Today I Give Up Trying 1283-1284

 Chapter 1283


        Seeing Shen Ling being killed, Cuiping immediately wailed at the top of her voice.

        The voice was wretched to the core!

        Never in her wildest dreams did she think that the mere insult to Bai Yi would bring about the killing of their family.

        All along, their family had treated Lin Fan's family as trash, to be insulted and trampled on at will!

        And now, this was retribution!

        They had watched their own daughter, tragically die in front of them!

        Cui Ping and Shen Jian, at this point in time, were both repentant, with a strong sense of remorse on their faces.

        They should not have provoked Bai Yi's family!

        Yet at this moment!

        On Cui Ping's face, a touch of resentment surfaced as she stared at Bai Yi with a deadly stare.

        "Bitch, you killed my daughter! I won't let you go!"

        Seeing this!

        Bai Yi also sighed helplessly, she had thought that Ye Shihao only wanted to scare Shen Ling, but she did not expect that he would really dare to kill someone in public.

        By the time she tried to stop it, it was already too late!


        And hearing those words!

        The four great family masters immediately raised their eyebrows and their eyes were filled with a fierce killing spirit!

        Especially Ye Shihao!

        With his bloody machete in his hand, he looked at Cui Ping with eyes bursting with rage.

        "It seems you still can't learn to behave, so I'll send you and your daughter to the underworld for reunion."

        The words were filled with brutality!

        At once, Cui Ping and Shen Jian's couple's bodies trembled viciously, and their faces were completely deadly grey.

        They no longer dared to squeak!

        Seeing this, Zheng Honglian also gave a cold laugh.

        "Before you accuse Miss Bai Yi, think about what you have done, repeatedly insulting the Jiangnan Co-Master and treating her patience as weakness and bullying..."

        "Don't you, all of you, deserve to die?"

        At the same time!

        Sima Longming also stepped forward and coldly snorted.

        "What's the point of talking nonsense with them, Miss Bai Yi is merciful, but we are not good men and women, the Shen family's people dare to insult our master, then kill them all!"


        These words instantly caused the Shen family to be horrified to death.

        In their eyes, there was a strong fear, and they were almost crying in fear as they looked at Bai Yi pitifully.

        None of them had thought that their fate would one day be in the hands of Bai Yi's family, whom they had always despised.


        Bai Yi, however, said with a weary face.

        "Take me away, I'm tired!"

        The four great heads of the family nodded in agreement and escorted Bai Yi's family, leaving the Jewellery Exhibition Centre.

        When the other bigwigs saw this, they also looked excited and hurriedly greeted them, jointly escorting Bai Yi away.

        The King of Blood Prison had given them a ten billion dollar necklace, so this woman must have a very special relationship with the King of Blood Prison, right?

        If they didn't curry favour at this time, when would they wait?

        In an instant!

        The entire hall was silent, leaving only a group of Shen family members.


        In an instant, Tai Gong Shen instantly fell to the ground, his entire back completely drenched in cold sweat.


        His heart was thick with remorse!

        He had never dreamed that his niece, whom he had always despised, would have such a terrible background.

        Thinking of his past attitude towards Bai Yi, Tai Gong Shen immediately slapped himself hard in the face, feeling nothing but pain at this time.


        He was simply an idiot!

        A great opportunity had been missed by him!

        But at that very moment!

        Cui Ping, who had already lost her senses, rushed over once again, roaring in anger and frustration.

        "Old man, how dare you watch that bitch kill your granddaughter, do you have any conscience left?"

        "You Shen family members, you're all a bunch of trash! I order you, kill that bitch, I want her dead! I'll cut her into pieces!"



        In the next instant, Tai Gong Shen slapped Cui Ping across the face, knocking her to the ground on the spot.

        With his eyes wide open, Tai Gong Shen shouted angrily.

        "This is all because of your family, you idiots, who have repeatedly made things difficult for their family, causing our Shen family to be forced to have an enmity with them!"

        "Now, our Shen family has lost its future! In the future, there will be no place for us in Jiangnan!"

        "If you hadn't targeted Bai Yi's family at every turn, how would Shen Ling have died? It was your stupidity that killed her!"


        Hearing these words, Cuiping sat down on her buttocks, her face already white.

        In no time, two lines of tears were sliding down her eyes.

