Today I Give Up Trying 1263-1264

 Chapter 1263

A few days later!

        Lin Fan's family, however, had suddenly received an invitation from Elder Shen, which made them feel baffled.

        Because since the last time, the Shen family and their family had completely cut off communication, and Bai Yi's identity had also been ordered to be blocked, it was impossible for the Shen family to know her identity as the common master of Jiangnan with their ability.

        If that was the case, why would they suddenly show goodwill?


        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei, however, did not think that much about it.

        Especially Shen Yumei, this was her mother's family after all, and it was naturally best to ease relations.

        "Why do I get the feeling that there's no good feast without a good meeting?"

        Lin Fan suddenly said jokingly.

        This immediately caused Shen Yumei's face to turn gloomy and she said unhappily.

        "How can there be no good feast? Do you have to think that my family wants to harm you?"

        "Since the Shen family has taken the initiative to show goodwill, let's let the last incident go, it's not like a man to be so calculating!"

        Lin Fan laughed dumbly, and finally did not argue, meekly shutting his mouth.

        But Bai Yi, who was at the side, had a deep frown on her face, because she also felt that there was something fishy here!

        And then!

        When Lin Fan's family arrived at the Shen family's home, Lin Fan finally confirmed his suspicions.

        Because in the Shen family, he saw someone who shouldn't be there.

        Wang Mingzhe!

        And at that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe also noticed Bai Yi at first glance, and was immediately completely shocked by her stunning appearance!

        She was as beautiful as a jade!

        She was as beautiful as a jade!

        This woman is simply a beauty on earth!

        He had seen countless women in his life, but none of them could be compared to Bai Yi.

        This woman was even more attractive than the one on TV!

        At that moment!

        A thick jealousy surfaced in Wang Mingzhe's eyes as he stared straight at Lin Fan, wanting to break his body into pieces.

        This trash was not worthy of such a supreme beauty!

        Such a woman deserved to be his Wang Mingzhe's woman!

        "This is Wang Mingzhe, the youngest of the Wang family in the capital, why don't you all come over and call someone?"

        Elder Shen's face sank as he ordered Bai Yi's family in an unkind tone.

        The Wang family in the capital?

        The three of them were stunned and dismayed, naturally they had also heard of such top-ranking dignitaries.

        After that, they hurriedly greeted Wang Mingzhe with.

        "Greetings, young Wang!"

        "Hahaha, uncle and aunt, you're welcome!"

        Wang Mingzhe, however, walked over with a warm face.


        Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were both dumbfounded!

        The two of them were just little people, how could they be qualified to have such a big young man like Wang Mingzhe address them with respect as uncle and auntie?

        Only, the next scene!

        But the next scene made them understand completely!

        Without saying a word, Wang Mingzhe took Bai Yi's delicate hand and complimented her, saying.

        "Miss Bai Yi, it's better to meet you than to see you, you're ten times more beautiful than on TV!"

        With that, he deliberately stroked the back of Bai Yi's hand with his thumb.

        At the same time!

        Provocatively, he looked at Lin Fan!


        And then provoked!

        This action made Bai Yi uncomfortable to the extreme, so much so that his face was already covered in cold frost.

        What's more, it caused a cold glint to erupt in Lin Fan's eyes: "You...

        "You... Looking for death?"


        Lin Fan's words instantly caused the entire Shen Family to be in complete uproar!

        All of the Shen family members were directly furious at this instant.

        This idiot who didn't know what he was doing dared to threaten Wang Mingzhe?

        This was simply seeking death!

        "Lin Fan, what are you, how dare you threaten Young Wang, I think you're tired of living!"

        "Damned trash! I order you, apologise to Young Wang immediately and don't drag our Shen family down!"

        "Just a handshake and you're in such a hurry, you punk, are you that inferior?"

        All of the Shen family members were furious to the extreme!

        And then an overwhelming amount of humiliation was poured out towards Lin Fan.

        Especially Shen Ling's family!

        Earlier, because of Lin Fan, Zhou Xian's future had been ruined, and now when they saw Wang Mingzhe molest Bai Yi in public, their hearts were filled with gloating pleasure.

        The pleasure was so great!

        And at that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe slowly let go of his hand, while looking at Lin Fan with a contemptuous look, sneering and saying.

        "Miss Bai Yi, is this the man you have your eye on?"

        "Doesn't look, well, good!"

Chapter 1264

As soon as she heard this!

        Shen Ling instantly laughed in contempt, and then said with a curt smile.

