Today I Give Up Trying 1303-1304

 Chapter 1303

Hearing these words, Zhang Yichen suddenly felt a knife being viciously thrust into her heart.

        Her heart hurt so much that she couldn't breathe!

        She wanted to save the Zhang family, but in the eyes of the Zhang family, she was just a shameless bitch!

        "Let them go? Wouldn't that be too cheap for them?"

        Zhang Lei said with a fierce smile, a touch of hatred in his eyes.

        "This trash has caused our Zhang family to lose a hundred billion dollars in loans, how can we let him off so easily?"

        "In my opinion, let's just waste him right here!"

        This statement was made!

        A thick, ruthless look surfaced on the faces of the Zhang Family as well, as they stared at Lin Fan wistfully!


        When Zhang Yichen heard this, he was so frightened that he fell to his knees with a poof and cried out.

        "Grandma, no! You can't hurt him!"

        What kind of status was Lin Fan, if the Zhang family offended him, it would be a total loss!

        Zhang Lei immediately snorted coldly and sneered.

        "Even now, all you can think about is your concubine, turning a blind eye to the loss of your family... what qualifications do you have to be the head of the Zhang Family!"

        All the Zhang family members were filled with anger, and all thought that Zhang Yichen was, at this moment, protecting Lin Fan.

        "Zhang Lei is right, this woman is not qualified to be the head of our Zhang family! Tell her to get lost!"

        "The Zhang family's family head, even if she is a mistress, giving a trash door-to-door son-in-law as a mistress is really disgusting!"

        "A bitch with a dog, the sky is the limit! Tell them to get lost, don't disgrace our Zhang family here!"

        All the Zhang family members, one after another, spoke ill of each other!

        Loud insults!

        And at that moment!

        Old Mrs. Zhang's face, too, instantly turned gloomy:.

        "Zhang Yichen, you have already been expelled from our Zhang family and have no right to stay here."

        "And this brat, he must also die!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Lei let out a wild laugh, a fierce look appearing on his face.

        "What are you still waiting for? Chop up this guy who has caused us to lose all our money!"


        Immediately, the strongest members of the Zhang family stepped forward, with a strong killing intent appearing on their faces.

        But just then!

        "Doctor Mac is here!"

        Outside, a shout came out of nowhere.

        The sound was so loud that it shook the entire Zhang family!

        "Dr. Mike, is that the famous international divine doctor?"

        "The subordinate of the Divine Doctor Lin has come to wish the Zhang family a happy birthday, the Zhang family is so dignified!"

        "This can't be Dr. Lin's intention, right? If it's really the Divine Doctor's intention, then the Zhang family will soar to great heights in the future!"

        The guests in the audience were all completely stunned.

        Who was Dr. Lin?

        He was the future of Chinese medicine!

        He was the idol of many young people, and after he had submitted to Dr. Lin, Mike's status in the Chinese medicine industry was also very important.

        He, surprisingly, came to congratulate the Zhang family on their birthday?

        The Zhang family was dumbfounded, and they were all dumbfounded, wondering if they had heard it wrong.

        Mike, unexpectedly came to congratulate them on their birthday?

        This was an honour for the Zhang family!

        Swish, swish, swish!

        Immediately, a line of excited eyes looked towards the entrance in unison at this moment.

        Everyone's faces were filled with reverence and awe!

        Even Old Mrs. Zhang hurriedly had someone help her up and walked quickly towards the door, while scolding Zhang Lei, saying.

        "Little Lei, there's no time to take care of these two losers, it's important to greet Doctor Mike first!"

        At these words!

        Zhang Lei then stared at Lin Fan with a sinister expression.

        "Dog, let's give you a few more minutes, after we greet Dr. Mac, it will be your death!"


        Then, under the burning and expectant gazes of the crowd, a figure stepped in through the door.


        Only as soon as Mike made his entrance, it was as if he was looking for something, and those eyes kept sweeping through the crowd.

        This action immediately puzzled Mrs. Zhang.

        "Dr. Mac, what are you looking for?"

        And then!

        Mike's words lit up the room.

