Today I Give Up Trying 1301-1302

 Chapter 1301


        Hearing that Zhang Yichen was not in the right mood, Lin Fan's face instantly sank.

        "Where are you?"

        And then, Zhang Yichen sobbed and gave out an address.

        Immediately after!

        Lin Fan then handed the car over to Bai Shan and gave himself a ride to his destination.

        When he arrived, he saw Zhang Yichen sitting on a bench in the cold wind, shivering, her eyes already red and swollen from crying.

        "What's wrong with you?"

        Lin Fan asked as he frowned and went forward.

        When Zhang Yichen saw Lin Fan, she could no longer tense up and rushed up out of control, flinging herself into Lin Fan's arms.

        Crying out in unrestrained pain.

        "I... I've been thrown out of my home, Brother Lin, I don't have a home anymore!"

        The voice was miserable and sad!

        It caused Lin Fan's face to turn cold.

        "It's because of Zhang Lei, isn't it?"

        It was too much of a coincidence that Zhang Aichen was swept out of the house after he had struck Zhang Lei in the face just one foot.

        Zhang Yichen nodded helplessly.

        "Zhang Lei said that it was because of you that the Zhang family failed to get a loan, so he planned to use the power of the Zhang family to put you to death!"

        "After I said a few words on your behalf, they said that I had turned my elbow to the outside, saying that I was lowly and disgraced the Zhang family by falling for a married woman, so they deprived me of the succession right of the head of the family and expelled me from the Zhang family!"

        "What's more, they want to ban me completely in the entertainment industry!"

        "To the death!

        The reason why Zhang Yichen was suffering was not because she had been expelled from the family, nor was it because she had been banned.

        Rather, it was because her family, who had spent many years together, was able to be so ruthless towards her and wanted to put her to death.

        Now, she had nothing left to lose!

        At those words!

        Lin Fan's eyes instantly poured out a terrifying coldness:.

        "Don't worry! The Zhang family is yours, no one can snatch it away!"

        "Because, this is what I, Lin Fan, say!"


        These words were filled with supreme majesty!

        It was as if Lin Fan was an emperor at this moment, a man of nine words!

        Zhang Yichen was stunned, her heart suddenly felt like it was filled with something, and she looked at Lin Fan with a stunned expression.


        Lin Fan's words caused her to become more and more fascinated with Lin Fan.

        It was as if as long as this man was around, even if the sky was falling, he would be there to hold it.

        "Let's go! Go to the Zhang family, I'll get justice for you!"

        Lin Fan took Zhang Yichen's hand.


        Zhang Yichen, however, had a hesitant face and said uneasily.

        "Brother Lin, can you not kill anyone?"

        She knew what Lin Fan was capable of, if he wanted to, not to mention a single Zhang family, even the entire Jiangnan would instantly turn into a mountain of corpses and blood.

        But no matter what, those were her family members!

        Lin Fan froze for a moment, then smiled and said.

        "Don't worry! I won't kill anyone, I'll make them kneel down and beg for your forgiveness!"


        Right then and there!

        Lin Fan went with Zhang Yichen to the hotel where the birthday party was held.

        On the way, Lin Fan learned that today was the birthday of the Zhang family's old lady, so he asked Ye Shihao and the others to prepare some thick gifts.

        He intended to be courteous first and then to use his strength!

        If the other party was sensible, everything would be over.

        If the other party was not, then I was afraid... They would really have to kneel down!

        After arriving at the hotel, Lin Fan saw that the hotel was surrounded by super luxury cars of all shapes and sizes.

        Even the most ordinary ones were Rolls-Royces worth ten million dollars!

        After all, the Zhang family had a long-standing reputation in China, and after learning that they had landed in Jiang City, the bigwigs from all walks of life in Jiang City were rushing to pay their respects.


        Once they knew that the Zhang family was confident that they would be able to reach a partnership with Lin, the number of people who came to curry favour with them was as high as a carp in a river...

