Today I Give Up Trying 1275-1276

 Chapter 1275

Who is Lin Fan?

        The King of Blood Hell!

        The king of the Darkness who was so high and mighty!

        But these brainless fools dared to humiliate Lin Fan again and again in front of them?

        Insulting their king?

        That, was simply damnable!

        And just as they were about to have a fit, Lin Fan fiercely gave them a wink.

        The four family lords' faces instantly sank, as long as they suppressed all that anger that filled them in their hearts.

        "Lin Fan, did you hear that? The four family masters are saying that you're looking for death, why don't you hurry up and kneel down and apologise?"

        Shen Ling laughed gleefully, as if he had already seen Lin Fan's miserable end.

        At the same time!

        Wang Mingzhe also glanced at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "Punk! I, Wang Mingzhe, am not someone you can impersonate just because you want to!"

        And then!

        He took a step forward and looked at Ye Shihao and the other family masters, assuming a superior stance.

        "You guys, you've neglected me today, which makes me very unhappy!"

        The moment he opened his mouth!

        It was the tone of an elder reprimanding a junior, pretentious to the extreme!

        But it made everyone in the Shen family feel so exhilarated!

        They only felt that Wang Mingzhe was extremely powerful at that moment!

        The next moment!

        The next moment, the Shen family looked at Bai Yi and Bai Yi with contempt, cursing in their hearts that Bai Yi had rejected such a proud son of the sky, so they really had no eyes.

        "If you do this again in the future, don't blame me for being unkind to you!"

        Wang Mingzhe snorted coldly, deliberately putting on a condescending look.


        His entire body felt fluttering when he saw the look of adoration on the faces of the Shen family.

        Ye Shihao and the others, on the other hand, were all about to go mad when they heard Wang Mingzhe's ungrateful and pretentious words!

        However, that was not all!

        After Wang Mingzhe finished his pretence, instead of restraining himself, he took a glass of wine from Ye Shihao's hand and clinked it one by one with the several family heads.

        "Drink up, no need to be polite!"

        After saying that, he drank it all himself!

        The four family masters, dumbfounded!

        Hardly able to come back to their senses for half a day.

        And when they came back to their senses, the four of them simply looked like their eyes were about to spit fire, crawling with angry blood.


        What the hell are we, here to toast you?

        What the hell are you, you are also worthy of making the four of us toast?

        At this moment, Ye Shihao and the others were as disgusted as if they had eaten a dead rat.

        Their entire faces were so gloomy that water seemed to be seeping out!

        At that moment!

        Ye Shihao suppressed his anger and went to get a new glass of wine, then walked towards Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, I'll drink to you!"


        Before he could get close to Lin Fan, Wang Mingzhe was the first to stop him, but he had an impatient look on his face.

        "I said don't be so polite, what are you doing? Don't try to curry favour with me, I don't like that!"

        After saying that, he grabbed the wine glass and drank it down!

        The four family heads: "What?"

        Flattering you?

        Ye Shihao and the others were simply going crazy!

        It was so easy to meet Lin Fan and have a chance to make contact with him, but they let Wang Mingzhe, an ungrateful idiot, ruin it one after another.

        This made them want to cut Wang Mingzhe into pieces!

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan threw a glance at them, causing the four family heads to stop resentfully and hold back their disgust as they clinked glasses and drank with Wang Mingzhe.

        And after that, they no longer dared to mention anything about a toast.

        "Bai Yi, see? This is what Young Wang can do, even the four family masters have to toast to him!"

        Cui Ping giggled, before glancing at Lin Fan in disgust.

        "Which is unlike this trash, people are disgusted to even look at him more than once!"


        This time, Bai Yi was surprisingly not angry, but instead said with a leathery smile.

        "Is that so? I'm afraid that the Mr. Lin that people want to respect is someone else!"

Chapter 1276


        Instead of taking Baiy's words to heart, none of them felt ridiculous.

        Another person?

