Today I Give Up Trying 1269-1270

 Chapter 1269

It wasn't just them!

        Even Wang Mingzhe was confused!

        Mr. Lin wasn't him?

        Then who else could it be?

        Could it be that punk Lin Fan? How the hell could that be!

        At once!

        Wang Mingzhe instantly burst into flames and roared.

        "Bastard! I am Mr. Lin!"

        "How dare you hit me? Kneel down and apologize to me immediately, or I'll make you look good!"

        Wang Mingzhe had planned to make a show of himself in front of Bai Yi, but now he was humiliated by the other party, which caused him to lose face in front of everyone, and he was immediately infuriated to the extreme.

        "Impersonating Mr. Lin, how dare you be so arrogant? Give me a beating!"

        Ye Shihao shouted angrily and a group of bodyguards swarmed on Wang Mingzhe, instantly throwing old fists at him.


        The screams of pigs were heard one after another!

        The harsh screams caused the Shen family members to lose the glamour and arrogance they had just had, and they all looked like they had seen a ghost and were scared to death.

        They all looked like they had seen a ghost.

        This man, has he gone mad?

        "You guys... Could you guys be mistaken? He's really Mr. Lin, did you guys not recognise him because you've never seen him before!"

        Cuiping was on the verge of tears, looking at Ye Shihao with a frightened expression.

        With such a look, she was a far cry from the unruly and uncaring person she was just now.

        And at that moment!

        Ye Shihao did not bother to pay attention to her, instead, he coldly turned his gaze, towards Timis, who was not far away.

        "Timis, what the hell is going on here!"

        As soon as he heard these words!

        Timmis, who was already nervous to the point of no return, instantly went weak on both legs and almost fell to the ground on his butt.

        His face was filled with intense fear, and drops of cold sweat continued to trickle down his forehead: "He said that he, Mr. Lin.

        "He said he Mr. Lin, so I... I..."

        It's over!

        It's a big mess!

        He had actually picked up the wrong person and neglected the real Mr. Lin.

        This... It's a capital crime!

        These damned Shen family members, how dare they cheat themselves!


        Ye Shihao burst into a thunderstorm and was about to lash out.

        But just then!

        A military helicopter whistled and swept over everyone's heads before slowly landing on the hotel's tarmac!

        Seeing this!

        Everyone was in an uproar, a military helicopter for private use?

        Who the hell has such a big deal?

        Could this be the real Mr. Lin?



        The bigwigs, who were in a renewed mood, looked towards the tarmac with eager eyes.

        So this was the real Mr. Lin!

        And Ye Shihao realised what was going on, and instantly glared at Timis.

        "You'd better think of your own excuse to explain to the Blood Lord!"


        As soon as he heard this, Timis directly fell to the ground in fear, his face already deadly grey.

        But Ye Shihao ignored him in the slightest, leading the group of bigwigs and walking straight towards the tarmac.

        In an instant!

        The entire entrance was empty!

        Wang Mingzhe was dumbfounded!

        The Shen family was confused!

        What the hell is going on here?

        If he didn't come to look for them, then why did he go to the Shen family?

        "Mr. Wang, this... What's going on here? Didn't you say you were Mr. Lin? Why aren't they buying your account?"

        "Young Wang, you've done us a disservice, that Mr. Lin has a big background, otherwise he wouldn't be greeted by so many bigwigs, but you dare to impersonate him, we're going to be dragged down by you!"

        "It's over! If that Mr. Lin descends into anger, won't we be dead?"

        The group of Shen family members no longer had the humility and respect they had just had, and they all complained unhappily.

        At this moment!

        Wang Mingzhe's face, too, was red in the face and ears, humiliated to the extreme at this time.

        Not to mention being severely beaten up, he was also humiliated in front of Bai Yi, how could he still implement his plan to pick up girls?

        "No way! Timis has even personally gone to the Shen family to invite me, how could there be a fake?"

        Wang Mingzhe's face was gloomy as he slyly argued.

        "It must be because I've just become a member of the Lin family and these idiots don't even know me, that's why they think I'm impersonating!"

        "Just imagine, among those surnamed Lin in Jiang City today, who else can have a more honorable status than me?"

        At this, the whole room was silent!

        They also all felt that Wang Mingzhe's words were not without reason!

        Cui Ping's face immediately sank, and she resumed her previous domineering attitude.

        "I told you, how could Young Wang be wrong? It must be those idiots who are blind!"

        Wang Mingzhe, on the other hand, was the one whose face sank as he snorted angrily.

