Today I Give Up Trying 1311-1312

 Chapter 1311



        Everyone burst into wild laughter upon hearing this!

        Not a single person believed Lin Fan's words, only thinking that he was pretending to be an idiot again.

        Lin Fan was once again completely surrounded by invective and taunts.


        With a poof, Zhang Yichen completely sat down on the ground, her eyes dazed and her expression dull.

        At this moment, she only felt cold all over!

        It was over!

        It was all over!

        What she had feared most had happened.

        These foolish members of her family had finally angered this man and caused a catastrophe big enough to destroy their family.

        But at this moment, Zhang's family did not even realise what they had done, and their faces were still filled with vicious and poisonous smiles.

        Zhang Lei, on the other hand, even shouted out directly.

        "Do it!"

        Swish, swish, swish!

        At this instant, many of the strongest members of the Zhang Clan were like arrows that had left the string, madly lunging towards Lin Fan to kill him.

        They had fierce smiles on their faces, intending to completely cripple Lin Fan!

        Seeing this!

        Zhang Lei, Zhang Wenxiang, Old Mrs. Zhang and the others all had a gloating smile appear on their faces.

        Already, they were ready to clap their hands and shout in approval!


        At that moment, a scene that made everyone horrified to death crashed viciously into their eyes.

        Poof, poof, poof!

        Blood splattered several times, and the few strong men who were about to waste Lin Fan somehow instantly fell to the ground, and their heads were disembodied!

        A tragic death!

        In mere moments, they were completely killed in seconds!


        Everyone was so shocked that they couldn't believe their eyes at this instant!

        And at the same time!

        In front of Lin Fan, but at some point, a man had appeared.

        With a sturdy body and a furious aura, he was currently carrying several heads in his hands!

        "The White Tiger Warlord?"

        Everyone cried out in shock the moment they saw the other man, and that face was flooded with dense fear.

        As soon as he appeared, he killed several members of the Zhang family in seconds. What the hell is going on?

        Seeing this!

        The faces of the people from the Zhang family were suddenly hard to see, their faces filled with astonishment, unable to understand at all.

        It was Lin Fan who should have been killed by the other side!

        Why did they not say a word and directly strike at their Zhang family?

        This was simply insane!

        Zhang Lei's expression instantly changed wildly as he roared.

        "White Tiger, have you gone mad? How dare you kill our Zhang Family's strongest, is your Bai Family trying to induce war?"


        But the White Tiger didn't say a word of nonsense, directly lunging out furiously to kill, his aura frantic to the extreme.

        It was as if he was completely enraged!

        How dare these bastards insult the gods in his heart?

        They are unforgivable!!!


        Zhang Lei's heart and soul trembled violently, and he looked like he had seen a ghost, with a sudden sense of foreboding in his heart.

        Something was wrong, this was very wrong!

        It wasn't just him!

        The Zhang family present were also frightened by Bai Hu's perversity, and the clothes on their backs were already completely soaked with cold sweat.

        This guy was a famous three-star general of war in China, known for his bravery and fierce fighting, and he had killed countless people!

        But their Zhang family had no dealings with the White Tiger, so why did the other party just kill someone as soon as he arrived?

        At this instant, all the guests present were completely dumbfounded, and a pair of eyes carried a strong sense of horror.

        This... What the hell was going on here?

        Instead of killing Lin Fan, the thief, the White Tiger of the White Family was massacring the people of the Zhang Family... did the White Family really want to invoke war?


        This was unbelievable!

        However, an even more despairing scene was about to happen.

        Only Lin Fan's mouth tugged and he spoke with a faint smile.

        "White Tiger, come back!"

        This was a complete command!

        But to everyone's disbelief, the moment he heard these words, the white tiger's body shook, and then he gave an extremely respectful promise: "Yes!


        Then, under the horrified eyes of the crowd, he forcibly suppressed his killing intent and stood honestly beside Lin Fan!