        At this moment, she clutched her head and wailed at the top of her lungs.

        "It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's all because of that bitch!"


        But Tai Gong Shen looked at her with utmost disgust and hatred, the sweeper who had brought the Shen family to its knees.

        "From today onwards! Shen Jian and Cui Ping, expelled from the Shen family!"

        "From now on, no matter if they live or die, they have no more connection with my Shen family!"

Chapter 1284

And at that moment!

        Lin Fan was driving his car, carrying his wife's family, in the direction of home.


        Shen Yumei and Bai Shan, were completely dumbfounded!

        In their hands, there was a thick pile of business cards!

        Among them, there was even a bank card given by Li Huairen.

        Now the couple felt like they were dreaming, they had never been as prosperous in their lives as they were today.

        The bigwigs of Jiangnan and Jiangbei, the two provinces, were actually fawning over them to curry favour?

        And Bai Yi had gone to a great deal of trouble to explain what was going on here.


        At this time, Bai Yi, however, looked at Lin Fan with a complicated expression.

        "Lin Fan, tell me honestly, is there something you're hiding from me?"

        Lin Fan was stunned, and then instantly understood that Bai Yi must have sensed something, and played dumb as he asked.

        "Wife, what could I be hiding from you?"

        Bai Yi instantly snorted coldly and said.

        "Don't think I'm a fool, the four great family masters all looked at you when they were preparing to kill, and that look was as if they were asking for your opinion."

        As his subordinate, he ignored himself as his superior and asked Lin Fan, the son-in-law of his family, for his opinion.

        This, something was very wrong!

        It was as if what they cared about wasn't themselves at all, but Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan also didn't expect Bai Yi's insight to be so keen, and then laughed and said.

        "Perhaps it's because they had expected you to be ruthless, so they asked for my opinion."

        "Is that really the case?"

        Bai Yi stared at Lin Fan with a suspicious expression.

        "What else?"

        Lin Fan asked with a puzzled expression.

        "If it wasn't for you, how could they be so polite to me, the son-in-law of the family?"

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi then stopped asking questions and said.

        "In a moment, you can take my parents home first, then take me to the airport, I'm going on a business trip for a few days, so you take good care of my parents at home!"



        Early the next morning, two uninvited guests appeared at the door of the Bai family.

        "Second brother, second sister-in-law?"

        Seeing Cui Ping and Shen Jian, Bai Shan and his wife's expressions changed at once.

        It seemed that they couldn't believe that they had taken the initiative to come to the door.


        Seeing this family that had killed their daughter, Cui Ping and his wife's eyes instantly cracked and they sternly said.

        "Damn poor bastards, pay back the money!"

        Pay back the money?

        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, were completely frozen!

        "Second brother and sister-in-law, when did we owe you money?"

        Cui Ping snorted coldly at once and said.

        "What are you pretending to be stupid for? Three years ago, Bai Shan borrowed ten million from my husband to invest in a quarry, and you bunch of dead poor bastards have dragged your feet for three whole years, now I want you to pay it back!"


        Upon hearing these words, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were completely frozen.

        Immediately, Bai Shan was somewhat furious and said.

        "That ten million dollars, it's clearly your investment money, and as a result of the investment failure you say that you lent me the money, this is too shameless, right?"

        At the beginning, Bai Shan did not allow Shen Jian to invest, but he insisted on doing so and lost all his money.

        Now he says that the money was lent to Bai Shan, this is shameless!

        "Cut the crap! If I say it's a loan, then it's a loan!"

        Shen Jian shamelessly and angrily rebuked, while pulling out a knife from his arms and viciously saying.

        "Today, if you don't pay back the money, I'll get you killed!"

        With their daughter killed and expelled from the Shen family, the two Shen couples were now like lost dogs with nothing left to lose!


        They then blamed it all, on the Bai family!

        Now Shen Jian has completely lost his mind, and he is ready to sneak out of the country tonight, but before that he wants to knock a fortune out of Bai Shan.

        Then he'll kill Bai Shan and Shen Yumei when he's done!

        He wanted Bai Yi to know what it was like to lose his own family too.

        When he thought of this, the fierce smile on Shen Jian's face became more and more vicious: "Choose!

        "Choose! Either you give me money or your life!"