Today I Give Up Trying 1315-1316

 Chapter 1315

And then!

        The crowd could see that there were countless blinding white lights sweeping through the field, and the roar of a helicopter resounding around the hotel!

        The next moment, under the shocked eyes of the crowd!

        Bang, bang, bang!

        A single figure instantly broke through the window and descended upon the venue!

        Ten of them!

        Fifty people!

        A hundred!

        All dressed in blood, all glowing with fierceness!

        All these hundred people were like angry lions and vicious tigers, their murderous aura was so strong that it was the ultimate!

        They were all like angry lions and tigers, their murderous auras were so intense that they completely blew up the whole place!

        "Blood... People from the Blood Prison!"

        Everyone's scalp tingled at the sight of these people!

        Because they all knew that these people were all a bunch of madmen!

        A bunch of madmen who didn't want to die!

        Because the master they served was the most insane and terrifying man in this world.

        They could clearly feel the ultimate madness of killing intent from these Blood Prisoners.

        This was a tiger and wolf army!

        Just standing there, it sent shivers down the spine of the crowd.

        The temperature around them also seemed to drop to freezing at this instant!

        "The Blood Lord has come!"

        The whole room was completely shocked!

        Everyone's eyes were filled with a dense sense of horror, clearly having realised what was going on.

        The Blood Lord had descended and even brought a hundred of the Blood Prison's powerhouses with him!

        One didn't need to think about it to know that he had come to raise hell!


        Zhang Lei, who saw this, was simply mad with joy, the thing he had been waiting for for so long was finally here!

        Lin Fan must die!

        "Lin Fan, the Blood Lord has come to settle accounts with you, you can kneel down and wait for death!"

        Zhang Lei said gleefully, while looking at Zhang Yichen with a look of contempt.

        "Zhang Yichen, is this the backer you found? Thinking that you can make our Zhang family submit with this trash?"

        "Hahahaha, your wishful thinking has come to naught!"

        And hearing these words!

        The Zhang family also looked at Zhang Yichen with contempt, all mocking Zhang Yichen in their hearts for having eyes and pearls, to trust a waste of a son-in-law?

        Now, they deserved to be implicated!

        Everyone present also felt that there wouldn't be any more surprises this time.

        Lin Fan was completely finished!

        A pair of eyes filled with taunting stared at Lin Fan with glee right at this instant.

        It was as if, looking at a dead man!


        At that moment, a steady footstep was approaching from outside the door.

        The whole room!

        A dead silence!

        Everyone was aware of who was appearing, so they all held their breath at this time.

        There was a deep sense of awe on their faces!

        Even the people of the Zhang family, after seeing the Blood Lord descend, had to put away their previous arrogance and showed reverence and ingratiation at this time.

        This was because they knew very well that this being in front of them was something that even their Zhang Family could not afford to offend.

        Then, under the awe-inspiring and burning gaze of the crowd, a figure slowly walked in.

        His suit was straight and his noble aura was impressive!

        His deep eye sockets concealed sharp eyes, like those of a vulture, full of the aura of death.

        He was holding a cigar in his mouth, and his terrifying gaze was slowly sweeping around the room, as if he was looking down on a group of ants.

        As he stared at them, the crowd felt their skulls tingling, as if he was a beast standing in front of them.

        They could not even breathe properly!

        "Lord Blood Lord, sorry to welcome you!"

        At this moment, Old Mrs. Zhang's face was instantly brilliant like that of a dog-tailed flower market, and with a flattering ingratiation, she quickly greeted her.

        Behind her, Zhang Lei, Zhang Wenxiang and the others followed closely behind.

        Their faces were filled with excitement and awe!

        They all knew that this was the best opportunity to befriend the Blood Lord!

        And at this time, Zhang Lei could no longer hold back the killing intent in his heart, and with a sinister face, he pointed at Lin Fan and said to the Blood Lord.

        "Lord Blood Lord, the scum you're looking for, that's him!"


        After taking a glance at Lin Fan, Ptarmigan withdrew his gaze indifferently and said.

        "I, for one, am not here to find him!"

Chapter 1316


        But after hearing Ptarmigan's words, both the Zhang family and the guests present froze at this instant.

