Today I Give Up Trying 1271-1272

 Chapter 1271

Ye Shihao's lungs were about to explode, and he even felt an urge to crush Wang Mingzhe to death on the spot.

        With a gloomy face, he said.

        "I was wrong, please calm down sir!"

        Seeing this!

        Only then did Wang Mingzhe grunt resentfully, and then proudly said to the Shen family.

        "You all, do you still have any doubts now?"

        All of the Shen family members shook their heads in panic and stared Wang Mingzhe down with an impulsive face.

        "Look at you all, I told you that young Wang would not be mistaken! You guys really have no eyes, how dare you still suspect Young Wang!"

        Cui Ping hurriedly counted off, the smile on that face became more and more flattering and ingratiating, and then surprisingly, she also put on a high and mighty posture and yelled at Ye Shihao, saying.

        "After offending our young Wang, you think you can just forget about it? Those people just now, let them come out and greet our Young Wang again!"


        Wang Mingzhe's eyes lit up, and then he said approvingly.

        "It's still Aunt Cuiping who has thought of everything!"

        And then!

        Wang Mingzhe then glared at Ye Shihao and ordered.

        "Right! I'm your honoured guest, so how can we do without this? Tell them all to get out and apologize to me!"


        Ye Shihao was instantly on fire, and that face became more and more gloomy.

        An impostor, who was lucky to get into the Golden Roof by pulling on Mr. Lin's tiger skin, was shouting one after another, did he really think that he, Ye Shihao, was a vegetarian?

        He was really looking for death!

        Just as Ye Shihao was about to have a fit, he heard Elder Shen speak up and say.

        "Forget it, Mingzhe, business is important!"

        At these words!

        Only then did Wang Mingzhe snorted coldly and looked at Ye Shihao angrily, saying.

        "If there's another time, you'll have to bring your head to the table! Let's go!"

        The Shen family walked into the gold-roofed jewellery exhibition centre with their heads held high.

        The moment they stepped inside!

        The moment they entered, they were blinded by the dazzling array of beads and jewels in front of them.

        Strings of jewellery of great cost were lying quietly in the windows, reflecting a dazzling light.

        It was as if one glance at them and one could not help but fall deeper into them.

        "A string of necklaces for thirty million?"

        Shen Ling stared at the necklace in one of the windows and exclaimed in disbelief.

        Wang Mingzhe smiled faintly and explained.

        "The Golden Dome is, after all, an offshoot of the Blood Tapestry, so how can the things they auction off be unusual?"

        "The only jewellery that qualifies to enter their showcase is those that are at the ten million level and unique!"

        Although I had heard about it, I only saw it with my own eyes, but I knew how extraordinary the Golden Dome was.

        "Young Wang, that road is gilded, it's so beautiful!"

        Suddenly, Shen Ling looked towards an avenue of golden light and exclaimed in awe.

        That avenue led to nowhere, covered with gold bricks and inlaid with all kinds of gems, it looked luxurious to the extreme, simply more eye-catching than the jewels present!

        "The Path of the Star and Moon, created with over a thousand gold bricks and hundreds of jewels, costing a staggering one billion dollars!"

        "This is a VIP pathway specially created by the Golden Dome for the top power elites, specifically to entertain existences like Lin Zekun, even I am not qualified to step foot in it."


        Upon hearing these words, the entire Shen family was completely shocked!

        A VIP passage cost a billion dollars?

        What kind of terrifying sum was this?

        It was unbelievable!

        And at that moment!

        Cui Ping said in a sly voice.

        "Just because you're not qualified now doesn't mean you won't be qualified in the future. When you're firmly established in the Lin family, I guess the Golden Dome will have to beg you to use this VIP passage."

        All of the Shen family members also nodded in unison, echoing as if ingratiating themselves, saying.

        "If it wasn't for Mingzhe, we just wouldn't be qualified to step into this place in this lifetime!"

        "The golden roof has personally invited young Wang to attend the exhibition, I think even if young Wang really wants to go through the VIP channel, they wouldn't dare to say a word, right?"

        At this moment, Cuiping looked at Bai Yi with an unkind smile and said coldly.

        "Bai Yi, why don't you thank Mr. Wang quickly? With your status, you would never have been qualified to step into such a place in your life!"

        At those words!

        Wang Mingzhe then realised that he had his chance, and immediately said to Bai Yi with a smile on his face.

        "Which one do you like, I'll give it to you?"


