Today I Give Up Trying 1273-1274

 Chapter 1273


        Everyone froze in their tracks, wondering if they had heard wrong.

        Lin Fan, could afford it?

        What a joke!

        Just that loser who relied on his wife to support him?

        How could he possibly have the money to buy it if he couldn't earn 150 million in eight lifetimes?

        This was a joke!

        It was at this time that all of Shen's family members cast contemptuous glances at Bai Yi, as if they were looking at an idiot.

        And Shen Ling even let out a loud laugh, sarcastically saying.

        "It's true that those who are close to the vermilion are red and those who are close to the ink are black, Bai Yi, Bai Yi, it seems that you have been with Lin Fan for too long and have also caught his bragging problem!"

        But Bai Yi ignored the mockery of the crowd and said indifferently.

        "I'm not bragging, Lin Fan did give me a necklace worth ten billion dollars!"



        However, it was the entire audience that burst into laughter!

        The Shen family went crazy with joy at this instant!

        "Bai Yi, I think you're crazy, aren't you? A necklace worth ten billion dollars, I don't know if the entire Golden Roof's exhibits tonight have ten billion dollars combined, are you trying to say that your one necklace can top one of the Golden Roof's exhibits?"

        Shen Ling was on the verge of laughing off, and said with extreme disdain.

        "A ten billion dollar necklace, just that punk Lin Fan? Hahaha! I'm laughing my ass off!"

        The crowd also acted as if they had heard a big joke, insulting Bai Yi with their words.

        "It's true that brain-damage is contagious, Bai Yi is just like that punk now, full of shit!"

        "A ten billion dollar necklace? I've never seen such an expensive piece of jewellery in my life, so could you please show it to us, Miss Bai Yi?"

        "If that punk had 10 billion, would he still need to eat soft rice? Bai Yi, are you insulting our intelligence?"

        And at that moment!

        Elder Shen, his face was also steeply gloomy: "The more you say, the more outrageous it gets!

        "The more you say, the more outrageous you are! Shen Yumei, this is the good daughter you've taught, what a disgrace to our family!"

        Shen Yumei also pulled Bai Yi, her heart also amazed, her daughter, who had always kept a low profile, was like a different person today.

        She could even lie!

        This instant!

        Bai Yi was like a madman in everyone's eyes, being insulted and despised.

        Even Wang Mingzhe couldn't help but shake his head.

        "Bai Yi, even if you want to reject me, you don't have to pull off such a comical lie, right?"


        Bai Yi was so ashamed that she was about to retort.


        Behind her, there was a voice that rang out abruptly!

        "Who said she was lying?"


        When everyone heard this familiar voice, they were immediately startled.

        Then they all looked towards the place where the voice came from.

        And then!

        To their horror, they saw a figure slowly walking out from the path of the star and moon.

        That person was no other than Lin Fan!


        All of the Shen family members were completely dumbfounded, their faces crawling with horror, unable to believe what they were seeing before their eyes.

        Lin Fan, he had really come!


        He had even walked out of the "Star and Moon Road", a symbol of power and status, this was incredible!

        At that very moment, Cuiping's face sank and she cursed at Lin Fan, saying.

        "Dog! How dare you sneak down the path of the Star and Moon? If the Golden Dome finds out, they will be furious!"

        "There's also the possibility of anger against our Shen family, are you trying to get us killed?"

        As soon as they heard these words!

        Everyone in the Shen Clan instantly showed indignation and stared at Lin Fan with a deadly glare.

        This idiot, how dare he take the path of the Star and Moon, this was simply seeking death!

        This damned sweeper was going to drag their Shen Clan to death this time!

        At the thought that the Golden Dome might blame them, all of the Shen family involuntarily shivered.

        A strong feeling of unease surfaced in their hearts!

        For Lin Fan, they were even more resentful to the extreme.

        At that moment!

        Elder Shen also panicked and hurriedly pleaded to Wang Mingzhe, saying.

        "Mingzhe, this time, you must save us!"

        Seeing this!

        "Grandpa Shen, this idiot has caused such a big trouble, I'm afraid it won't be too easy to save you guys, unless..."

        The corner of Wang Mingzhe's mouth then raised a sinister smile, before staring wistfully at Lin Fan.

        "When the Golden Dome pursues the matter, hand over this waste, hand it over!"

