Today I Give Up Trying 1293-1294

 Chapter 1293


        The moment they heard those words, the Bai Shan couple trembled, their faces completely white, and they were almost scared out of their wits on the spot.

        "I... We don't even know you, why are you doing this?"

        Drops of cold sweat gradually wetted Shen Yumei and Bai Shan's backs, causing them to cry out.

        This was the first time they had seen Zhang Lei, but only the first time they met, and Zhang Lei wanted to put them to death?

        At the sound of his words!

        On Zhang Lei's face, a dense hatred surfaced and he angrily rebuked, saying.

        "You don't know me, but I know you! You are that bastard Lin Fan's father-in-law and mother-in-law, right?"

        "That son of a bitch, he's ruined my life so many times, I can't wait to cut him into pieces!"

        If it wasn't for Lin Fan, he would have already killed that bitch Zhang Yichen and he would have become the head of the Zhang family in a logical manner!

        But because of Lin Fan's appearance, he had lost face and suffered humiliation!

        He already hated Lin Fan to the core!

        At that moment!

        The corners of Zhang Lei's mouth lifted up in a fierce smile as he said maliciously.

        "So it's only your bad luck that you've met me today! Blame it on you for finding a good son-in-law!"

        He hadn't expected that he would come to Universal Bank for a loan, but he had coincidentally met Lin Fan's family.


        Why not just give Lin Fan a meet-and-greet gift!


        Lin Fan?

        Mr. and Mrs. Shen Yumei were dumbfounded on the spot!

        Eyes flooded with intense shock, they couldn't believe their ears.

        This... How could this be possible?

        Lin Fan, just a waste of a son-in-law at home, how could he be qualified to offend a great young man like Zhang Lei?

        And at this moment!

        As soon as they heard that Zhang Lei actually had an enemy with Shen Yumei and his wife, Wan Jinrong and Li Xiangru were instantly ecstatic.

        This was simply heaven helping me!

        Now, with Zhang Lei backing them up, did they still need to be afraid of Li Huairen?

        At that moment!

        Their faces were filled with disdain!

        Especially Li Xiangru!

        With a smug face, he shouted.

        "Li Huairen, I guess it's not us who deserve to die, but you, right?"

        "How dare you save the man that young Zhang wants to deal with? You really don't know how to live or die, now kneel down and plead guilty, you might still have a way out!"

        On the side, Shen Jian and Cui Ping were both mad with joy, they had never dreamed that Lin Fan would be so desperate to offend such a magnificent young man like Zhang Lei.

        He even brought his own family down with him!


        This way, without them having to take action, Shen Yumei and Bai Shan would both have to suffer bad luck.

        Immediately, they laughed in glee, anticipating the scene where they would be wailing in pain.

        This time!

        Almost everyone thought that Li Huairen would definitely bow his head.

        After all, the Li family and the Zhang family were incomparable, and if Li Huairen insisted on offending, it would be a dead end.

        Even the Xiao family couldn't protect them!


        Just because the Xiao family couldn't protect them didn't mean that Lin Fan couldn't either.

        Therefore, Li Huairen's face was not half panicked, but instead, it was filled with a strong sneer.

        "Zhang Lei, don't blame me for not reminding you, if you dare to touch this couple today, tomorrow there will no longer be a Zhang family in this world!"


        When everyone heard these words, their bodies trembled viciously, and their eyes seemed to be falling off at this moment.

        If they moved this couple, tomorrow the Zhang family would completely disappear?

        At this moment, they stared at Li Huairen with wide eyes, looking at him with a look of seeing a ghost, unable to believe their ears.

        With the Zhang family's ability, there were still people in Jiangcheng that he didn't dare to touch?

        This, how could this be possible!


        However, Zhang Lei was disdainfully letting out a loud laugh.

        "Is that so? Then, I'll give it a try!"

        As the youngest of the Zhang family, he still couldn't touch that trash's family?

        He didn't believe this was evil!

        "Li Huairen, you want to stop me?"