        Upon hearing these words, the entire Shen family completely boiled over!

Chapter 1272

Wang Mingzhe was actually planning to give Bai Yi jewellery?

        The cheapest jewellery here is worth tens of millions!

        And Wang Mingzhe is letting Bai Yi choose whatever she wants?

        Throwing away thousands of dollars just to impress his girlfriend?

        That was too much money, wasn't it?

        Everyone was completely dumbfounded!

        They felt like they were dreaming!

        Wang Mingzhe and Bai Yi had only met for the first time, and he had thrown tens of millions of dollars at her to please her?


        The jealousy in Shen Ling's eyes grew stronger and stronger, she had never dared to think of a $10 million piece of jewellery in her life!

        But Wang Mingzhe had given it to Bai Yi without even blinking an eyebrow.

        This bitch, she didn't deserve it at all!

        And yet!

        At this moment, Bai Yi shook her head with an indifferent expression.

        "No thanks!"


        Wang Mingzhe was immediately dumbfounded, this woman was not the least bit moved by these ten million dollar jewellery items right now?

        How could that be possible?

        What kind of woman doesn't like jewellery?

        What kind of woman doesn't like jewellery, let alone jewellery worth millions!

        But he didn't know that!

        Bai Yi was acting so indifferent because her husband had once given her a necklace worth ten billion dollars!

        Even if it had been destroyed, if it were put up for auction, it would still fetch five billion dollars!

        Compared to that, a mere $10 million piece of jewellery is nothing...


        At that moment, Wang Mingzhe gritted his teeth and pointed at a bracelet not far away that was priced at 150 million.

        "This one is quite beautiful, so I'll give this to you!"


        Seeing this, the expressions of everyone in the Shen family instantly became frightened!

        In their eyes, there was a strong sense of shock and disbelief!

        An illusion!

        This must be a fucking illusion!

        It was only the first time they met, and Wang Mingzhe was going to give Bai Yi a necklace worth over 100 million dollars?

        Is this a case of money not having a place to spend?

        Everyone's eyelids were jumping wildly, and the way they looked at Wang Mingzhe was as if they had seen a ghost.

        Shen Ling's jealous face was completely disfigured, staring at Bai Yi with extreme resentment and malice.

        That look was as if she wanted to break Bai Yi's body into pieces!

        And at that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe was also laughing coldly in his heart, he didn't believe that Bai Yi could still be so calm this time.

        He also knew that if he didn't give up the child, he wouldn't be able to get the woman in front of him to move.


        What was shocking was that Bai Yi was still unwilling to give even one more expression, and said in an impatient tone.

        "Young Wang, I said no! Thank you!"


        The moment everyone heard this, they were completely dumbfounded!

        They couldn't believe that Bai Yi had refused.

        That was 150 million dollars, and he didn't even want it for nothing?


        This was the height of idiocy!

        "Bai Yi, are you crazy? How dare you refuse a gift from Young Wang?"

        Cui Ping's face sank, and she immediately reprimanded in anger, saying.

        "A necklace of over 100 million, others can't even beg for it, how dare you refuse it, you're really out of your mind!"

        At the same time!

        Shen Ling, who was already burning with jealousy, also took the opportunity to sarcastically say.

        "I think cousin has been with that trash Lin Fan for so long that her bones are full of lowly genes, she feels unworthy so she rejects young Wang at every turn!"

        "In her opinion, only that trash husband of hers is the baby!"

        As soon as these words were spoken, all the people in the Shen family cast shameful and contemptuous glances at Bai Yi.

        It was as if they were watching a big joke!

        She gave up on a rich young man, but kept a wasteful son-in-law as her treasure!

        This woman is hopeless!

        At that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe, who had been repeatedly rejected, also turned less than pleasant: "Bai Yi, just this necklace.

        "Bai Yi, just this necklace, that trash in your family, I'm afraid he can't afford it in his lifetime, right?"

        "I only decided to give you a necklace after looking at that trash who doesn't even have a decent piece of jewellery on him, so why did you refuse my kindness?"

        In his heart, the resentment had gone to the extreme!

        Bitch, how dare you reject this young man three or four times, what exactly is this young man worse than that trash?


        At this moment, Bai Yi finally looked at Wang Mingzhe squarely, but there was a cold intent in her eyes.

        The next moment, she spat out a sentence that made everyone's mind boggle.

        "How do you know he can't afford it?"