Today I Give Up Trying 1281-1282

 Chapter 1281


        Upon hearing these words, the crowd present was completely dumbfounded!

        The four great family lords, knowing full well that Lin Fan had stolen from the King of Blood Prison, even wanted to protect him?

        Weren't they afraid that the King of Blood Hell would blame them?

        This, was simply insane!

        In particular, Tai Gong Shen and the others were all like seeing a ghost when they saw the four great family lords targeting Shen Ling together!

        "He... He's obviously a thief! You guys..."

        At this moment, everyone in the Shen family felt their hearts pounding wildly!

        They couldn't believe their eyes!

        At this instant, a harsh murderous aura rose from the bodies of the four family heads.

        Shen Ling, daring to insult their King and Queen, was simply... Damn it!


        Seeing this!

        Shen Ling's face, however, was contemptuous to the extreme!

        "Who are you scaring! This woman is already a slut, taking a stolen necklace and waving it around, what is she if not a slut?"

        "How dare you touch me? If you dare to touch me, you will be harbouring this thief, and the King of Blood Hell will never let you go!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, the sound of gunfire rang out!


        A stream of blood spilled out from Shen Ling's hand!


        Immediately afterwards, there was a heart-breaking scream!

        Under everyone's horrified gaze, Shen Ling was seen sitting on the ground, covering her arm with one hand, screaming in pain.

        Her pretty face was completely white!


        At the sight of this scene, the crowd's scalps instantly tingled!

        And then they all looked in horror at the person who had fired the shot...

        Ye Shihao!

        Only to see a thick, fierce look appearing on his face.

        "I, move!"


        Everyone's heart jumped, they were going crazy at this moment!

        Ye Shihao had actually shot!

        He was actually going to kill Shen Ling?

        This was tantamount to openly standing against the King of Blood Prison, the four family masters were seeking death!

        "Ye Shihao, how dare you!"

        Seeing this, Wang Mingzhe also felt ashamed and roared at Ye Shihao.

        The person he wanted to protect, Ye Shihao dared to move?

        This was slapping him in the face!

        "Damn you! Damn it!!!"

        Shen Ling also roared hysterically, his eyes flooded with hatred.

        These idiots, how dare they injure her for such a bitch and a thief?

        Damn it!

        Simply damned!

        At once!

        She then roared.

        "This shot has put you on the wrong side of the King of Blood Hell, you are finished! Wait for death!"

        All the people present also cast pitying glances at Ye Shihao and the other four family masters.

        They could not understand the actions of the four family heads, which were simply seeking their own death.

        In this way, even if the Da Luo Golden Immortal came down to earth, it would not be able to save them.

        However, at that very moment!

        A scene that shocked everyone present to death occurred.

        A clatter!

        At this instant, the four great family lords all knelt down towards Bai Yi and said in unison.

        "Please order the Jiangnan Co-Lord to kill this woman!"


        The moment these words fell, an eerie silence fell over the entire convention centre!

        Everyone's expressions were twisted with shock!

        Jiang... Jiang Nan Co-Lord, Bai Yi?

        This world is insane!

        The world had simply gone mad!

        Especially the Shen family, after hearing those shocking words and seeing the shocking scene.

        Their eyes, all of them, were almost bursting open!

        Terrified to the core!

        Bai Yi, was actually the extremely mysterious Jiangnan Co-Lord?

        An existence that had risen overnight to dominate the four great family lords!

        How could this be possible?

        At this moment, Shen Ling's resentful and angry face was completely frozen at this moment.

        Everyone in the room was dumbstruck at this moment!

        Except for Lin Fan!

        The corners of his mouth lifted up in a brutal arc.

        "The atmosphere is so dull, so let's kill someone to cheer up!"

Chapter 1282


        Helping the fun?

        The crowd instantly looked at Lin Fan with a look of utter horror!

        The devil!

        This guy, he was a devil!

        And at that moment, Shen Ling, as if she had been electrocuted, lost her voice and screamed miserably.