        There were countless of them!


        The moment Lin Fan and Zhang Yichen stepped into the hotel, an angry scolding sounded out of nowhere.

        "You pair of dogs, get out of my house!"

Chapter 1302

The person who was shouting and scolding was none other than Zhang Lei!

        He hadn't expected that Lin Fan would be so bold as to have the face to appear in front of them, having just ruined their Zhang Family's good deed today.

        And at this moment, the Zhang family's crowd and the guests present, after hearing this insult, all also turned their eyes towards the two of them, Lin Fan.

        "That trash, isn't he Bai Yi's husband? How come he got together with Zhang Yichen?"

        "This kind of man is disgusting, relying on his own wife to be a bully and daring to mess around outside, Bai Yi is really blind to see such a trash!"

        "Oh, if Bai Yi knew that her husband was eating her soft rice and still hooking up with women outside, I'm afraid this loser's good days would be over!"

        "Without his wife, this trash is nothing!"

        The crowd recognized Lin Fan, and instantly their faces were filled with contempt.

        At this moment, Zhang Yichen, hearing Zhang Lei's scolding, couldn't help but tremble in her delicate body.

        The bitterness on her face grew stronger and stronger, and she was immediately about to cry out in aggravation.

        "It's alright!"

        Lin Fan patted her back and smiled in comfort.

        And then!

        He then faced the crowd, and a touch of cold pride fiercely surfaced in his eyes.

        "I, Lin Fan, have come to congratulate Old Mrs. Zhang on her birthday!"

        "At the same time, for the sake of Yi Chen, I'll give your Zhang family a creation!"


        The moment these words were spoken, the whole room completely exploded!

        This punk, he was going to give the Zhang family a creation?

        Did they hear it right?

        This trash, who even relied on his wife for his living expenses, dared to make such a big speech on the birthday of Old Mrs. Zhang?

        This... This is clearly a slap in the face of Old Mrs. Zhang!

        You want to die!

        As soon as the Zhang family heard this, they all became furious, and a strong hatred surfaced in their eyes.

        This damned punk had ruined their big event, and now he still dared to come and talk in front of them?

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

        At that moment, all of them thought that Lin Fan had deliberately come to pick a fight!

        Old Mrs. Zhang and Zhang Lei and the rest of them were so furious that they looked as if they were about to eat someone.

        "Lin Fan, how dare you appear in front of us? Then you won't be leaving today!"

        "Bastard! It's all because of you that our Zhang family's hundred billion dollar loan has gone down the drain and been blacklisted by the major banks.

        The entire hotel lobby was in complete chaos!

        Vicious insults rang out one after another!

        All of them wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces!

        At this moment, Zhang Lei was also seeing red when his enemies met, and a strong malice surfaced in his eyes.

        "Grandma, did you see that? I told you that Zhang Yichen was a shameless bitch, not only did she hook up with a married man, but now she has the audacity to bring her concubine here to provoke her, this is simply slapping our family's face!"

        "Zhang Lei, don't spout blood!"

        Zhang Yichen instantly shouted angrily.

        "I... Brother Lin and I, we're innocent!"

        Only, Zhang Yichen's words were losing their strength the more she spoke, because she was indeed plotting against Lin Fan.

        "Grandma, believe me, Brother Lin can really help our Zhang family!"

        The reason why the Zhang family left the capital and subsequently came to Jiang City with great fanfare, apart from wanting to find Lin Zuo, there was actually another big reason...

        That was that they had completely failed miserably in a power struggle!

        Therefore, it was necessary to find a bigger backer in order to save the current Zhang family.

        And Lin Fan, was the obvious choice!

        After all, he was the King of Blood Hell!


        "That's enough!"

        Old Mrs. Zhang, however, roared angrily with a gloomy face.

        "Don't call me grandmother, a bitch like you is not qualified to call me grandmother!"

        "Take your trash and get out of here!"