Today I Give Up Trying 129-130

 Chapter 129

Blood's work!

        When Lin Fan's serious words ring out!


        The sarcastic smiles on the faces of Li Zhenghui and everyone around him instantly froze.

        They could hardly believe their ears.


        Is it also a masterpiece of Blood?

        Are you kidding? When did Master Blood's treasures become so numerous?

        Today, in just one hour, two pieces have appeared, how is this possible?

        Everyone was looking at Lin Fan as if he was crazy.

        After all, everyone knew that Master Blood's works were few and far between, too rare, how could they appear here one after the other.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Shan was shocked.

        He only knew that it was from Lin Fan's collection, but he had never heard that it was Master Blood's prized possession.

        "Hahaha ......"

        Lin Guangyao, now out of shock, reacted and burst out laughing.

        He covered his stomach, almost feeling like he was going to burst out laughing:.

        "Lin Fan, I just realized that you have a real fucking talent for comedy? Hahahaha ...... You see I got a painting by Master Blood and then claim that my own calligraphy and painting is also, how ridiculous, pathetic and pitiful!"

        Lin Guangyao only felt pleasure in his heart to the extreme.

        He especially liked to see Lin Fan make a fool of himself; only then did he feel aroused and happy.

        And on the side!

        Curator Zhu Qing also had a frown on his brow, and the anger on his face became more and more obvious.

        "Hmph! I see, you have brought an imitation of Mr. Lin Guangyao's prized item, deliberately describing it as a fake."

        "It's the only way to make your lettering look more realistic!"


        Curator Zhu Qing's speculation instantly made everyone around him come to a realization.

        That's right!

        No wonder this kid had been claiming that the Eiffel Tower was a fake, but he brought a fake painting with him, and had to make the Eiffel Tower, a real painting, look like a fake to save face!

        Shameless ......

        The contempt for Lin Fan in everyone's heart grew even more intense.

        But, in the face of this overwhelming mockery, Lin Fan only shrugged his shoulders faintly.

        "Whether it's true or not, you can tell at a glance!"


        He then opened his own painting straight to the public and presented it to them.

        In an instant, everyone saw that the painting was of a solitary fishing lion, with ripples in the river and the Demoiselle sitting alone.

        The colors of the painting were bright and the figures were realistic.

        With just a glance, everyone had the feeling of entering the world of the painting.


        Even Curator Zhu Qing, upon seeing the painting for the first time, his pupils shrank slightly, and an intense incredulity flashed on his face.

        "Huh? The imitations are so realistic!"

        Say it!

        Curator Zhu Qing stepped forward and studied the painting in detail.

        Only the more he looked at it, the more obvious the astonishment on his face became.

        "The colors, the lines, and the style of painting are so similar to Master Blood's. This is definitely from a master imitator!"

        "Also, the L in the signature, however, shows a thirty degree rise!"


        Curator Zhu Qing's eyes could not help but look at Lin Fan again, but the mockery and ridicule in his look became more and more obvious.

        "Pity, boy! You can cheat others, but you can't cheat me!"

        "You've obviously just finished this painting, not long ago! Moreover, the painting's name, the One Fisherman, is the only one of its kind in the world, and it was originally acquired at auction by the Global Collection for hundreds of millions of dollars, and it still hangs on the central wall of the collection!"


        Curator Zhu Qing's explanation together instantly made the surrounding crowds, in an uproar.

        It had just been painted, not long ago!

        The Solo Angler, the only one of its kind in the world, now hangs in the Global Collection!


        At this moment, almost everyone was convinced that Lin Fan was a complete liar, who had come to deceive the crowd with a fake painting that had just been painted, and was simply unbelievable.

Chapter 130

Especially Li Zhenghui.

        As the recipient of the gift, he felt even more humiliated.

        At that moment, Li Zhenghui suddenly turned his head, stared at Bai Shan, and said in a furious voice.

        "White Mountain, what do you mean? Do you really think I am a three-year-old child? How dare you lie to me in such a big way!"