        "Impossible, you guys must have made a mistake!"

        "This bitch, how can she be the Jiangnan Co-Lord!"

        It wasn't just her!

        The faces of all the Shen family members present were terrified to the core!

        Bai Yi?

        Jiangnan Co-Master?

        This was a fucking fantasy!

        No wonder the Golden Dome had invited Lin Fan!

        No wonder the four great family lords would give a toast to Lin Fan!

        No wonder Li Huairen would kneel down to make amends!

        All this was because of Bai Yi!

        The Jiangnan Co-Lord?

        When did this happen and why didn't they know anything about it?

        All of the Shen family members then looked at Bai Yi with an expression of disbelief, having seen a ghost.

        At this time, they were completely stunned!

        They really couldn't imagine that after only seeing each other for a few short months, Bai Yi had leapt to become the most powerful being in all of Jiangnan.

        "Get it wrong? Would we not even recognise our own master?"

        Zheng Honglian snorted coldly and stared at Shen Ling with a look of idiocy.

        As the words fell, the Shen family was completely ashen!

        Indeed, how could the four great family masters disregard their own face and kneel to Lin Fan before they had even established Bai Yi's identity?

        At this time, the Shen family was simply repenting their intestines.

        They had tried their best to insult Lin Fan and Bai Yi in order to curry favour with Wang Mingzhe.

        But now, it seemed to be the height of folly!

        Their niece, the Shen family's niece, was the master of Jiangnan, so why did they need to curry favour with anyone?

        "So what if she's the common master of Jiangnan? What she stole was from the King of Blood Hell, she must die just the same!"

        Shen Ling's eyes were full of resentment and her voice was hoarse with rage.

        This bitch, who was she to lord it over her?


        Ye Shihao swept a contemptuous glance at her and coldly snorted :

        "Miss Bai Yi, is the co-principal of Jiangnan personally ordained by the King of Blood Hell to manage Jiangnan on his own behalf."

        "And that necklace worth ten billion dollars is the meeting gift from the King of Blood Prison to Miss Bai Yi!"


        The moment these words were spoken, the entire room completely exploded!

        Everyone at this moment had an expression of having seen a ghost.

        That necklace, it wasn't stolen by Lin Fan?

        Instead, the King of Blood Prison had given it to him of his own accord?

        It was over!

        At this instant, all of the Shen family members instantly trembled violently, and their faces were completely deadly grey.

        Even Wang Mingzhe's expression was dense with disbelief.

        Bai Yi, not only was she related to Lin Zuo, but she had even hooked up with the King of Blood Prison?

        And at that moment!

        Ye Shihao was staring straight at Shen Ling with a ruthless expression:

        "Insulting Miss Bai Yi is the same as insulting the King of Blood Prison, you can die!"


        Upon hearing these words, Shen Ling's face turned white and her body trembled violently and uncontrollably.


        She was completely and utterly scared at this time!

        All of her reliance had completely dissipated with the exposure of Bai Yi's identity.


        When she saw Ye Shihao walking towards her with a machete in his hand, she went completely mad and cried out in unbridled fear:

        "Grandpa! Young Wang! Help me!"


        However, Tai Gong Shen and Wang Mingzhe's faces were gloomy, not daring to squeal.

        Insulting the spokesman of the King of Blood Hell was tantamount to insulting the King of Blood Hell!

        Anyone who dared to meddle would be looking for death!

        Shen Ling, who had said something he shouldn't have said, was now beyond the gods' help.

        Seeing this!

        Shen Ling was completely desperate and no longer had the arrogance and resentment she had just felt, her face was filled with fear and she was already in tears.

        The next moment, she looked at Ye Shihao who was standing in front of her with pity:

        "No... don't kill me! I really know I'm wrong!"


        Ye Shihao only gave a fierce laugh, and a brutal look appeared in his eyes:

        "In your next life, remember to wear eyes to see people!"


        The knife fell!

        A beautiful head rolled to the ground with a strong sense of resignation.