        The whole room was dead silent!

        Everyone couldn't believe their eyes!

        Oh my god, what were they seeing!

        The famous White Tiger Warlord, the beloved disciple of the Dragon Tiger War God, was obeying the orders of a punk son-in-law?

        This... How could this be!

Chapter 1312

Old Mrs. Zhang and the others, in particular, were nearly staring out of their eyes at this time, each one completely exploding.

        "Impossible... This punk he..."

        They could only feel their hearts, puffing up wildly, and the shock and fear in their hearts could not be suppressed.

        It was like they were going crazy!

        Not only them!

        Even the guests present felt that this was all extremely unbelievable!

        The Bai family, not killing Lin Fan?

        Instead, they bent their heads and ears?

        This world, has it gone mad?

        At that moment!

        Everyone was staring at Lin Fan with a ghostly gaze of disbelief.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan smiled faintly, and his gaze suddenly glowed with a cold aura.

        "I said, today, the Zhang family will have to die!"


        Hearing these words, all the people of the Zhang Clan involuntarily trembled fiercely, their faces turning pale instantly.

        When Lin Fan had said this, they had all scoffed, laughing on the spot with utmost disdain.

        But now!

        Lin Fan had really done it!

        This caused a sense of foreboding to come over their hearts, and they looked at Lin Fan incomparably frightened.

        This fellow, what kind of terrifying underhandedness did he have?

        "You... Who the hell are you bluffing?"

        Zhang Lei snapped out of that horror and roared through gritted teeth.

        "With this punk like you, you still want to kill our Zhang family, are you qualified?"

        "Let's go together! Cripple them both, both of them!"



        Lin Fan, who heard these words, merely shook his head contemptuously, a mocking sneer appearing at the corner of his mouth.

        "Now, you can all kneel down!"

        Kneel down?

        The Zhang family members who reacted instantly laughed coldly.

        This punk, thinking that with the White Tiger Warlord backing him up, he could make their Zhang Family submit?

        Did they really think that there were no experts in their Zhang Family?

        At that moment, they wanted to give the order for the strongest members of the Zhang Family to come out and completely cripple Lin Fan and the two of them.

        But at that very moment!


        A burst of urgent and anxious footsteps came quickly from outside the door.

        Ye Shihao and the other four family heads all looked gloomy as they strode in, their eyes dancing with fury.

        Seeing this!

        Zhang Lei first froze for a moment, and then immediately burst into unbridled laughter.

        "Lin Fan, your good days are over! In a moment, you will surely die a miserable death at the hands of the Four Great Family Masters!"

        At that moment, they even shouted impatiently.

        "Four of you, this dog has stolen from you and brought it to us to show off, you can't spare him lightly!"


        After seeing White Tiger strike, Old Mrs. Zhang always felt that things weren't that simple.

        And now that she saw the four great family masters coming, that uneasy feeling in her heart was somehow growing stronger and stronger!

        At this moment, everyone had also slightly regained their senses from the shock they had just felt.

        And then the eyes that looked at Lin Fan were dense with taunts.


        After they saw the four great family masters heading straight for Lin Fan, and a look of violent anger surfaced on their faces, they all subconsciously thought that they were here to settle scores with Lin Fan.

        "The four great family lords have come together, this kid is dead!"

        "It's useless even with the White Tiger Warlord backing him up, he's simply not good enough in front of the Four Great Family Lords!"

        "Hahahaha, I bet in a moment this punk will be so scared that he'll be incontinent!"


        Footsteps, getting closer and closer to Lin Fan!

        And the fierce smiles on the faces of Zhang Lei and the others were getting thicker and thicker!

        In their exuberance, there was even a strong sense of anticipation, as if they couldn't wait for Lin Fan to be shattered into pieces.


        Just when they all thought that Lin Fan was dead!



        The four great family lords, moving in unison, knelt down in front of Lin Fan in this instant.

        "Mr. Lin, we are too late!"