Today I Give Up Trying 1295-1296

 Chapter 1295


        Lin Fan's words were permeated with an extremely chilling intent, like a supreme monarch who dominated the lives of all beings in all realms.

        At that instant!

        Li Xianghe and Li Huairen's faces turned white.

        There was a strong look of terror in their eyes!

        By this time, they were on the verge of pissing themselves in fear.

        He could feel that Lin Zuo... He was furious!

        And this man's monstrous anger was enough to plunge the entire Jiang City, and even the entire Jiangnan, into complete and endless chaos!


        Lin Fan's words were a big joke to Li Xiangru and Zhang Lei and the others.

        They instantly looked at each of them as if they were looking at a madman, and they all cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan.

        Wan Jinrong, on the other hand, even laughed out loud straight away.

        "Kid, you've lost your mind, haven't you? Making us kneel down, are you even worthy of that?"

        "A waste of a son-in-law, you really think you're somebody? How about you kneel down now, and we'll consider leaving your body intact?"

        Lin Fan shook his head.

        "It seems that you guys don't want to grasp this opportunity!"

        Lin Fan was not angry, but slowly stood up, and the eyes that looked at Wan Jinrong and the others...

        Killing intent was getting thicker!

        His words, however, caused the crowd present to grow more and more contemptuous and disdainful.

        The crowd shook their heads, they really didn't know where a loser could get such courage, as if he was so great.

        This is the so-called "newborn calf not afraid of the tiger", right?

        This punk was afraid that he didn't even know how terrifying the Li family's power was.

        "Mud! I think you want to die?"

        Wan Jinrong was utterly furious, how dare a little trash superfluous son-in-law threaten him, the head of the bank?

        Damn you!

        "Security guards! First, cripple this punk! Kneel down and admit your mistakes, I want you to kneel down and admit your mistakes now!"

        Wan Jinrong roared, his face flushed with a stern look.


        At once!

        A group of security guards were about to step forward, intending to clean up Lin Fan!

        But at that moment, something terrible happened.

        Only to see Lin Fan's calm and indifferent face as he directly threw out a card.

        "Now, am I good enough?"


        Everyone was instantly puzzled, not knowing what Lin Fan actually meant by this.

        And right at that moment!

        "This... This can't be!!!"

        An extremely fearful scream rang out instantly!

        The crowd looked in shock and saw that the person who was screaming was actually Wan Jinrong.

        At this moment, his face was already deadly grey, completely distorted by fear, and his eyes were staring deadly at the card on the ground.

        "Governor, what's wrong with you? Is it just a card? What's the big deal?"

        Li Xiangru said with carelessness, but in his heart he was somewhat contemptuous, just one card had scared Wan Jinrong?

        "Shut up!"

        However, Wan Jinrong gave her a slap, knocking Li Xiangru to the ground.

        Wan Jinrong looked like she had seen a ghost, and her face was filled with horror.

        "You idiot, do you know what kind of card this is? This is a Universal Bank custom payment!"

        "Only the top VIPs of our Universal Group are qualified to hold it, and there are only one thousand of them!"

        "It's a hundred times more prestigious than the Centurion Black Card! Only the president of the central branch level of Universal Bank is qualified to receive it!"


        The moment they heard these words, all of them had a feeling of numbness in their heads, and they were all dumbfounded, unable to believe their ears.

        Only the president of the central branch of Universal Bank was qualified to receive them?

        Did that mean that even Wan Jinrong, the branch president, was not qualified to receive him?

        In China, there were only twelve central branches of Global Bank, and each of them was a powerful and dominating consortium.

        And this wasteful son-in-law in front of him was only qualified to be received by such an existence?

        The atmosphere froze in an instant!

        Everyone was horrified to death and looked at Lin Fan with a look of extreme panic!

        It was as if they had seen a ghost!

Chapter 1296

As soon as he heard these words!

        That Li Xiangru's whole face was instantly white as if she had been struck by electricity.

        She had never seen the Global Custom Card, but she had heard of it.

        Rumour had it that those who held this card were all top-ranking members of a country and had to be treated with respect around the world.

        But this trash was such an existence?

        This was unimaginable!

        With these words, Wan Jinrong caused everyone present to be in an uproar.

        Even Zhang Lei could not help but feel a strong sense of dismay in his eyes at this time.

        However, this was just the beginning!

        "Not saying anything? So you're not qualified?"

        Lin Fan sneered, before throwing out a card once more.

        "So this one, is it good enough?"


        Seeing another card thrown out, Wan Jinrong was directly about to piss himself in fear, his legs trembling madly.

        He looked at the card on the ground as if his eyes were about to split in disbelief, and his body trembled violently as he said.

        "The council... The council card?"


        Inside the bank, the air seemed to have frozen.

        All the guests were dumbfounded and stunned!

        They had heard of it!

        It was a card that only the top executives of the Global Group, the members of the Board of Directors, could have?

        There are only ten cards in the bank!

        The holder of the card can command all the banks in the world and move funds of less than 100 billion at will.

        All bank governors have to bow down when they see them!

        How could Lin Fan hold both a customised card and a director card?

        The eyes of each and every one of them were locked on Lin Fan, and they all had a feeling of their liver and guts splitting.

        They trembled with shivers!

        At this time, Wan Jinrong was practically crying, his fat face was like that of a dead mother and father, so scared that he couldn't even speak.

        This fellow, wasn't he the waste son-in-law?

        How could he possibly possess such a high level of cards?

        This was a nightmare for him!

        Especially Li Xiangru!

        The moment she saw the card, she felt the urge to faint.

        This guy, the director of their Global Bank?

        And she had not only beaten up his parents, she had even insulted him?

        Li Xiangru felt that a bolt from the blue had struck her body so hard that she was going crazy.

        Only, the shock... But the shock had not yet stopped!

        Under everyone's horrified gaze, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up into an icy smile.

        "Isn't that enough? Then take a look at this one!"


        The last card was pitch black, with a bloody skull on it!


        This card was still something that only an existence like Wan Jinrong was qualified to recognize.

        That was why the instant he saw this card, he fell to the ground with a poof, his face completely bloodless.

        "Skeleton... The Skeleton Emperor Card?"


        It was the exclusive card of the chairman of their Universal Group!

        This man in front of him was the owner of the Universal Group!


        At this time, Wan Jinrong was simply going crazy!

        He, himself, had actually beaten up the chairman's mother-in-law and old man?

        In that case!

        The Global Group, no longer his backer, but his enemy!

        Would he be able to fight against a globally renowned top plutocrat?

        This was a fool's errand!

        Seeing Wan Jinrong's scared look, Li Xiangru and the others knew that the origin of this mysterious card was even more terrifying than the previous two!

        This made the ominous feeling in their hearts even stronger, and they were shivering, looking towards Wan Jinrong in extreme fear.

        Even Zhang Lei, at this time, could not help but be all tense, waiting for Wan Jinrong's reply.


        Li Xiangru's face was then flooded with a strong sense of unease as he asked.

        "Governor, this... What kind of card is this?"

        At this moment, Wan Jinrong was already frightened to the point of tears, and his voice choked as he said.

        "This... It's the card that can kill us!"