Today I Give Up Trying 1297-1298

 Chapter 1297


        The words fell!

        Li Xiangru, Zhang Lei and the others were completely shocked, a card could kill them?

        What kind of card was so powerful that it could casually kill people?

        Those guests, at this time, were also terrified, their hearts incomparably regretting that they had dared to insult Lin Fan just now, this was simply seeking death!

        "Spare your life! Spare your life, BOSS!"

        Wan Jinrong immediately cried out and knelt down towards Lin Fan, kowtowing repeatedly, looking as if he was about to die of fright.

        Tears covered his eyes, all on the verge of going crazy!

        Originally, he thought that Zhang Lei could hold down Lin Fan with one finger, but now it seemed that it was Lin Fan who was able to hold down all of them with one finger!

        If he had bumped into the superboss of the Global Group, there would be no place for him in every corner of the world, not even in China!


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curved up into a chilling arc: "Too late!

        "It's too late!"

        The opportunity had already been given once, and it was Wan Jinrong and the others who had taken the initiative to give up such a great opportunity!


        Upon hearing these words, Wan Jinrong immediately fell to the ground in fear, his eyes dripping with panic.

        As if he had already predicted what would happen to him, he was horrified to death!

        But at that very moment!

        "Impossible! This can't be!"

        Li Xiangru, however, roared hysterically.

        "Young Zhang clearly said that this guy is the White Family's wasteful son-in-law, so how can he be some kind of big boss!"

        "In my opinion, those cards must be fake! Either that, or they stole them!"

        She couldn't believe that she could be so unlucky!

        So coincidentally the person she had insulted was a senior member of their Universal Group!

        At those words!

        Everyone's expressions changed, stolen cards? No way!

        "Yes! This Lin Fan isn't just a loser, he's also a thief, he stole a necklace from the King of Blood Prison before, these cards could have been stolen by him too!"

        Zhang Lei also said with a gloomy face.

        Upon hearing this, Wan Jinrong also froze for a moment, and then a strong look of shame appeared on his face.

        Obviously, he also felt that this was a possibility, and immediately glared at Lin Fan viciously.

        "Bastard, I'm going to test the authenticity of these cards right now, and if I find out that you're the one playing a trick on me, I'll make sure that you're not allowed to die!"

        With that!

        He was going to test those cards!

        At this moment, the two of them, Shen Yumei and her husband, trembled uneasily, because they also felt that Lin Fan was lying.

        For the past three years, Lin Fan had been an ordinary person, how could he possibly be related to that Global Group?


        Lin Fan laughed and shook his head, and the way he looked at Li Xiangru and Wan Jinrong was as if he was looking at a dead man!

        He really didn't want to shed a tear until he saw the coffin...


        And just then!

        The sound of engines roaring came from the corner.

        One luxury car after another, one after another!

        One after another, one after another, one after another!

        More people?

        The crowd could only feel their hearts pounding wildly, feeling that they had received more fright today than in their entire lives combined.

        It was all more intense!

        "Lin Zaidong, what are you doing here?"

        The moment he saw the other party, Wan Jinrong's face instantly sank and he directly chided out.

        Because the other party, was his subordinate, and the deputy head of this branch!


        However, Lin Zaidong did not even look at him, and led all the senior members of the branch straight towards Lin Fan!

        And then, standing in front of Lin Fan, he bowed in unison.

        "Lin Zaidong, Vice President of the Jiang City Global Bank branch, see BOSS!"

Chapter 1298


        BOSS again!

        Hearing Lin Zaidong repeat this word, everyone present directly exploded.

        They couldn't understand how a wasteful son-in-law, in the blink of an eye, had become a BOSS that made even such a super dominant power as the Global Group bow down!

        A BOSS, was he the BOSS of the Universal Group?

        This was unbelievable!

        At this moment, everyone felt that there was a pair of invisible hands that had a death grip on their throats.

        They were almost suffocating!


        They saw that Lin Zaidong and the others were all bowing towards Lin Fan, that look was simply respectful to the extreme.

        In this instant, it was as if everyone had seen Mars hitting the earth, so shocking, so terrifying.

        "BOSS, we rushed over at the first opportunity after receiving instructions from the upper echelons, who have clearly stated that offending BOSS is tantamount to offending the Global Group!"

        "Leave no room for error! Uproot it!"

        As the respectful voices of Lin Zaidong and the others rang out.


        Wan Jinrong and Li Xiangru were struck by lightning and fell to the ground with a fierce poof.

        Complete despair!

        At this point, was there still a need to verify?

        Even their vice governor had received instructions from the senior management of the Universal Group to come and solve Lin Fan's problems.

        Then how could Lin Fan's identity be false?

        It was madness!

        They only felt their worldview, completely collapsed!

        A wasteful door-to-door son-in-law was actually the big boss of their Universal Group, causing the top brass of the Universal Group to personally call to administer justice to him.

        No room for error!

        Uproot him!

        Hearing these two words, these two people felt every pore in their bodies trembling madly.

        Because they knew that they were finished!

        It was not just them!

        Even Shen Yumei and Bai Shan were completely dumbfounded!


        Lin Fan was actually the BOSS of the Universal Group?

        That's... How could that be!

        That was a super group that was ranked in the top ten of the world's top 500!

        At this moment, the couple only felt that the Lin Fan at this moment was so strange.

        They could not believe that this was their son-in-law!

        At this moment!

        Lin Fan took in the shock and amazement of the crowd, and his stern and majestic eyes looked around the room at this moment!

        Wherever his gaze went, everyone lowered their heads in fear, not even having the courage to look at them.

        It was as if they could see the majesty and murderous aura in Lin Fan's eyes!

        Like the gaze of an emperor, it made one's scalp tingle!

        "I let my own dog bite me on my own turf?"

        A rising tyrant!

        Upon hearing these words, all the staff of the Universal Group, including Lin Zaidong, all went weak on their legs, with thick fear on their faces.

        They were all on the verge of pissing themselves in fear.

        "This year, Jiang City Global Bank, the entire staff's year-end bonus, is null and void!"

        "At the same time, the central president of the Jiangnan branch, demoted with a demerit! The position is demoted from Senior Vice President to Vice President! And all awards for the previous fiscal year will be cancelled!"


        The moment the words fell, it was as if a chain reaction had been set off, and everyone trembled violently as if they had been struck by electricity.

        Lin Fan's single word was enough to affect the entire economic system of Jiangnan!

        It was unbelievable!

        What kind of terrifying power did this man have?

        How could he even demote the branch president directly?

        One must know that the governors of the central branches were all dominating a consortium and had a pivotal position in the Global Group.

        But this man in front of him was demoted just like that?

        In an instant, everyone felt their brains buzzing, as if they were about to explode.

        They looked at Lin Fan in shock and dismay!


        Lin Zaidong and the others, their faces were then filled with thick anger, before they all looked at Wan Jinrong angrily.

        "Wan Jinrong, you used your position to embezzle public funds and accept bribes, and now we have investigated clearly!"

        "Global Group officially dismisses you and immediately hands you over to the police!"

        "You, prepare to go to jail!"