Today I Give Up Trying 131-133

 Chapter 131

At this moment, everyone in the entire banquet hall was excited to the extreme.

        After all, the person they were videoing with was an international big shot.

        Moreover, it was the curator of the collection who knew Master Blood!

        This one thing alone is enough for them to brag about for a long, long time.

        Right now!

        Curator Zhu Qing quickly and excitedly said.

        "Mr. Robert, our first piece of artwork is Mr. Blood's prized possession, the Eiffel Tower! I have verified that it is genuine, but I need Mr. Robert to have it verified again."


        When he heard about the work he had brought with him, Lin Guangyao was overwhelmed with excitement.

        He had never imagined in his entire life that one day he would bring something that could be tasted by the curator of a global collection.

        One day, he would bring something that could be tasted by the curator of a global collection, which was definitely an honor.

        Not only him!

        Even Li Zhenghui patted Lin Guangyao's shoulders with excitement, full of tension and excitement.

        However, Robert's words immediately afterwards made the smiles on their faces stiffen as much as possible.

        "Actually, the identification of the Eiffel Tower is not difficult!"

        "Firstly, note the size of the tower's spire. When Master Blood created this piece, he reproduced the Eiffel Tower with incredible accuracy and precision.


        When they heard this, both Curator Zhu Qing and Lin Guangyao were all dumbfounded.

        Ten thousand percent!

        Perfectly restored!


        They are naturally familiar with these words, because just a short while ago, a man said it was ...... Lin Fan!

        "No ...... can't be!"

        At this moment, Lin Guangyao only felt like his heart was going to pop out.

        He could never have imagined that the words of this international big shot would be exactly the same as Lin Fan's first point of identification!

        It's not just him!

        At this moment, the air suddenly quieted down.

        Whether it was Curator Zhu Qing, or the surrounding Li Zhenghui and others, each of them was breathing rapidly, and it was hard to believe their own ears.

        "Ten thousand proportions! Is this ...... true?"

        Curator Zhu Qing was directly confused.

        Originally, he thought that the so-called 10,000 ratio was just the world's excessive myth about Master Blood.

        But never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that someone was really so perverted that he could recreate it perfectly!

        This is, like, unbelievable!

        He seemed to see Zhu Qing's shock.

        In the video, Robert smiled bitterly and said.

        "Doesn't it feel, like, pretty incredible?"

        "To be honest, when Mr. Blood created this piece, we were equally incredulous, and finally invited the Guinness Book of World Records to the center, which took a full month to complete the measurement and comparison!


        This statement is even more horrifying.

        That is to say, this pair of Eiffel Tower has broken the Guinness World Record, both in terms of artistic attainments and collection value, to an unimaginable degree.



        A bead of sweat flowed down from Curator Zhu Qing's forehead.

        He had begun to gradually feel something bad.

        Now, not only did he sneak a glance at Lin Fan at the back of the crowd, but the bad feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

        "Mr. Robert, what is the exact value of this Eiffel Tower tip reduction you are talking about?"

        Numerical values?

        But Zhu Qing clearly remembers that Lin Fan said the value was 13.78!

        Ask a question!

        Zhu Qing had taken out a measuring tape and started measuring at the tip of Lin Guangyao's 'Eiffel Tower'.

        And the number he measured out was ...... 12.31!


        At this instant, Zhu Qing's nervous hands were all sweat, as if this value would determine his success or failure.

        And just when he was almost suffocating!

        Robert, in the video, speaks.


Chapter 132


        This value, like a bomb, made Zhu Qing's body tremble and almost faint!


        The value of Lin Guangyao's piece simply did not match.

        On the other hand, the surrounding crowd also discovered that something was wrong.

        One by one, they just felt their hearts, like they were going to jump out!

        They had already recalled that Lin Fan had said that the value of a genuine piece of art was 13.78, and this one was 12.31!

        What does that tell you!

        It means that Lin Fan actually saw the exact value of Lin Guangyao's Eiffel Tower at a glance, and there was no difference at all!

        It's more accurate than a measurement, for fuck's sake, how is that possible.

        Only, it's more than that!

        Robert did not notice the strange atmosphere here, but continued.

        "Numerical values, the first method of identification!"

        "The second method is Deep Blue Ink! That kind of colored ink, which does not fade or distort, can keep this piece in its original state for a hundred years!"


        Exactly the same!

        When they heard Robert's second point, everyone's body trembled.

        Because the second point that Lin Fan said was perfectly in line with the second point that Robert said.

        "What about the third point of ......?"

        Dense sweat, from Zhu Qing's forehead, flowed down in torrents.

        But he still didn't give up asking the question.

        It wasn't just him!

        Next to him, Lin Guangyao and Li Zhenghui were also staring at Robert in the video with pale faces, waiting for the third point to be pronounced!

        "The third point is the engraving! Master Blood's engraving is very difficult to imitate, and the letter L in it is hooked 30 degrees, so you can tell if it's real or not at first glance!


        After listening to the third point, Zhu Qing only felt relieved and fell on his buttocks.


        It turns out that what he believed to be the real thing, was the fake!

        What is even more ridiculous is that Lin Fan had already pointed it out, but he took the other party's words as air.

        He even got the curator of the Global Collection to appraise it.

        This made himself, completely, a joke in everyone's eyes.

        On the other hand!

        Lin Guangyao was also completely confused.


        After all this time, how can he be surprised that his own authentic product is a fake?

        This ......


        Li Zhenghui, who was beside him, was so angry that he slapped Lin Guangyao's face.

        "You little beast, how dare you try to trick me with something fake!"