        "Mr. Lee, this ......"

        Bai Shan was confused.

        The corner of his mouth was covered in a thick, bitter smile, and he felt at a loss for words.

        Where would he have thought that what Lin Fan had gotten was Master Blood's work, much less that it would be revealed on the spot that it was fake, this was simply humiliating.

        "Humph! White Mountain, I'll give you face this time and leave it at that!"

        "But from now on, there will no longer be any cooperation between the Sky Dragon Group and you, the Bai Group!"

        At this point, the anger on Li Zhenghui's face surged even further.

        "In addition to that, I will also use all of my Tianlong Group connections to block all aspects of your new drug from the White Group!"


        The words were like a thunderclap to Bai Shan, causing his body to tremble and his face to turn pale as paper.

        This time, completely ...... finished.

        Bai Shan never expected that he would send a gift to send out an enemy.

        "Hahaha ...... Lin Fan, did you see that? You're just throwing a stone at yourself, idiot! Hahahaha, you're the biggest idiot I've ever seen!"

        Lin Guangyao was completely happy at this moment.

        The mockery in his gaze towards Lin Fan grew stronger and stronger.


        At this moment, Lin Fan's eyes were slightly cold.

        He stared at Curator Zhu Qing and said icily.

        "Are you sure, no more careful identification?"


        Curator Zhu Qing was slightly stunned, he didn't expect that Lin Fan would still not give up.

        "Kid, it seems that you still won't give up! Well, then, today, I'll let you die!"

        At the corner of Curator Zhu Qing's mouth, a strong sneer appeared.

        "It just so happens that my senior brother works at the Global Collection, and the One Fisherman is in their collection.


        Curator Zhu Qing took out his cell phone, and after finding a contact, he opened a video call.

        Soon, the video was connected, and the face of a Chinese man and an old Western man appeared.

        "Hello!" The Warsaw man greeted the video with.

        "Librarian Zhu, what can I do for you?"

        This Chinese middle-aged man is the senior brother of Curator Zhu Qing, who was selected by the Global Collection and recruited as its exclusive staff by virtue of his exquisite eye for collection appraisal.

        In terms of eyesight, this middle-aged man is definitely superior to curator Zhu Qing.

        Hearing the other party's inquiry, a strong and enthusiastic smile appeared on Curator Zhu Qing's face, and then said.

        "Brother, I have two works by Master Blood over here, and I need your help to appraise them!"


        Curator Zhu Qing's words instantly made the two people in the video all stare at each other.

        Two Blood masterpieces!

        This, how is this possible!

        Everyone saw the face of the middle-aged man in the video, and it instantly became heavy.

        And then, to the old man from the west beside him, he introduced.

        "Curator Zhu, let me introduce you to Mr. Robert, the curator of our global collection."


        The words startled Zhu Qing and everyone else.

        The curator of the Global Collection!

        Oh my God!

        This is a highly reputable international collector.

        The crowd never expected to see it with their own eyes.

        At that moment, Zhu Qing's heart beat wildly with excitement, his face reddened, the smile on his face grew even stronger, and he said respectfully.

        "Mr. Robert, how are you?"

        "Hello, Mr. Chu! Can I see the two masterpieces of Blood that you mentioned?" Surprisingly, Robert is extremely fluent in Huaxia.


        He seems to be uninterested in Zhu Qing's polite manner, but has a keen interest in Blood's work.

        That's not all!

        Robert the Elder continued smiling and said.

        "Actually, I'm an experienced Blood fan! Once, I had the honor to meet Mr. Blood, and was even instructed by him, so when I heard that you had two of Mr. Blood's treasures, I couldn't wait to admire them."

        Robert's words were extremely humble.

        Hearing this, Zhu Qing and the others were envious.

        Truly worthy of being an international big shot, even that mysterious and extremely mysterious Mr. Blood, had seen it before, it was indeed enviable!

        They just didn't know it!

        After hearing Robert's voice, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth was slightly drawn.

        This old product's Huaxia language was still taught by himself!