Today I Give Up Trying 1299-1300

 Chapter 1299


        Upon hearing these words, Wan Jinrong, who had fallen to the ground, had ashes all over his face because he had already realised that he would spend the rest of his life in prison.

        He was completely finished!


        The next moment, Wan Jinrong roared out in a hoarse rage, his voice filled with endless resentment.

        He rushed towards Li Xiangru like a madman, grabbed her by the hair and slapped her wildly.

        "It's all because of you! It's all because of you, you bitch, I want you to die!"

        If Li Xiangru hadn't offended Lin Fan's family, how could he have ended up in such a miserable state?

        His life was completely ruined!

        "Save me, please save me!"

        Li Xiangru wailed in terror, crying with pearly tears.

        She had no doubt that today's Wan Jinrong was truly intent on finishing her off.


        At this time, who dared to anger Lin Fan?

        All of them looked at Li Xiangru with a look of contempt.

        This was what happened when a dog looked down on a man!

        Seeing this, Lin Zaidong suddenly sneered and said.

        "Governor Wan, don't worry, this woman will end up like you!"


        The moment he heard these words, Li Xiangru felt like his head was going to explode.

        He, too, was going to jail?

        No! No way!

        She was a gold medal manager, she had just started her life, how could she go to jail?

        Immediately, Li Xiangru was so scared that she pushed Wan Jinrong away and knelt down in front of the Bai Shan couple with a poof.

        At this moment, she no longer had the arrogance she had just had, and was crying bitterly and kowtowing frantically.

        "Auntie, uncle! I know I'm wrong, please forgive me this time, I don't dare, I won't dare again!"

        "Or, you can beat me up! I beg you, don't ruin my life!"

        She treated Lin Fan's family, as a bunch of dead poor people, and therefore humiliated them in every way.

        As a result, Lin Fan alone could dictate her life and death!

        This, was so desperate!

        Seeing this, the Bai Shan couple also hesitated, and seemed to feel some pity for Li Xiangru.


        Lin Fan, however, smiled and shook his head.

        "I told you, it's too late!"

        "You should pay the price for your viciousness and meanness!"

        With one sentence, the miserable end of Wan Jinrong and Li Xiangru was decided!

        "Drag them off!"

        Lin Zaidong then shouted coldly and violently.

        "No, don't!!!"

        "Mr. Lin, give me one more chance!"

        Immediately afterwards, the two of them, Wan Jinrong, were crying out and being forcibly dragged down.


        Lin Zaidong looked at Zhang Lei.

        "Young Zhang, your Zhang family's loan application of 100 billion yuan will not be approved!"

        "And from now on, your Zhang family will also be blacklisted by our Global Bank and will never cooperate!"

        "And we, Global Bank, will issue a warning to other banks that anyone who dares to provide loan services to the Zhang family is an enemy of Global Bank!"


        At this time, Zhang Lei also looked like he had seen a ghost, and every single sweat hair stood up.

        He looked at Lin Zaidong and the others with disbelief, thinking that he was dreaming!

        This guy, he was obviously a loser, wasn't he?

        But why, would he become the BOSS of Universal Group?

        "Our Zhang family and Universal Bank have been working together for five years, who the hell is he to terminate our cooperation!"

        "Lin Zaidong, are you deliberately covering up? I will complain to Universal Bank!"

        Zhang Lei's words were full of resentment!


        Lin Zaidong, however, swept a faint glance at him as if he was looking at an idiot:.

        "Of course he's qualified, because all loans over a hundred billion dollars require his signature to be approved!"

        His signature was required for approval?

        At this moment, the tycoons in the audience were completely frozen.

        They were stunned and incredulous!

        They had dealt with Global Bank not once or twice, so they all knew that only the top boss of Global Bank was qualified to approve loans of more than 100 billion.

        And right now, Lin Fan and that big boss?

        When they thought of this possibility, they all trembled violently and desolately, and each one of them shivered as if their tails had been stepped on.

        The eyes that they looked at Lin Fan were filled with panic!

        This guy, this super financial empire of the Universal Group...