        Who else in the room was qualified to make a toast to the Four Great Family Masters?

        Bai Yi's words were ridiculous!

        And at this moment, Wang Mingzhe was also angry, sneering and saying.

        "Miss Bai Yi, you don't really think that they are here to make a toast to your wasteful Lai Gong, do you?"

        "If you really think so, then I have to suspect that there's something wrong with your head!"

        He himself was still inferior to a wasteful outcast?

        A son-in-law of the family?

        What a joke!

        But just then!

        A master of ceremonies walked up to the stage and announced to the crowd.

        "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight at the Golden Dome, two pieces of the finest jewellery that have been collected for years will be sold!"

        "The Scarlet Queen and the Eye of the Sun God, I believe you are not unfamiliar with these two rare jewels!"


        As soon as these words were spoken, the entire audience was in complete uproar!

        Faces were filled with shock and disbelief at this moment!

        They were more than strangers, they were familiar with them.

        Those were the world's finest rubies and topazes, a necklace and a bracelet that had taken more than 100 of the world's leading jewellers three years to create.

        They have been kept in the Golden Dome without being offered for purchase.

        Because the asking price for these two pieces of jewellery is simply too frightening!

        The Scarlet Queen, worth 4.6 billion!

        The Eye of the Sun God, worth 5.7 billion!

        And today!

        The Golden Dome was going to sell them?

        They are not dreaming, are they?

        Who would be so generous as to buy tens of billions of dollars' worth of jewellery in one go?

        Everyone was completely shocked!

        Especially the Shen family!

        They had all been stunned silly the moment they heard that someone had bought this ten billion dollar jewellery.

        Ten billion dollars!

        They didn't even know if they could earn that much money after a hundred years of toiling in the Shen family.

        But that tycoon had just thrown ten billion dollars at it and bought two jewels that were of no use?

        This was simply insane!

        Even Wang Mingzhe couldn't help but feel alarmed at this moment.

        Even an existence as wealthy as the Lin family could not afford to spend ten billion on a bunch of stones, was that buyer behind the scenes crazy?

        Was that buyer crazy?

        However, an even greater scene was only about to happen now!

        Only to see that emcee turn his words around and say.

        "And that buyer, after purchasing these two pieces of jewellery, also specially instructed us yet, to make sure that these two pieces of jewellery, must be passed on to the most honoured guest at the Golden Dome this evening."

        "That would be... Mr. Lin!"

        Presented to Mr. Lin!

        When those words from the emcee rang out, the entire Golden Peak Convention Centre was instantly plunged into dead silence.

        A dense shock surfaced on everyone's faces!

        Every single person's eyes were wide, almost unable to believe their ears.

        Especially the Shen family!

        At this time, they all felt their breath catch, before casting shocked glances at Wang Mingzhe.

        "Oh my! Young Wang, who is so generous as to take out ten billion to please you?"

        "Young Wang is worthy of being a dragon among men, first the four family heads came to toast, and now someone is throwing ten billion dollars to please you."

        "Young Wang, you're really something! Every one of the bigwigs here tonight has actually fluked their brains to butter you up."

        Everyone's expressions were filled with a strong shock, looking at Wang Mingzhe with an extremely envious gaze.

        And at that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe also felt like such a thing, and his whole body felt fluttering.

        However, he said in an extremely pretentious manner.

        "Low profile! It's no big deal, after I succeed in breaking into the Lin family, there will be even more people who will flatter me!"

        And then!

        Wang Mingzhe straightened his clothes and slowly walked towards the stage under the awe-inspiring gaze of the crowd.

        At the same time!

        At the same time, the curtain slowly fell from the exhibition stage!

        An old man appeared inside, holding a golden tray on which two valuable treasures lay quietly!

        The old man's face was filled with a warm smile.

        There was a warm smile on the old man's face, and his eyes were filled with anticipation!


        When he saw that the person who had come to fetch the items was Wang Mingzhe, his smile froze.

        "It's you?"