Today I Give Up Trying 1267-1268

 Chapter 1267

Seeing Lin Fan being humiliated, Wang Mingzhe was simply mad with joy.

        But on the surface, he was putting on a generous face.

        "Grandpa Shen, forget it!"

        "This brother is afraid that he has never been as graceful in his life as he is today, so it's no big deal to let him pretend to feel the status of the powerful and noble."

        "Let's just hurry up and go to the convention, don't keep Mr. Timis waiting."

        Only then did Elder Shen grunted resentfully, but still said with disgust.

        "Ability, it doesn't come from pretending! A loser is a loser! All your life you are only worthy of being stepped on!"

        With these words!

        He was not looking at Lin Fan again and left towards the door.

        "Lin Fan, will you shut up now, don't you think you're embarrassed enough?"

        Bai Yi complained to Lin Fan with some exasperation, only feeling extremely humiliated.

        The Golden Dome was the property of the King of Blood Hell, so if they really wanted to invite them, they should invite themselves, how could they invite Lin Fan?

        Lin Fan pulled out such a lie, which only added to the ridiculousness and made their family a laughing stock.

        Lin Fan opened his mouth, but he only smiled bitterly helplessly.

        And then!

        The group of people were heading towards the door and got into the car one after another.


        When it was Lin Fan's turn, Wang Mingzhe instantly stopped in front of him and said in a false manner.

        "This brother, I'm really sorry, the tickets I prepared happen to be short of one, why don't you not go? You can't afford to go anyway, so save yourself the embarrassment!"

        This is clearly a deliberate target!


        On the spot, the Shen family erupted in laughter, who could not see that Wang Mingzhe was deliberately picking a fight.

        "Lin Fan, I think young Wang is right, you can't afford it anyway, so why don't you just go home and go to bed!"

        Shen Ling also gloated and laughed, while adding in her mind.

        By the time you wake up from your nap, you'll have an extra green hat on top of your head!

        As for Elder Shen, he even ordered directly.

        "Tell him to get the hell back! Take him to the Golden Dome and disgrace our Shen family?"

        At those words!

        Bai Yi immediately felt uncomfortable in her heart and immediately wanted to get off the car.


        Lin Fan, however, put his hand, on the back of her hand, smiled and shook his head at her.

        "Later, we'll meet at the Golden Dome!"


        At this moment, the Shen family looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.

        This guy, he even wanted to go to the Golden Peak?

        Do you think the Golden Peak is something that a cat or dog can just enter?

        What a joke!

        To their ears, Lin Fan's words were simply idiotic in the extreme.

        It was as shameless as him saying that the Golden Peak was here for him!

        It was disgusting!

        Even Bai Yi didn't believe it, revealing a look of indecision.

        "But you..."

        Lin Fan, however, smiled.

        "Don't worry, if I said I'd go, I'll definitely go, after all, the Golden Dome can't be without a master!"


        Upon hearing these words, all of the people froze.

        All of them didn't know what Lin Fan meant by that later statement.

        "So I'll see you at the Golden Peak?"

        Wang Mingzhe dropped a contemptuous sentence, and then he let Timmy start the car and left the Shen family.

        Looking at the distant caravan, the corners of Lin Fan's mouth instantly curled up into a grim smile before pulling out his mobile phone and dialing a number.


        About an hour later, the motorcade stopped at the entrance of the Golden Peak Jewellery Exhibition Centre.

        And at that moment!

        There were already hundreds of people, all gathered at the entrance, and when they saw Wang Mingzhe and the others get off, they bowed respectfully and saluted.

        "Welcome Mr. Lin!"

        Even at the entrance, there was an extremely luxurious sign in gold letters, saying: "Welcome Mr. Lin!

        Elder Shen and the others had never seen such a gesture before, and they were directly stunned.

        "That's the young proprietor of the Song family in Jiangbei! A billionaire in his early twenties!"

        "The provincial number one of Jiangnan is also here?"

        "The richest man in Tongzhou, Jiangzhou, Tianyi City and the three cities are actually bowing to us!"

        They couldn't believe their eyes!

        In this instant, almost half of the bigwigs from Jiangnan and Jiangbei had come, and each and every one of them was nodding and bowing in their direction!

        Respectful to the extreme!

        This instant!

