Today I Give Up Trying 1305-1306

 Chapter 1305


        The Zhang family members were instantly contemptuous, this guy was really a brainiac, wasn't he just chasing away a soft-boiled punk? What did they have to regret?

        They still hoped that Lin Fan would hurry up and get lost, to save them from being disgusted.

        As for Zhang Lei, he also sneered out.

        "A congratulatory gift? A punk like you, I'm afraid what you're giving away is rubbish that won't make it to the stage, right?"

        With that, he opened a gift box and took out a dirty copper bowl from it, which was extremely dilapidated!

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, this is your congratulatory gift, a broken bowl?"

        Zhang Lei was on the verge of laughing out loud:.

        "Taking such trash to my grandmother, are you intent on humiliating her old man?"


        Seeing this, everyone present was also stunned.

        Giving a broken bowl as a congratulatory gift?

        Isn't this a slap in the face?

        This kid is crazy!

        At that moment, the whole room was completely abuzz, and all of them were mocking each other, causing a lot of noise in the room.

        "What's this crap? He didn't pick it up from the rubbish, can he give it away?"

        "I think he's just deliberately looking for a fight, isn't giving away this kind of rubbish an embarrassment to the owner?"

        "Hahahaha, you'd better keep this for yourself, maybe when the soft rice is no longer available, you can take this bowl and ask for food on the street!"

        A pair of contemptuous eyes were staring at Lin Fan at this moment.

        Old Mrs. Zhang, who was already furious, now had a strong hatred in her eyes.

        "Dog, how dare you bully the old man?"

        "Someone, throw this brat, who doesn't know the limits of heaven, out of my sight!"


        Hearing the invective and humiliation from the crowd, Lin Fan merely shook his head in contempt.

        "A group of people with eyes without pearls, who can't even recognise such treasures, how dare they boast of being upper class?"


        Hearing Lin Fan's words, the faces of everyone present completely clouded over, and the eyes that looked at Lin Fan were tinged with a touch of anger.

        This guy, he was simply crazy!

        Taking a broken bowl and giving it away, and he still dared to sarcastically say that they had eyes without pearls?

        How ridiculous!

        "You... You're looking for death!"

        Old Mrs. Zhang was furious enough, this was the first time she had seen such a shameless person.

        If it wasn't for Mike being here, she would have had to have Lin Fan's blood splattered on the spot.

        At once!

        She then shouted violently and said.

        "Someone, throw these trash, along with Lin Fan, out!"



        At that moment, a middle-aged man walked out from the crowd, holding the copper bowl in his hand and carefully measuring it.

        That look was focused and cautious, and his face was even filled with excitement, as if he had found a precious treasure.


        He even tapped his fingers on the bowl, making a pleasant sound, like a dragon's chant.

        When he heard this sound, the middle-aged man drew in a cold breath, and his body trembled, almost falling to the ground in fear!

        A cry of disbelief came out of his mouth.

        "There's no reason, there's no reason! How can this thing be here?"


        When they saw the reaction of the other party, all the guests in the room froze.

        "Uncle San, what's wrong with you? It's just a broken bowl, what's there to see?"

        Zhang Lei said with contempt and disdain on his face.

        All the people present also had faces of ridicule and disdain, a broken bowl is just a broken bowl, and the third uncle of the Zhang family really considers it a treasure?


        As soon as he heard these words, his third uncle, Zhang Tianxiang, burst into a fury and roared like thunder: "A broken bowl?

        "Broken bowl? Blind your dog's eyes!"

        With that!

        He then held up the bronze bowl and said angrily.

        "Watch this! This is called the Dragon Bronze Dignity, cast during the Guangxu period, it is now a hundred years old and was unearthed ten years ago, and is worth a fortune!"


        The expressions on everyone's faces froze at this instant, and then they all looked at Zhang Wenxiang in horror.

        Worth a fortune?

        Are you kidding?

        This broken bowl looked so dilapidated, as if it had been picked up from a bin, how could it be a treasure of great value?

        Especially Old Mrs. Zhang!

        By this time, she was dumbfounded, her old face covered with an expression of disbelief.

        "Old Third, are you sure you're not mistaken?"

        Zhang Wenxiang was a master of antique collecting, and his level of treasure appreciation was already comparable to that of an expert.

        That was why Old Mrs. Zhang was so nervous.

        Upon hearing this, Zhang Wenxiang immediately laughed bitterly and said.