        "Young Wang, this guy is just a soft-boiled punk, of course he's not good, when trash like him is compared to you, it's one heaven and one earth."

        "Yes, yes, this trash, I'm afraid he doesn't even have the qualifications to lift your shoes for Young Wang!" Cui Ping also gave Lin Fan an extremely disdainful look:.

        "In my opinion, the only person who is qualified to match our family Bai Yi is a dragon and phoenix like you, Young Wang!"


        At this point, if they couldn't see what the Shen family had in mind, then Bai Yi's family was out of their minds.

        Their faces were all thick with anger!

        Sure enough, Lin Fan had been right!

        Today's banquet was not a good one!

        The Shen family had gone so far as to ask Bai Yi to accompany them in order to curry favour with Wang Mingzhe?

        What did they think Bai Yi was?

        Bai Yi was also so angry that her body trembled, and her face was gloomy as she said.

        "Young Wang, please show some respect! If you insult my husband again, then I'll excuse you!"


        This scene!

        It instantly caused Wang Mingzhe to be completely frozen!

        According to his investigation, Bai Yi's family should have been very contemptuous of Lin Fan, only.

        And now, how could they take the initiative to take sides?

        "Bai Yi, what's your attitude! It's your good fortune that Young Wang looks at you, how dare you be so insensitive?"

        Elder Shen's eyes instantly surfaced with anger as he coldly forced Bai Yi to look at him.

        "Can it be that you really plan to live with this trash for the rest of your life?"

        At that moment!

        The Shen family also stared at Bai Yi with contempt on their faces, sneering out one after another.

        "If I could win the favour of Young Wang, I could wake up laughing in my sleep, but she still refuses, how blind she is!"

        "If she wasn't blind, she wouldn't have fallen for such a loser! After all the hardships and humiliation she's suffered, she still has the face to follow him, she's really a bitch!"

        And hearing these words!

        Bai Yi's pretty face, however, was also completely gloomy as she coldly said.

        "Since the Shen family does not welcome us, then we will take our leave!"

        With that!

        It was with the intention of taking Lin Fan and the others and leaving the Shen Clan.

        Seeing this!

        Wang Mingzhe was completely dumbfounded, only at this time did he realise that he had underestimated the weight that Lin Fan, this trash, carried in Bai Yi's heart.

        The next instant!

        Wang Mingzhe then hurriedly took a step forward and stopped Bai Yi and the others, before bowing towards Bai Yi.

        "Miss Bai Yi, I was the one who offended you just now, I apologize to you!"

        "I hope you can forgive me!"


        The crowd actually saw the young master of the Wang family in the capital bowing towards Bai Yi?

        They, this was not a dream!

        In an instant, the entire Shen family was dead silent!

        Although they already knew that Wang Mingzhe had a crush on Bai Yi, there was no need for him to bow and apologise in such a degrading manner, right?

        At once!

        Master Shen was so anxious that he angrily scolded Bai Yi.

        "Bai Yi, who is Mr. Wang? He is a distinguished official, he has already apologised, do you still want to be insensitive?"

        "If so, don't blame me, the Shen family, for being ungracious to you!"

        The words carried a strong sense of threat!


        What everyone didn't notice was that when Wang Mingzhe bowed his head, a touch of resentment surfaced in the depths of those eyes!


        How dare you pretend to be noble in front of me?

        When I get you into bed, you'll be in for a treat!

        At this point, Bai Yi was coerced by the crowd and reluctantly chose to agree to.

        "I forgive you!"


        Wang Mingzhe put on an excited face and said.

        "Thank you, Miss Bai Yi, by the way, I happen to have some tickets for the Golden Peak International Jewellery Exhibition here, can I ask you all to enjoy going together?"


        The Golden Dome?

        All the Shen family members were completely dumbfounded, that was the international jewellery convention that was a global sensation!

        It was said that the lowest priced jewellery there started at ten million dollars!

        It was said that the lowest priced jewellery there started at ten million dollars!

        Moreover, it was a VIP system, and even the rich were not qualified to go there, it was status-dependent.

        It was because the golden roof was backed by the prestigious Blood Tapestry Auction House!

        And Wang Mingzhe, could actually get tickets?

        This, was simply unbelievable!

        Bai Yi, however, felt ill-will towards Wang Mingzhe because the other party had insulted Lin Fan, and wanted to refuse at once.


        Just at that moment!

        A playful voice, however, rang out abruptly at this instant!

        "Go, of course you should go! Why don't you want it if it's free?"