        Even Wang Mingzhe was dumbfounded, he didn't think that he would be so dignified as to have so many powerful people waiting for his presence here!

        This was a dream!

Chapter 1268

Little did they know!

        The reason these bigwigs are gathered here is because they've heard that the Jiangbei Li family will most likely be here tonight, making amends to Bai Yi!

        And it was highly likely that Lin Zuo, too, would show up!

        "Bai Yi, take a look, take a good look! The whole of Jiangnan and Jiangbei are now subservient to Young Wang's heels!"

        "Such a true son of the dragon, if you miss out, you will regret it forever!"

        Elder Shen was excited and hurried to persuade Bai Yi.


        He was already impatient and wanted to use Bai Yi, to please Wang Mingzhe!

        "Yes Bai Yi, look at your family, when has it ever been so prosperous today? As long as you nod your head, from now on your family will be one of the most famous and powerful families in China, and you will be able to get the wind and the rain!"

        "Bai Yi, divorce that trash Lin Fan! He's not worthy of you at all, Young Wang is your son-in-law!"

        On the side, when Shen Ling saw this, a strong jealousy and hatred surfaced in her eyes, she could not wait for Wang Mingzhe to fall for her.

        As long as Wang Mingzhe nodded his head, she would immediately kick Zhou Xian out.

        In Jiangnan and Jiangbei, many bigwigs all bowed down and greeted him together!

        Such a man is a supreme king!

        And his woman, then, should be the queen!

        "You guys!"

        But Bai Yi, hearing the lucrative words of Shen's family, was gloomy to the extreme.

        Seeing her displeasure, Wang Mingzhe hastened to round up the situation.

        "Alright, alright, let's not talk about that, hurry up and go in!"

        Bai Yi had already seen what he was capable of at this point, and he believed that it wouldn't be long before Bai Yi would definitely fold under his domineering aura!

        At this moment, seeing so many bigwigs paying such compliments, he subconsciously thought that these bigwigs had come to curry favour with him because they had learnt that he had been promoted to the Lin family.

        Immediately, he tilted his head proudly!

        He strode towards the door!


        Just then!

        A man stopped in front of him, and in an unpleasant tone, he scolded him, saying.

        "Who the hell are you? Who told you to go here?"

        This man was no other than Ye Shihao!

        They were here to greet Lin Zuo, everyone else went straight to the back door, because this front door, was reserved for Lin Zuo!

        But Wang Mingzhe was going to enter through the front door with all his authority, and this immediately angered him and Zheng Honglian and the other family masters!

        "You're blind, you can't even recognise Mr. Lin!"

        At that moment!

        Cui Ping was so angry that she went forward and scolded, looking like a lapdog.

        "You dare to insult even the valuable guests invited by the Golden Peak, I think you are looking for death! Hurry up and get lost, or else you'll be in trouble with young Wang!"

        "He... He's Mr. Lin?"

        Ye Shihao was instantly confused, his expression dumbfounded Wang Mingzhe.

        This idiot, is Lin Zuo?

        Are you fucking kidding me!

        With a cold snort, Wang Mingzhe was glaring at him with an arrogant face.

        "Bullshit! If I'm not, are you?"

        "Get out of my way, you good dog! If you don't stop me, I'll make you suffer!"

        At these words!

        Ye Shihao's nose turned crooked and he slapped Wang Mingzhe across the face, sending him flying!

        Ye Shihao's eyes were filled with fury!

        "Who are you to impersonate Mr. Lin?"


        The people of the Shen family were completely dumbfounded!

        Each and every one of them, their faces were deadly grey!

        They were so terrified and confused that they were at their wit's end!

        Wang Mingzhe was not Mr. Lin?

        He's not the one the Golden Dome is inviting?

        That can't be!

        That's impossible!

        Where was Mr. Lin other than Wang Mingzhe, who was at the Shen family's home before?

        At once!

        Everyone in the Shen family instantly broke out in cold sweat, their bodies shivering as if they were suffering from a cold disease.

        Daring to impersonate a VIP invited by Gold Peak was like seeking death!

        If the Golden Dome blamed him, then even his Shen family would have to be implicated.

        It was over!

        This was the end!

        And now!

        Bai Yi was in a dense state of dismay, and a thought suddenly came to his mind.

        The person that Gold Peak was inviting... It couldn't be the real Lin Fan, could it?