        "Mother, if it were any other antique, perhaps I might really look away, but this is the only one that I would never look away from, because..."

        "This is the Emperor's imperial vessel!"

Chapter 1306


        Everyone only felt that at this moment, Zhang Wenxiang's words were like thunder and lightning, which exploded wildly in their minds.

        They were completely petrified!

        The expressions of everyone, including Old Mrs. Zhang, were filled with shock and disbelief.

        It was a nightmare!

        This was a fantasy from the sky!

        A little white man who depended on his wife to support him had given away a heavenly antique that was worth a great deal of money?

        Moreover, it was a vessel reserved for the emperor!

        This, how is it possible!

        How could such a shabby-looking bowl have such an extraordinary origin?

        All of them felt that they had been hit hard in the face, and each of them was so red in the face that they could not even say anything.

        Just now he had mocked Lin Fan with this broken bowl, but it turned out that they were the ones who were the biggest joke.

        Having eyes without pearls was not wrong at all!


        Zhang Wenxiang, however, had no time to pay attention to the crowd's reactions, and held this bronze dragon dzi with an excited expression.

        "I remember that last time, this bronze dragon statue was sold at an astronomical price of $130 million!"

        One... One hundred and thirty million dollars?

        Hearing this appalling figure, all the people present felt their hearts beating wildly and were on the verge of fainting.

        "The best way to identify it is to tap on the mouth of the bowl, and it will emit a fine-grained sound of a dragon chanting!"

        With that, Zhang Wenxiang gently used his finger and tapped the mouth of the bowl.


        A crisp sound like a dragon's roar instantly resounded in the silent hall.

        The crowd in the hall went crazy!

        It was as if their tails had been stepped on, and they all revealed expressions of shock and horror.

        This Dragon Bronze Dignity was actually real!

        One hundred and thirty million dollars, this... This is insane!

        Wasn't the sum of all the congratulatory gifts present tonight enough to cover this amount?

        One gift is more than all the gifts in the room?

        And they insulted them as rubbish for such an expensive gift?

        Especially the Zhang family!

        At this moment, they were completely dumbfounded as if they had been hit on the head.

        They had never dreamed that Lin Fan would give such a valuable congratulatory gift, where did this son-in-law get such a rare treasure?

        Old Mrs. Zhang was trembling and almost fell to the ground in fear, trembling as she stretched out her hand to touch the bronze dragon statue.

        For the Emperor's use?

        This was something that could not even be bought with money!

        If she were to eat with this bronze dragon dzong, wouldn't she also enjoy the honour of being an emperor?

        When she thought of this, the desire in her eyes grew stronger and stronger!

        This bronze bowl was a symbol of status!


        Just as she was about to touch it, Lin Fan snatched the bronze bowl away.

        "Sorry, this "trash" is not worthy of you, so I'm going to take it away!"


        Seeing this!

        This little bastard was deliberately humiliating her.

        But with all eyes on her, she didn't dare to snatch it out in the open, so she could only watch as Lin Fan took the bronze bowl back into the gift box.

        At that moment!

        A strong sense of remorse surfaced in her eyes.

        She was so close that this imperial vessel would have been hers.

        But because of her blindness, she had given it up of her own accord.

        One hundred and thirty million dollars!

        If she put it up for auction again, it would definitely not be worth that price!

        At this moment, she could not wait to slap herself twice, blaming her quick tongue for missing out on such a rare treasure.

        "Bastard, it's all because of you! Give me back my bronze bowl!"

        Old Mrs. Zhang was so furious that she immediately raised her walking stick and smashed it hard on Zhang Lei's head.

        It was all because of Zhang Lei's nonsense that she thought this copper bowl was rubbish, this bastard had screwed her over!

        "Grandma, don't hit! I know I'm wrong!"

        Zhang Lei instantly wailed, his head instantly cracked and bleeding like water as he held his head and kept begging.

        This can't be!

        That fellow, he was clearly a waste, how could he possibly possess such an expensive treasure?

        Being beaten like this in full view of everyone, at this moment, Zhang Lei was simply going crazy!

        While Lin Fan didn't even look at him, he took Zhang Yichen with him and prepared to leave.

        But at that moment, a cold, stern voice suddenly chided out.



        Lin Fan turned his head back and looked at the furious Zhang Wenxiang in confusion.

        At this moment!

        Zhang Wenxiang's face was unkind and extremely disgusted as he scolded Lin Fan, saying.

        "This Dragon Bronze Dignity, where did you steal it from?"