yi felt a warm feeling emerge in her heart.

        And then, it was a wintry glance at Lin Fan.

        "It's probably a prank, next time you don't be so impulsive!"

        A prank?

        Lin Fan didn't think so, his heart had a very bad feeling.

        It was as if there was something, happening!

        And luring him here was just the first step!

        And just at that moment!

        An obnoxious voice snapped to mind.

        "Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, this guy dressed like a beggar is our President Bai Yi's soft-earned punk, Lin Fan!"


        Bai Yi's face changed violently, and then it was time to look at the person who spoke.

        Surprisingly, it was Xiao Tingjun!