Today I Give Up Trying 1317-1318

 Chapter 1317

Mr. Lin, are you all right?

        When those words rang out, the whole room fell into an eerie silence!

        But in the hearts of the crowd, it was as if a violent wind and tsunami had been set off!

        Everyone could not believe their eyes at this moment, and felt as if their souls were about to break away from their shells.

        It was unbelievable!

        It was fine for the four great family lords to grovel to Lin Fan, but even an existence like the Blood Lord was so polite to Lin Fan?

        Especially when this was the highest ranking Blood Lord in the Blood Prison, apart from the King of the Blood Prison!

        How could this be possible?

        Zhang Lei, in particular, was on the verge of crying out at this time: "It's impossible...

        "Impossible... This... waste... he... He can't be!"

        And after seeing this, Old Mrs. Zhang also felt her heart, puffing and puffing wildly.

        It all made sense!

        Those gifts, they were really given to Lin Fan by the Blood Lord and the Four Great Family Masters!

        Lin Fan explained, but she didn't believe him!

        Zhang Yichen explained, but she didn't believe him either!

        A single-minded act that ultimately killed her own son!

        Old Mrs. Zhang only felt dizzy and almost fainted on the spot.

        Seeing the Zhang family members who had almost gone mad, Lin Fan's face showed no mercy, only endless mockery: "I said I would die today.

        "I told you that people would die today! Since you want to turn the birthday feast into a funeral feast, I'll make it happen for you now!"

        The whole room was silent!

        Not a single person dared to refute Lin Fan's words!

        Because all of his words had come true!

        At this instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan with an unbelievable look, this guy was a fucking loser?

        But why did this punk have such terrifying energy?

        At this time, Old Mrs. Zhang's eyes were flooded with a thick hatred, and her face looked at Lin Fan with a complicated expression.

        "You, who the hell are you?"

        A trash, there was no way he could have such influence!

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth tugged as he sneered.

        "I forgot to tell you guys, the King of Blood Hell has officially entered into a collaboration with the New White Clan and decided to jointly produce a new pneumonia vaccine."

        "And the person who made the collaboration possible is me!"

        This statement was made!

        Everyone's expressions were bitter to the core.

        So, this was what was going on!

        No wonder, the Blood Lord was so polite to Lin Fan, and even went so far as to give Lin Fan his favourite antique.

        No wonder, he dared to attend this seemingly unreturnable Hongmen Banquet with no fear.

        It was all because of that terrifying man...

        The King of Blood Hell!

        And a thick, self-deprecating smile spread across Old Mrs. Zhang's face.

        She regretted why she had not listened to Zhang Yichen's advice just now, but now it was too late to regret.

        And then!

        Lin Fan cast a gloomy gaze at Zhang Lei.

        "You said, you want to sleep with my wife?"


        Zhang Lei's scalp suddenly tingled and he directly screamed out in misery.

        "Grandma, save me! I don't want to die, grandma, save me!"

        He knew very well that Lin Fan definitely had the power to kill him at this moment!

        And how could a mere Zhang family possibly resist the power of the Blood Prison?

        At those words!

        Old Mrs. Zhang hesitated for a moment, but finally sighed and knelt on the ground, looking at Zhang Yichen with complicated eyes.

        "Yichen, grandmother knows she's wrong, please let your big brother go!"


        Her words, however, were like a knife, viciously piercing into Zhang Yichen's heart.

        Just now, when she was being difficult, could she see Old Mrs. Zhang begging for a word of mercy for her?

        Was she not a member of Zhang's family?

        Old Mrs. Zhang could not imagine how much damage her current actions would do to Zhang Yichen.


        Half a long time later, the corner of Zhang Yichen's mouth, however, emerged with a self-deprecating smile:.

        "Brother Lin, please let him go! He is my grandfather's eldest grandson after all!"

        Lin Fan frowned, but he did not want to add to Zhang Yichen's pain, and then said with a gloomy face.

        "From today onwards, the Zhang family will get the hell out of Jiangnan and will never be allowed to set foot in it!"

Chapter 1318

Get out of Jiangnan!

        Never to set foot in it again!

        Lin Fan's words once again shook the entire audience to its core!

        This trash son-in-law of the Bai family actually had the power to influence the Zhang family to set foot in Jiangnan.

        This was incredible!

        At this moment, the Zhang Family was also in a state of despair and grief, with a bitter smile on the corners of their mouths.

