Today I Give Up Trying 1313-1314

 Chapter 1313

When the voices of Zheng Honglian and the others broke into the eardrums of the Zhang family, the whole room fell into a dead silence.

        In an instant!

        Everyone's eyes felt as if they were about to glaze over!

        Were they mad, or were the Four Great Family Masters mad?

        Those were the Four Masters, the overlords of Jiangnan, the ones who ruled over all the powerful and noble, the walls that could never be crossed!

        And now four hegemonic figures were kneeling like dogs in front of this trash of Lin Fan's?

        This scene was so shocking!

        It was as if it was going to crush their hearts completely!

        Looking at the four family lords' respectful, god-like appearance, everyone present felt a chill run down their backs and their throats felt like they were being viciously choked.

        At this moment, Lin Fan didn't need to open his mouth, just that towering posture was enough to crush the ridicule present.

        He was like a king!

        And they, on the other hand, were only worthy of submission!

        "This... This can't be!"

        Zhang Lei's face was pale as he watched this scene, a drop of cold sweat, instantly wetting his back.

        He was completely shocked silly!

        This fellow, who had clearly stolen the Four Great Family Masters' collections, yet instead of being angry, the Four Great Family Masters even groveled to him?

        Could it be that all this was because of Bai Yi?

        Zhang Lei's body trembled violently and uncontrollably

        No, this is not right!

        That Bai Yi, was only the nominal Jiangnan Co-Master, and it was wildly rumoured that she had gotten to where she was by sleeping with men.

        It was not her that the four masters really feared, but the mysterious being standing behind her!

        If so, how could they give Bai Yi face?

        What the hell is going on here?

        And at that moment!

        Old Mrs. Zhang's expression was white with disbelief and horror in her eyes.

        "Lin Fan, he's not lying, he's not lying! These gifts are really from the four family masters!"

        What she had feared and dreaded the most had really happened!

        The atmosphere completely froze in this instant.

        Everyone didn't even dare to take a breath, at this moment they actually didn't even have the courage to look Lin Fan in the eye.

        This scene was like a dream to them.

        Even Zheng Honglian and the others had to kneel down!

        What kind of existence had they just insulted?



        Instantly at this moment, it haunted everyone's hearts, causing them all to, shudder!

        Horrified to death!

        And at this moment, Zhang Wenxiang was also sweating and trembling as he asked.

        "Four great family masters, this... Are these gifts really from you to the Zhang Family?"


        At this instant, everyone's scalps tingled and their bodies instantly tensed up as they looked at the Four Great Family Masters with incomparable nervousness.

        It was as if they were waiting with baited breath for their reply!


        Zheng Honglian, however, said with a cold face.



        The crowd first froze, and then laughed coldly one after another.

        Sure enough, it wasn't!

        They said, "How could this trash be qualified to ask the Four Great Family Masters to hand over their beloved collection to the Zhang Family?

        But the next thing Zheng Honglian said caused everyone present to despair completely!

        Zheng Honglian's face was gloomy as she looked at Zhang Wenxiang with utmost contempt.

        "What is your Zhang family, you are worthy of having the four of us give gifts?"

        "These gifts are all from us to Mr. Lin!"

        Presented to Lin Fan?

        The people present at this time were unable to believe their ears.

        In Zheng Honglian's eyes, could it be that the Zhang family's status was still inferior to that of a wasteful son-in-law?

        How could this be possible!

        Hearing these words, everyone even thought that Zheng Honglian was crazy!


        At this time, Ye Shihao was also laughing coldly.

        "Oh, a declining gentry really considers itself an onion? Don't even take a piss and look at yourself!"

        "If it wasn't for Mr. Lin, do you think that your Zhang family alone is qualified to ask us to send gifts?"

        "A bunch of pearls in the eye, after offending Mr. Lin, you still want to gain a foothold in Jiangnan? It's simply a fool's dream!"

        In an instant!

        All the people in the Zhang family present felt that they had been humiliated to the extreme!

        They had been outmatched by a loser son-in-law?

        This was a disgrace!

        The four great family lords were simply blind, even though their Zhang Family had fallen into decline, it was still a thin camel that was bigger than a horse.

        What qualifications did this trash Lin Fan have to compare with them?

        And at this moment, Old Mrs. Zhang's face became somewhat displeased.