        "Hello! You, good!"

        Li Zhenghui was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

        And Lin Guangyao covered his hot face, trying to explain something, but the words were hard to say.

        What else could he say?

        He is the curator of a global collection, and the appraisal made by him is beyond doubt.

        There is no doubt that his calligraphy and painting is a fake.

        "No! I don't believe it!"

        Lin Guangyao's eyes, swishing a bright red, bellowed.

        "Curator Zhu, Mr. Robert, even if my calligraphy and painting is a fake, I don't believe that Lin Fan's calligraphy and painting is an authentic one."

        "How could his one-man fishing boat, which hangs in the Global Collection, appear here? Moreover, his painting, which was obviously just painted a short time ago, couldn't be more fake!"

        That's right!

        Lin Guangyao's words made Curator Zhu Qing's eyes instantly light up.

        He had appraised Lin Guangyao's calligraphy and painting as genuine and it turned out to be a fake.

        But he didn't believe that he could make a mistake when he appraised Lin Fan's calligraphy and painting as a fake!

        Think about it!

        Zhu Qing quickly got up, and then showed Lin Fan's calligraphy and painting before the video, so that Robert could identify it.

        "Mr. Robert, I know that the painting of the Lone Angler is in your collection."

        "And now, we have a forgery here, and we're asking you to determine it!"


        This sentence first made Robert's face change.

        They had to know that they had spent an astronomical amount of money to bid for the One Angler, so how could they tolerate the counterfeits, which were circulating and cheating the world!

        A hint of anger surfaced on Robert's face, and now he hurried to look carefully at this 'one-man fishing boat'!

        Yet this look!


        Robert is confused!

Chapter 133

How did this happen?

        Robert could hardly believe his eyes at this moment.

        "The ink, the lines, the textures, the style of painting ......"

        You know, he was one of the most loyal Blood fans, and knew every detail of the man's painting like the back of his hand.

        And now, in his eyes, the painting in front of him was obviously just painted by someone.

        The painting in front of him was obviously just painted by someone, but no matter every detail, it was definitely a rare piece.

        Right now!

        Not only was Robert confused.

        Before the video, Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao, Li Zhenghui and others were also dumbfounded.

        Because they saw with their own eyes, the look on Robert's face changed from anger to astonishment, from astonishment to shock and disbelief.

        In Robert's eyes, it was as if they had seen a ghost when they saw the mongoose.

        What happened?

        They wondered why the international tycoon looked so unpredictable.

        "Mr. Robert, did you get the results of your appraisal?" In Zhu Qing's heart, that ominous feeling of foreboding grew stronger and stronger.

        And hearing this!


        As if his eyes had just snapped awake from the painting, Robert closed his eyes, contemplated deeply, and then said with a complex expression on his face.

        "Mr. Chu, gentlemen, I can explain to you all here!"

        "The one-fisher in our global collection is the real deal!"


        Zhu Qing and the others were stunned at first by these words.

        The painting in the Global Collection was authentic, so what Robert meant was that the painting was a fake?

        One moment!

        Whether it was Curator Zhu Qing or Lin Guangyao, they all let out a long sigh of relief.

        For some reason, they were afraid that the painting was authentic, in which case it would be too big a blow to them.


        Just as a relieved smile appeared on the faces of Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao, and the others, Robert's next words caused their smiles to suddenly freeze!

        Robert's next words, made their smiles, suddenly freeze!

        "But this painting, too, is the ...... real thing!"


        As this sentence rang out, the atmosphere in the entire banquet hall instantly froze.

        Is this also a real product?

        How is it possible that two paintings are all authentic?

        What's more, this painting was created just a short time ago, so if it is real, does that mean that Master Blood is in Jiangcheng?

        This, how is this possible!

        All at once!

        In the banquet hall, there was a sound of cold air being sucked in.

        Everyone could not get over the shock.

        And in the video, Robert said excitedly.

        "Mr. Zhu, please let me meet the owner of this painting!"


        Zhu Qing heard this and reacted abruptly.


        With that, he hurriedly took the video in front of Bai Shan and said with a complex face.

        "Mr. White, Mr. Robert wants to speak to you!"

        At this moment, even though Zhu Qing had a hundred displeasures in his heart, when addressing Bai Shan, he involuntarily added 'you' to it.

        After all!

        The painting of the White Mountains, it's true!

        This meant that Bai Shan possessed a masterpiece of immeasurable value, not to mention the fact that the painting had obviously just been created, which meant that Bai Shan most likely knew Master Blood.

        How dare he not treat such an existence with respect and courtesy.

        "Luo ...... Mr. Robert ......"

        At this moment, Bai Shan is still in a state of confusion.

        The real thing?

        In his wildest dreams, he could never have imagined that the painting his son-in-law brought out from his private collection would be the real one by Master Blood.

        It was simply unbelievable.

        Only, that was not all.

        After seeing Bai Shan, all the indifference and arrogance on Robert's face vanished in an instant, replaced by intense enthusiasm, and he said with a smile on his face.

        "Hello, Mr. White, I send you my best regards!"


        With just one opening sentence, the surrounding people, including Zhu Qing, were shocked to the core.

        Robert, an international big shot, was in such an esteemed position, but now he was polite to Bai Shan to such an extent.

        "Mr. Robert, you ...... are very polite!"

        White Mountain was also shocked by Robert's enthusiasm, and quickly waved his hand, panicking back.

        And seeing this!

        Robert laughed a little, and then asked carefully.

        "Mr. Bai, if I may ask, where did you get this painting of a lone fishing man?"