        The bright smiles on those faces were then completely frozen!

        No... Not here to find Lin Fan?

        Lin Fan stole from you, and you've come in such a big way, not to look for him?

        Then... Who are you looking for?

        At once!

        An ominous feeling of foreboding suddenly surfaced in the hearts of Old Lady Zhang and the others, and their voices trembled as they asked.

        "Lord Blood Lord, he stole something from you, if you are not looking for him, then who are you looking for?"

        An instant!

        Everyone could not help but cast a horrified, death-defying gaze at Ptarmigan.

        Under the uneasy gaze of the crowd, Platinus stared coldly at Old Lady Zhang and the others.

        "I've come for you!"


        When these words of Ptarmigan's fell, the crowd was in complete uproar.

        He was here to find the Zhang family?

        The Zhang family had never offended the Blood Lord, so why would the Blood Lord come looking for them?

        At this time, many questions lingered in the minds of the people.

        The Zhang family's uneasy feeling, however, also grew stronger and stronger at this instant.

        Their legs were constantly trembling as they said in extreme terror.

        "You... You have come to see us, what for!"

        And at that moment!

        It was then that Ptarmigan took out a fountain pen in a slow and deliberate manner, and then slowly removed the cap.

        At this point, everyone was confused and had no idea what Platinus was planning to do.

        At that moment, a brutal smile appeared on Ptarmigan's face.

        "Because you, the Zhang family, all deserve to die!"


        The sharp tip of the pen, at this very moment, stabbed towards Zhang Wenxiang, who was closest to him!


        The tip of the pen instantly penetrated Zhang Wenxiang's eye!

        Without even a grunt, the latter fell backwards and died!


        This scene sent the crowd into an endless frenzy!

        It was madness!

        The Blood Lord had gone mad!

        How dare he murder the Third Master of the Zhang Family in front of everyone's eyes?

        Looking at Zhang Wenxiang, who had fallen to the ground with blood pouring out of his eyes, the crowd felt as if every single hair on their heads was standing on end!

        How vicious!

        Without any hesitation, he had killed him with a single blow!


        Seeing her own son being killed on the spot, Old Mrs. Zhang fell to the ground in fear, the ultimate fear appearing on her face.

        "Blood Lord, you... Why are you doing this?"

        Her voice, was already tinged with tears!

        There was grief and despair!

        They had never offended Ptarmigan, and even Zhang Wenxiang had met him on one side.

        Why would he kill his own son?

        But Platinus, with a sinister face, took out his handkerchief to wipe the blood from his hands in utter disgust: "I sent you something.

        "You all dare to refuse what I send you?"

        "What a disgrace!"


        Once again, everyone's brain roared!

        Everyone's body trembled as if they had been struck by lightning!

        A gift from the Blood Lord?

        The Dragon Bronze Dignity was a gift from the Blood Lord?

        At this moment, everyone realized with horror that the reason why the Blood Lord had become so furious was not because of Lin Fan.

        Rather, it was because of the Zhang family!


        The people of the Zhang Clan were completely desperate at this moment!

        That Dragon Tattooed Bronze Dignity was actually a gift from the Blood Lord?

        In other words, Lin Fan's words were true!

        Zhang Lei was dumbfounded, his legs were trembling wildly uncontrollably, and he was on the verge of pissing himself.

        He had originally thought that the Blood Lord must have come to settle accounts with Lin Fan this time, but he hadn't expected that the Blood Lord had turned out to be here to settle accounts with their Zhang family!

        And at this time, Old Mrs. Zhang was already howling and crying.

        That heart was flooded with endless grief and despair!

        Originally, nothing would have happened if she had honestly accepted Lin Fan's congratulatory gifts, but instead she had to humiliate Lin Fan, thinking that all those things were stolen by Lin Fan!

        What's more, when Lin Fan was about to leave, she obstructed him!

        Trying to kill him on the spot!

        But in the end, she contradicted the Blood Lord and killed her own son!

        It was she who had driven the Zhang family to the brink of extinction, bit by bit!


        It was folly!

        And yet, the real despair was still to come!

        Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, Ptarmigan then walked straight towards Lin Fan and said in a calm tone.

        "Mr. Lin, are you alright?"