        Now the Zhang family had been kicked out of the capital's powerful circle and had fled to Jiangnan like a dog in distress, but they had the luxury of hoping that they could find and work with Lin Zuo.

        Only then would the Zhang family have a chance of turning their fortunes around!

        But now, they had been expelled from Jiangnan by the trash they despised, which was simply a great shame.

        If word got out, their Zhang family would become the biggest joke in the whole of China!

        And it was all because of their stupidity and conceit!

        Therefore, their faces all wore a strong sense of remorse.

        If they had believed in Zhang Yichen, then by relying on Lin Fan, even if they couldn't find the Lin Block, they might have been able to hook up with the King of Blood Prison.

        But now...

        The birthday gift was gone!

        The chance was gone!

        The hope of revival was gone!

        Everything, everything is gone!


        Old Mrs. Zhang fell straight to her knees, remorseful to the point of.

        "Yichen, please, please, let your boyfriend, let our Zhang family go!"

        "If we leave Jiangnan, then the Zhang family will really be finished! You don't want your grandfather to die in peace either, do you?"


        At this moment, all the Zhang family members knelt down towards Zhang Yichen!

        Their faces were full of pleading!

        "Yi Chen, we know we're wrong! Please give us a chance!"

        "Yichen, we shouldn't have removed you from your position as the head of the family, you are still the head of the Zhang family, please save us!"

        And seeing this scene!

        Zhang Lei's face was as ugly as it could be!

        Zhang Yichen was dumbfounded!

        Lin Fan said that they would kneel down and beg her!

        Lin Fan also said that no one would dare to remove her from the succession of the family head!

        And now, it was all coming true!

        This man had really saved her!

        She looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, and the tears involuntarily gushed out!

        Lin Fan smiled and reached out his hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.

        "As I said, everyone in the Zhang family will eventually, kneel down and beg for your forgiveness!"

        And then!

        His face sank, and his eyes, which contained endless majesty, coldly looked at the people present.

        "As long as Zhang Yichen inherits the position of family head, then the Zhang family, can live!"

        As soon as the Zhang family heard these words!

        They burst into tears of excitement and kowtowed frantically to Lin Fan and Zhang Yichen: "Thank you Mr. Lin, thank you Yichen.

        "Thank you, Mr. Lin, thank you, Aichen!"

        The Zhang family, may they live!

        These simple words made them ecstatic, as if they had found the hope of rebirth!

        They had never dreamed that they would end up relying on Zhang Yichen, whom they disliked the most, to finally save the Zhang family.

        "Brother Lin, thank you!"

        Zhang Yichen was already sobbing uncontrollably, she couldn't describe her feelings at this moment.

        At this moment, she even had an impulse to ruthlessly pounce on Lin Fan and then recklessly forcefully kiss him!

        To violate him!

        To ravish this man who was like a king!

        Lin Fan didn't know what she was thinking, he just smiled and said.

        "With me here! No one can take away your home, because... The Zhang family is now your Zhang family!"

        And then!

        Lin Fan was staring at Zhang Lei with a deadly stare.

        "A deadly crime can be forgiven, but a living crime is hard to escape!"

        "One of your legs! I'll take it!"


        The Zhang family was stunned, they had thought that the matter had been settled, but they had not expected that Lin Fan would still be unwilling to spare Zhang Lei.

        But very quickly, they reacted, after all, just now, Zhang Lei had wanted to kill Lin Fan, and he had also wanted to play with Lin Fan's wife.

        Now, Lin Fan only broke his leg, which was already a great mercy!


        Upon hearing this, Zhang Lei was on the verge of pissing himself in fear, a strong fear flooded his eyes, and then he once again cried out to Old Mrs. Zhang, saying.

        "Grandma, save me! I don't want to become an invalid!"

        Old Mrs. Zhang's expression changed, and then she wanted to speak to Lin Fan.


        Before she could open her mouth, Lin Fan rudely interrupted: "Shut up!

        "Shut up! Your Zhang family has no room to bargain with me now!"

        Old Mrs. Zhang froze, and then a thick bitterness appeared on her face, and she no longer dared to speak.

        "Do it!"

        Ptarmigan shouted directly, and then a group of Blood Prison powerhouses instantly swept out and pinned Zhang Lei to the ground to death.


        A bone cracking sound rang out immediately afterwards!


        Zhang Lei let out a miserable scream and passed out from the pain on the spot.