Chapter 1300


        Zhang Lei was dumbfounded, and so were all the wealthy people present.

        The pairs of eyes that looked at Lin Fan were completely dumbfounded.

        Especially Zhang Lei!

        His face was thick with horror, and his thoughts had been completely confused.

        It couldn't be!

        This couldn't be possible!

        If that trash really had such a status, why would he have to be a door-to-door son-in-law and suffer three years of humiliation?


        Zhang Lei's face was completely gloomy, he didn't believe that Lin Fan had such a skill.

        All this must be because of Bai Yi!

        "You idiots, you've all been fooled by him, this guy is a waste of a son-in-law!"

        "Without his wife, he's nothing!"

        Zhang Lei was already furious, in his opinion Lin Zaidong must have sided with Lin Fan in order to flatter Bai Yi.

        After all, the Bai Yi of today was the co-owner of Jiangnan, even the branches of the Global Bank had to give her a trifle of face.

        And Lin Fan's words about demoting the branch president were even more pretentious and idiotic.

        It was simply not credible!

        "Lin Zaidong, Lin Fan! I'll take note of today's insult!"

        Zhang Lei was furious, his face flushed with a hideous smile, as if he was looking at two dead people: "It won't be long before you're all dead.

        "It won't be long before you all pay the price for what happened today!"

        Their Zhang family had come to Jiang City this time because they had heard that the mysterious Lin Zuo was in Jiang City, and they were confident that they had the ability to reach a partnership with him.

        At that time, Lin Fan and Lin Zaidong, and even Bai Yi, would all have to die!

        "Just wait! Soon, you'll all be on your knees begging me! Hahahaha!"

        Zhang Lei was so pleased with himself that he gave the two of them a resentful glance before leaving the Global Bank without looking back.

        Seeing this, Lin Zaidong sneered in contempt, as Zhang Lei did not even know what kind of existence he had offended, he was simply an idiot.

        If the Zhang family were to have such an idiot as the head of the family, then I am afraid that it would not be far from extinction.

        "BOSS, I'll send you back!"

        At that moment, Lin Zaidong stopped paying attention and instead said to Lin Fan respectfully.


        Lin Fan, however, waved his hand.

        "There is no rush, Lin Zaidong, since Wan Jinrong has been arrested, then this branch cannot be left without a master for a day..."

        "From today onwards, I want you to take up the position of the head of the bank, are you confident that you are up to the task?"


        Upon hearing these words, Lin Zaidong felt like a thunderclap, and there was a strong dismay in his eyes, he couldn't believe it was true.

        He, himself, was going to take up the post of the head of the bank?

        Moreover, he was personally promoted by the BOSS...

        In this way, his body was directly branded with Lin Fan's brand, from now on, he was Lin Fan's man!

        This was like a pie in the sky!


        Immediately, he knelt down towards Lin Fan in excitement, his face completely red.

        "Thank you BOSS for your love, I will definitely live up to BOSS's high expectations and carry this branch forward!"


        On the way back.

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, still felt like they were dreaming.

        More so, they even felt a little uneasy and fearful when facing the Lin Fan of today.

        At that moment, under Shen Yumei's repeated urging, Bai Shan finally asked apprehensively.

        "Little Fan, why did they call you BOSS just now?"

        "Could you really be the big BOSS of the Universal Group?"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly.

        "Dad, I'm not a big boss, they were just doing a play for Bai Yi to save face!"


        Shen Yumei and Bai Shan were stunned on the spot!

        "In other words, the reason why those people at Universal Bank were so polite to you just now was all a lie?"

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders.

        "Wasn't it all to save you guys?"

        Shen Yumei and Bai Shan finally reacted, it turned out that Lin Fan was still the same Lin Fan from back then, still unchanged.

        But no matter what, at least it was because of Lin Fan that they had been saved.


        The feeling in their hearts was complicated to the extreme.

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        They were both happy and lost!

        At that moment, Lin Fan's mobile phone suddenly rang.

        On the other end, Zhang Yichen's crying voice came out.

        "Brother Lin, I want to see you!"