Chapter 1274

"No problem!"

        The Shen family didn't even think about it, they agreed in one breath!

        The trouble was caused by Lin Fan, so naturally he had to take the blame himself!

        "Trespassing on the Golden Dome, and defiling the Path of the Star and Moon! Lin Fan, you're done for!"

        "I suggest we report this to the Golden Dome immediately, so that we can clear our ties with this punk, so that we don't get dragged down by him!"

        All the Shen family members then said angrily.


        Lin Fan didn't bother to pay attention to these fools and walked towards Bai Yi: "Wife, I'm coming!

        "Wife, I'm coming!"

        At that moment!

        Bai Yi's face was also covered in panic.

        "Lin Fan, did you really sneak through the VIP channel?"

        But Lin Fan continued to look indifferent and laughed.

        "Don't worry, it's fine!"

        It's fine?

        Hearing the crowd, the crowd was in an uproar!

        It was madness!

        He had taken the VIP passage, which the Golden Dome had ordered only the most powerful people to take, and he was still saying that it was fine?

        What was this if not madness?


        All of the Shen family members were looking at Lin Fan like he was an idiot.

        "Lin Fan, just now you said Bai Yi wasn't lying? That means you really gave her a piece of jewellery worth Bai Yi's money, so would you mind showing it to us?"

        Shen Ling deliberately made a bad move, intentionally embarrassing Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        Only, Lin Fan was not impressed.

        With an indifferent face, he said.

        "Sorry, didn't bring any!"


        The crowd burst into laughter once again!

        On their faces, a thick contempt surfaced!

        The horror wasn't that he didn't bring it, but that he didn't have it at all?

        He's so damned pretentious!

        "If this punk could afford a ten billion dollar necklace, then even a sow would be on a tree!"

        Cui Ping laughed in shame, looking at Bai Yi with a look of contempt.

        "Bai Yi, today you refused a necklace worth more than 100 million from Young Wang, someday in the future, you will definitely regret it!"


        Just then!

        A group of people were heading towards Lin Fan and the others, walking over at a fast pace.

        Surprisingly, they were the four great family heads of Jiangnan!

        In their hands, they all held a glass of red wine, and their expressions were filled with admiration and respect, as if they were worshipping a god.

        "The four great family masters of Jiangnan are coming towards us!"

        "Oh my! Are they giving us a toast with this stance?"

        "How can we, a small Shen family, have such qualifications? I think they are here to toast Young Wang!"

        When all the Shen family members saw this scene, they were all in a complete trance, with a strong shock on their faces.

        At this time, they all decided that these four bigwigs must have come to give a toast to Wang Mingzhe.

        Therefore, the eyes that looked at Wang Mingzhe were all filled with a strong sense of awe and admiration.

        Even Wang Mingzhe felt that this was the case, and subconsciously straightened his back with a smug look.

        At this moment!

        The four family heads, led by Ye Shihao, were the ones who came to Lin Fan in unison, before bowing towards him as much as they could.

        "Mr. Lin, we would like to toast you!"

        They were really here to toast!

        When the Shen family saw this, they stared at Wang Mingzhe with envious faces.

        They had heard that the four family heads were now backed by the titular Lin Throne!

        Such an existence had come together to toast Wang Mingzhe?

        They couldn't believe that Wang Mingzhe had such a big face!

        This was unbelievable!

        But suddenly!

        Lin Fan spoke up and simply spat out two words.



        The crowd instantly froze, and then looked at Lin Fan with an expression of having seen a ghost.


        This punk, he thought the other party was here to give him a toast?

        At that moment!

        A strong look of disgust and contempt surfaced in everyone's eyes.

        "Lin Fan, what are you talking about, you punk? You don't think you're worthy of having the four family masters to toast you, do you?"

        "Hahahaha, I'm laughing my ass off! This idiot, to think that the four family lords are here to give him a toast, where the hell does this confidence come from?"

        "Idiot! The Mr. Lin they're talking about is Young Wang, not you, a soft-boiled punk!"

        A chorus of taunts filled with contempt suddenly rang out one after another.

        Everyone despised Lin Fan to the extreme at this instant!

        And at this moment!

        When they heard the Shen family humiliate Lin Fan in such a manner, those four family masters became completely furious: "You...

        "You guys... You... seek death!!!"