        Zhang Lei smiled contemptuously, his gaze burning as he stared at Li Huairen: "You...

        "You... You're not qualified!"


        The moment these words fell, another voice, cold and stern to the core, resounded from the doorway.

        "He's not good enough, but am I?"

Chapter 1294

When they heard these wild words, the crowd was startled.

        Subconsciously, they thought, "There's not going to be another amazing person making an appearance, is there?


        When they looked towards the entrance and saw the plainly dressed young man, they had a touch of disdain on their faces.

        With that kind of outfit, he was no better than a beggar, and such a loser dared to call on Zhang Lei?

        He was really looking for death!

        Everyone shook their heads and cast a mocking glance at Lin Fan, as if they were watching a joke.


        Enemies meeting each other!

        Now, Zhang Lei's eyes were already bloodshot, and the malice in them was as if he wanted to cut Lin Fan into pieces.

        The person that he hated the most had finally come to his heels once again.

        And then!

        The corner of Zhang Lei's mouth then lifted up in a sinister smile.

        "Lin Fan, you've come at the right time! In a moment, I'm going to completely cripple your family, in front of you!"

        "And you, there's nothing you can do about it! Hahahaha!"

        He had finally found a great opportunity to get back at Lin Fan!

        He had long heard that the Bai family was displeased with Lin Fan, their trash son-in-law, and if his old husband and mother-in-law were to be brutally beaten up today because of him, then he would definitely be swept off his feet.

        "Young Zhang, get rid of him! Get rid of this bloody bastard! He should be shredded to pieces!"

        The moment she saw Lin Fan appear, Cui Ping went completely crazy, her eyes flooded with thick resentment and hatred.

        To this day, she thought that Lin Fan was responsible for Shen Ling's death!

        This bastard, deserved to die!


        Lin Fan didn't even look at them and walked towards Shen Yumei and Bai Shan.

        "Dad, mum, who beat you up like this?"

        Seeing the injuries of Bai Shan and his wife, a cold aura burst out of Lin Fan's eyes.

        In his heart, a thick sense of self-blame surfaced at the same time.

        Bai Yi had asked him to take care of his parents, but as soon as she left, they were abused, which was a dereliction of his duty.

        "Fan, you have to go! They want you dead, leave us alone, you go!"

        Shen Yumei immediately howled, she knew that Cui Ping and his wife had gone mad.

        If Lin Fan appeared at this time, they would definitely kill him along with them.

        Want my life?

        Lin Fan laughed, with such contempt, and then said.

        "Mom, don't worry, it'll be fine!"


        When Li Xiangru and the others heard these uncalled for words, they all laughed coldly, with a strong look of contempt on their faces.

        This guy, does he even know what he's talking about?


        What can you do with your son-in-law?

        After offending the Zhang family's youngest, you didn't run away quickly, but you even dared to show up in a big way?

        This is simply insane!

        "This kid, he really doesn't know what he's doing, he still dares to make such a big speech in the face of Young Master Zhang, he's only going to lose his life later!"

        "That's stupid! He's a young man from a powerful family, with this kind of virtue, what can he do to fight with them?"

        "If I were him, I'd kneel down and beg for mercy, maybe I can even get a chance to save my life.

        The crowd's eyes were filled with contempt as they saw Lin Fan as an ordinary person, someone like Zhang Lei could be crushed to death with just one finger.

        Now he had the audacity to presume that he was fine?

        What a travesty!

        But Lin Fan was oblivious to the people's contempt and coldly said to Shen Yumei.

        "Mom, you just need to tell me who beat you all up like this."

        "It was me, how about that?"

        At these words, Li Xiangru then walked out and looked at Lin Fan with a disdainful expression.

        "Just a punk like you, would you still dare to kill me?"

        Now that Lin Fan himself was in trouble, he still wanted to meddle in his own affairs?

        How ridiculous!

        And then!

        Lin Fan's cold eyes fixed her with a deadly stare.

        "Kneel down and apologize now, you still have a chance!"