        "I'm looking for our Boss!"

Chapter 1304


        The moment they heard those words, the crowd in the room was clearly stunned, and then they completely exploded!

        A BOSS?

        Isn't there only one BOSS for Mike?

        That was the mysterious Divine Doctor Lin!

        Was the Divine Doctor Lin also in this hall?

        The crowd was going crazy!

        One by one, they turned their heads in panic, frantically searching for any sign of Divine Doctor Lin, their faces red with excitement.

        They couldn't believe that such a lofty being was hiding among them.

        This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to curry favour with him, and they could not afford to miss it!

        It was not just them!

        Even the Zhang family members were all about to be scared silly after hearing this shocking news.

        The divine Doctor Lin, who was said to be the future of Chinese medicine, had come to attend the Zhang family's birthday party?

        If they could be associated with such a person, the Zhang family would be like a tiger with wings, and would definitely soar to great heights!

        At that moment!

        They looked around nervously and excitedly, with a strong desire in their eyes.

        Little did they know that the divine Doctor Lin had already been completely offended by them!

        And just then!

        When Mike suddenly saw Lin Fan, a flash of joy appeared in his eyes and he subconsciously shouted out.


        With that!

        He was about to take a step and walk towards Lin Fan.

        However, Lin Fan took a step ahead of him and gave Mike a wink.

        Mike froze in his tracks and involuntarily froze in place.

        At this moment, however, everyone had already sensed something, and their eyes were about to glaze over.

        Why did they think that the person Mike was looking for was Lin Fan?

        Lin Fan... Divine Doctor Lin, could it be that they were the same person?

        Even Old Mrs. Zhang's heart, a sense of foreboding suddenly surfaced and she asked in horror.

        "Dr. Mac, Lin Fan... It couldn't be Dr. Lin, could it?"

        Mike shook his head in a hurry.

        "I'm mistaken, the BOSS isn't here!"


        As soon as they heard this, the crowd was lost, so the divine Doctor Lin wasn't here.

        And at this time, Zhang Lei jumped out and jumped up again, sneering and saying.

        "Grandma, you're really joking, just this punk how can he be Divine Doctor Lin?"

        "With this kind of virtue, I'm afraid he doesn't even have the qualifications to lift the shoes of God Doctor Lin!"


        Hearing Zhang Lei insult Lin Fan like that, Mike's face, in an instant, turned gloomy.

        And then!

        It was then that he asked in an unkind tone.

        "Old Mrs. Zhang, the trash you are talking about, is it this man?"

        If it wasn't for Lin Fan, Mike wouldn't even be here tonight. Although the Zhang family was a powerful family, it wasn't enough for him to personally come to his door to celebrate his birthday.

        And now, how dare these idiots insult his BOSS in front of him?

        And at that moment!

        As soon as Old Mrs. Zhang heard Mike ask about it, she felt her face was shameless and a strong look of contempt and disgust surfaced on her face:.

        "Mr. Mac, this punk is the son-in-law of that Bai family! My ungrateful granddaughter brought him here, and I'm sorry to let such trash stain your eyes, I was just about to throw him out!"

        And those words!

        At once, it caused Mike and the crowd behind him to change their expressions wildly, and they almost didn't fall to the ground in shock.

        These Zhang family, how dare they insult the BOSS like that?


        Very quickly, a rage surfaced in the eyes of Mike and the others.

        In their eyes, Lin Fan was a god-like being, but the other party dared to insult their faith in front of them?

        This made all the top healers in the room feel extremely angry!

        But Old Mrs. Zhang and the others did not notice the wrong expression on Mike's face.

        Immediately, it was Lin Fan who scolded.

        "Rubbish, you can go away!"

        "Dr. Mac is an honorable man, so don't get in his way with disgusting guys like you!"


        Without waiting for Mike to get angry, Lin Fan was the first to sneer.

        "Fine, since the Zhang family doesn't welcome you, I'll just leave!"

        Lin Fan directly threw the prepared gift on the table and sneered.

        "Congratulatory gift, I'm leaving it behind!"

        "I just hope that your Zhang family will not regret it!"