        "I'll make them regret it!"


        Just then, Shen Ling in the crowd suddenly drew in a cold breath for some unknown reason.


        Then, with an expression as if she had seen a ghost, her finger trembled as she pointed at the man who had stepped down from the helicopter.

        "That man, it seems to be Lin Fan!"

Chapter 1270

Lin Fan?


        Upon hearing these words, the Shen family's hearts immediately shook, before they all looked in the direction of the tarmac.

        Shen Ling's words were too shocking.

        That door-to-door son-in-law, whom he regarded as trash, turned out to have come in a military helicopter?

        How the hell was that possible?

        Everyone's eyelids jumped wildly as they looked incomparably nervous in the same direction.

        Especially Bai Yi!

        Her eyes were wide as she stared at the figure coming down from the helicopter, wanting to know if he was Lin Fan or not.

        It was a pity that there were so many people over there that they couldn't see each other's faces at all, and could only roughly make out a figure.

        Hearing this, Cui Ping, however, said with a disdainful expression.

        "Silly girl, you must have misread it, how could that trash be qualified to fly in a military helicopter?"

        "That's right, this is the highest level of military helicopter in China, those who can have this kind of helicopter personally transport them must be war god level figures, is that trash worthy?"

        "In my opinion! That must be some war god who was also invited to today's convention, it can never be that little white boy!"

        The Shen family all had faces of contempt, all of them did not think that the figure of Ah who came down from the helicopter would be that trash Lin Fan.

        "But... It really looks like it!"

        Shen Ling said weakly, the side and back of that instant just now was simply exactly the same as Lin Fan's.

        And at the same time!

        As soon as Lin Fan got off the helicopter, he impatiently ordered Ye Shihao.

        "Tell them all to disperse!"

        Those bigwigs were then driven away without even seeing Lin Fan's face.

        And then, Lin Fan asked.

        "Have my wife and the others come yet?"

        Ye Shihao nodded and said.

        "A son of a bitch dared to impersonate you and had me blocked outside, you see..."

        "Just a clown, don't bother! Let them in!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently.

        "Remember, don't reveal my identity!"

        After welcoming Lin Fan into that jewellery exhibition, Ye Shihao then went back towards that doorway, intending to let Wang Mingzhe and the others in.

        And at that moment!

        The Shen family members were outside, but they were also as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

        "Young Wang, since the other party is no longer pursuing the matter, why don't we just leave?"

        "Yes, in case they really aren't looking for you, then we'll be in big trouble!"

        The people of the Shen family, all of them with uneasy faces, wanted to leave.


        Wang Mingzhe, however, coldly snorted and said with extreme arrogance.

        "Impossible, it must be me they are looking for! And when they know they got it wrong, all of them will kneel down and beg me for forgiveness!"

        "Yes, yes, yes, they insulted you, Young Wang, like that, you absolutely cannot forgive them lightly!"

        Cui Ping immediately slipped up and said with a pleasing face.

        "Now it's us who will pursue this to the end!"


        Just then, they saw Ye Shihao come out with a face full of smiles and said curtly.

        "Gentlemen, I did make a mistake just now! Please come in quickly, you guys!"

        Upon hearing this, the Shen family was completely dumbfounded!

        A mistake?

        That means that the person the Golden Dome wanted to invite was really Wang Mingzhe?

        "Blind your dog eyes!"

        Wang Mingzhe immediately jumped into a thunderstorm and shouted angrily at Ye Shihao.

        "Is it clear that I'm the one you're inviting? Dog! How dare you hit me? Apologise to me immediately!"

        Ye Shihao gave him a sidelong glance, and a touch of hostility appeared in his eyes, but remembering Lin Fan's instructions, he could only swallow his anger: "I'm sorry!

        "I'm sorry!"

        An apology was made!

        When the Shen family saw this, they were all stunned.

        The fierce and fierce Ye family head was now coyly bowing and apologising?

        Wang Mingzhe was indeed right, Ye Shihao and the others had definitely never met Wang Mingzhe before, which was why they had misunderstood.

        Now that they knew what was going on, they came to apologise with fear and trepidation.

        Seeing Ye Shihao's apology, Wang Mingzhe smiled smugly and said in a condescending manner.

        "You're lucky! If I hadn't brought a guest here today, I would have made you kneel down and kowtow now!"

        "Get out of the way! Get out of our way!"


        All the Shen family members saw Wang Mingzhe's high posture and all of them only felt that he was overbearing.

        He had the audacity to reprimand the dangling Ye family's family head!

        This, this was incredible!