        What had she heard?

        If they offended Lin Fan, they would not be able to gain a foothold in Jiangnan?

        With this trash, he could decide whether they lived or died?

        Are you kidding?

        Old Mrs. Zhang's face instantly sank, with a strong look of disdain on her face, only treating the words of the four family heads as a joke!

        Immediately, it was to sneer and say.

        "Is that so? Then I would like to see how this trash can stop my Zhang Family from entering Jiangnan!"

Chapter 1314

Hearing those words!

        The four great family masters all looked at her with a look of idiocy and shook their heads in utter mockery.

        To die without realising it, it was indeed hard to persuade a damned ghost with good words!

        They wanted to see if the Zhang family would still be so arrogant after they found out Lin Fan's identity.

        Lin Fan, however, laughed coldly at the Zhang family's attitude and then said.

        "Since Old Mrs. Zhang doesn't see the gifts I gave her, then take them all back!"

        Ye Shihao immediately snorted coldly.

        "How can something with eyes without pearls be worthy of this rare treasure?"

        "Humiliating Mr. Lin, this thousand-year-old ginseng might as well be fed to the dogs!" Zheng Honglian also snatched back her gift.

        "If it weren't for the sake of Mr. Lin, how could I be willing to give this painting of old Mr. Liu Gongqing to this group of dogs in mourning?" Sima Longming smilingly took back the painting.

        And the Zhang family [51 novels] crowd, after seeing them retrieve those treasures, their eyes instantly went red!

        In those eyes, there was a strong greed and desire!

        If these things, were really stolen by Lin Fan then it would be fine.

        But the problem was that they were all things that Lin Fan was going to give to their Zhang family!

        Just now, Zhang Wenxiang had already valued these treasures.

        The painting by the master of landscape painting, Liu Gongqing, was worth eighty million dollars!

        Thousand-year-old ginseng, ninety-one million!

        Tang blue flowers, seventy-eight million!

        The Empress Dowager's jade hairpin, $110 million!

        These are all precious treasures that can only be found for a fool's errand!

        Originally, I thought that the Dragon Bronze Dignity was the most expensive treasure in the room, but I didn't expect that the other four treasures would be no less valuable than the Dragon Bronze Dignity.

        Especially Old Lady Zhang!

        Seeing these treasures that should have belonged to her being taken back by Lin Fan like this, she only felt her heart dripping blood.

        A dense jealousy surfaced on her face!

        Immediately, she was annoyed and said.

        "You guys don't need to rejoice too early, this trash stole something from the Blood Lord, now the Blood Lord is furious, it won't be long before he descends on Linjiang City."

        "At that time, not only will this trash be unlucky, but all of you who meddle in the matter will also not escape prosecution!"


        Hearing these words, the crowd present instantly woke up like a dream.

        That's right!

        Even if this trash now had the four great family lords backing him up, let's not forget that there was an even more terrifying Blood Lord who already hated Lin Fan to the bone!

        How could these four people alone possibly stop such a terrifying being?

        After reacting, the Zhang Clan crowd once again revealed unkind smiles.

        Although there had been a slight hiccup in the middle, there was no way to change the ending after all.

        They could sense how furious the Blood Lord was after learning that his item had been stolen, as if he could not wait to break Lin Fan into pieces.

        When he arrived, Lin Fan would definitely die!

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you idiot! Still trying to stop our Zhang family from entering Jiangnan, wait until you survive!"

        Zhang Lei stared at Lin Fan sorrowfully.

        "Not only will you die now, even those four idiots behind you will have to go down with you!"

        "Once you die, Jiangnan will be in chaos, and at that time, I will take good care of Bai Yi for you, and she and I will definitely be horny as hell every night!"

        He had long heard that Bai Yi was an incomparable beauty!

        After the four giants of Jiangnan fell, Bai Yi would have no one to rely on, and he would still be able to do whatever he wanted to her at that time.

        Thinking that he would soon be able to kill Lin Fan and play with his wife.

        Zhang Lei's body was trembling with excitement.

        Hearing this!

        On Lin Fan's face, a thick murderous look also surfaced:.

        "Lust for immortality? No, you will lust for death!"


        As soon as Lin Fan's words fell, a terrifying whistling sound completely resounded throughout the entire hotel!