Today I Give Up Trying 1261-1262

 Chapter 1261

At these words!

        Jiang Xin instantly wailed like she had been struck by electricity, and immediately fainted with grief.

        "Drag it down!"

        Li Huairen ordered his men with a cold face.

        And then!

        Li Huairen then pointed at Zou Xiaoqin and asked Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, what should we do with this bitch?"

        As soon as he heard those words!

        Zou Xiaoqin's body immediately trembled, her face fiercely white.

        "This kind of little person is not worthy of my attention."

        Lin Fan, however, said with a contemptuous expression.


        For some reason, Zou Xiaoqin, who heard these words, was not the least bit glad, but instead felt like he had been viciously stabbed in the heart.

        The pain was unbearable!

        She had a feeling that Lin Fan treated her like a stinking piece of shit and felt disgusted even to look at her one more time.

        In this instant, Zou Xiaoqin felt that her pride had been trampled on.

        Two lines of tears of shame slid down her eyes.

        She had never dreamed that the man she despised would now become an unattainable existence.

        Even the Li family was like a dog in his eyes!

        And yet!

        What was even more painful for her was yet to come!

        Just then!

        Li Huairen fiercely arched his hand and respectfully said to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, my dog's son was foolish enough to destroy the ten billion dollar jewel necklace you gave to your lover, he simply deserves to die!"

        "In order to atone for our sin, my Li family has decided to purchase jewellery of equal value to compensate you at an international jewellery exhibition to be held in Jiang City in a few days' time, I hope you can come and visit us then!"

        Ten billion?


        In an instant!

        Zou Xiaoqin was dumbfounded and her body trembled like she had a cold disease.

        Her expression was completely distorted!

        She... Was she hallucinating?

        This guy, to give his wife, jewellery worth ten billion dollars?

        A top tycoon's entire fortune, to Lin Fan, was just a necklace of money for his wife?

        Zou Xiaoqin felt her heart pounding furiously, and her eyes were staring deadly at Lin Fan!

        This man, just how far did he have to go to be a tycoon?

        At that moment!

        She understood why the Li family was so afraid of Lin Fan!

        Why even a diva like Zhang Yichen was so fond of Lin Fan!

        Throwing away tens of billions of dollars just to make his wife happy?

        This was like an emperor's gesture!

        She even doubted that Lin Fan was not rich beyond his means!

        This instant, her face was instantly deadly grey, followed by a strong look of remorse and pain.

        It turned out that it wasn't that perhaps Zhang Yichen was blind, but that she herself was blind.

        She had missed out on this man who was like an emperor!

        If she hadn't insulted Lin Fan just now, then perhaps she would have had a chance to win Lin Fan's favour.

        Judging from Lin Fan's horrific gesture of throwing away tens of billions of dollars, even being a mistress for him would be a blessing in eight lifetimes!

        But she had missed out on such a great opportunity!

        Zou Xiaoqin's face was ashen, and her body felt as if it had been drained of its strength, and she fell helplessly to the ground.

        Her dream in life was to marry into a rich family!

        And Lin Fan, was a magnate among magnates!

        But such an existence had been missed by her, and now her heart was completely broken.

        That kind of remorse simply made her feel the urge to commit suicide!

        And at that moment!

        She then saw Lin Fan, with Zhang Yichen in tow, preparing to leave.

        At that moment!

        Zou Xiaoqin immediately broke down and struggled to run over, saying in a wailing voice.

        "Mr. Lin, I know I'm wrong, please give me another chance! I want to be friends with you!"

        She couldn't miss this opportunity, this was her only chance to turn a sparrow into a phoenix.


        Without waiting for Lin Fan to say anything, Li Huairen kicked her out with a contemptuous face and said.

        "Being friends? You don't even take a piss and look at your own virtue, are you worthy of being friends with Mr. Lin?"


        Zou Xiaoqin was completely dumbfounded, wasn't that what she had just said to Lin Fan?

        Now, she had returned it to her, word for word!

        A severe slap in the face!

        Immediately, Zou Xiaoqin was hysterical and cried out in pain!

        Her grief was overwhelming!

Chapter 1262

And at that moment!

        After leaving the hotel, Wang Mingzhe, however, was upset and took out his mobile phone to dial, a mysterious number.

        "Young master, I've seen that punk Lin Fan."


        The man on the other end, who also seemed to be clearly doubly surprised, froze slightly.

        But a moment later, it was an extremely disdainful sneer.

        "I know, that punk has always been in Jiang City!"

        Wang Mingzhe's face sank as he said with some unease.

        "Eldest young master, he seems to have become not quite the same, I just saw that even the Li family in Jiangbei, is in awe of him!"



        At the other end, a burst of laughter filled with ridicule erupted.

        "Wang Mingzhe, Wang Mingzhe, you've let that punk fool you!"

        "What the Li family fears is not that punk, but his wife, Bai Yi!"


        Wang Mingzhe's expression changed instantly, a strong shock in his eyes.

        "As far as I know, that trash has given someone as his son-in-law, and his wife is none other than Bai Yi, who is now as popular as ever in Jiangnan."

        "And the Li family had offended Bai Yi before, so they were then subjected to business sanctions by the mysterious power... The Li family is afraid that they had a run-in with Bai Yi, which is why they had to come to this waste!"

        So that's how it is!

        The corners of Wang Mingzhe's mouth were filled with an indignant smile.

        "In that case, it's a good thing that that punk has foxed the tiger!"

        And the eldest young man, too, sneered.

        "Back then, our Lin family could trample him underfoot, and we can do the same now!"

        "Because trash, after all, is trash!"

        Wang Mingzhe, who realised that he had been bluffed, was instantly infuriated, and a resentful anger was in his eyes.

        "That damned dog, I will never let him go!"

        "Wang Mingzhe, that trash is nothing, but that Bai Yi is not something to be messed with, according to the information I gathered, behind her stands, most likely..."

        "Lin Zuo!"


        Hearing those words, Wang Mingzhe instantly went weak on both legs and almost fell to the ground in shock.

        A look of intense panic flooded his face!

        Lin... Lin Zuo?

        One of the four great military seats of China, holding the Wheel of Life and Death, holding supreme power, known as the country's heavy weapon, the existence with the most limitless future [笔趣阁]!

        He was even involved with Bai Yi?

        This is... This is unbelievable!

        Wang Mingzhe only felt his breath catch, and was truly stunned at this time.

        No wonder that Bai Yi had emerged from nowhere to become the common master of Jiangnan.

        Wang Mingzhe swallowed his saliva fiercely.

        Then, a lustful smile appeared on his face.

        "Eldest young master, do you think that if I pick up that Bai Yi and put a cuckold on that trash, will that Bai Yi continue to shelter him?"

        Wang Mingzhe was confident!

        With his background, talk and appearance, he would definitely be able to get Bai Yi into bed.

        In his eyes, he was more than a hundred times better than Lin Fan?

        That big young man was visibly stunned, and then he too said with a happy face.

        "If you manage to get Bai Yi into bed, then it would be like invariably helping our family bring in the Lin seat, and with such a terrifying boost, then the Lin family's headship would definitely be mine, Lin Zekun!"

        "If you really get what you want, I can guarantee that the day I inherit the throne, you, Wang Mingzhe, will be above all others in my Lin family!"


        The other party's promise immediately caused Wang Mingzhe's heart to pound wildly, and even his breathing became extremely rapid due to the excitement.

        "Young master, don't worry! I will definitely live up to your expectations!"

        When he hung up the phone!

        A fierce smile appeared on Wang Mingzhe's face as he said.

        "Lin Fan, your wife, I'll take her!"

        "I want your life too!!!"