Today I Give Up Trying 1259-1260

 Chapter 1259


        Wang Mingzhe's face instantly surfaced in a dense shock of anger, asking the youngest of his Wang Family to kneel down to this punk?

        How could that be possible!

        "Lin Fan, I advise you not to seek death! Insulting me is tantamount to insulting the Li family, and you will die without a burial place!"

        Wang Mingzhe's eyes were filled with hatred as he threatened Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan, then, sneered.

        "It seems that our Young Master Wang has not yet understood the situation!"

        "Li Huairen, break his legs!"


        In an instant, Wang Mingzhe was completely blown up.

        He was crazy!

        This guy, he was really crazy!

        He had not only injured him, but now he wanted to break his legs?

        Was he really planning to fight the Wang family to the death?

        At these words, a scowl appeared on Li Huairen's face.

        "No problem!"

        After that, he gave a wink to his men, and a group of them walked towards Wang Mingzhe.

        This scene made Wang Mingzhe even more horrified and horrified, and he immediately screamed.

        "Li Huairen, are you crazy? You're making enemies with our Wang family!"

        Not only had Lin Fan gone mad, but Li Huairen had also gone mad!

        How could a local snake like the Li family be a match for the powerful dragon of the Wang family?

        But Li Huairen was following Lin Fan's orders to break both of his legs?


        When he heard the other party's threat, Li Huairen scoffed.

        "The Wang family is nothing more than ants to Mr. Lin!"

        Lin Fan is the Chinese Lin Zuo!

        Who is the Wang family?

        Who is the Wang family to threaten Lin?

        However, his words caused the entire audience to boil over!

        The Wang family was nothing to Lin Fan?

        Lin Fan had also said this just now, but they had scoffed at it, dismissing it as Lin Fan's big words that he didn't know how to live.

        But now!

        Li Huairen, surprisingly, had said the same thing, making them believe it!

        In an instant, everyone was terrified to the extreme, all casting a look at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost, uneasy to the extreme.

        This guy, what kind of terrifying background did he have.

        How could he have caused Li Huairen to give such a great affirmation?

        On the other side, Wang Mingzhe was already completely dumbfounded, his eyes flooded with horror, unable to believe his ears.

        And then!

        He was also staring at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, a fierce sense of foreboding in his heart, what had this trash gone through in all these years?

        And yet!

        "Kneel down now, or forever!"

        An extremely fierce and violent shout was fiercely bursting out of Lin Fan's mouth.

        His eyes were already filled with a brutal cold aura!


        Immediately, Wang Mingzhe fell to his knees with a face of shame, a trace of extreme resentment appearing in the depths of his eyes.

        Making him kneel down as a young man of a powerful family.

        This was even more painful to him than killing him!

        In his heart, he had already developed a crazy hatred for Lin Fan.


        Lin Fan, however, didn't care about what was going through his mind and said in an extremely cold tone.

        "You should be glad that you are not a member of the Lin family."

        If Wang Mingzhe was a member of the Lin family, then at this moment, he would already be a dead man.

        However, Wang Mingzhe was not impressed by Lin Fan's forgiveness.

        On the contrary, Lin Fan's condescending tone sounded so harsh to his ears that it was simply a humiliation.

        This punk, how dare he override himself?


        He simply deserved to die!

        Wang Mingzhe lowered his head, his eyes already bloodshot and filled with resentful hatred, vowing in his heart that he would cut Lin Fan to pieces!

        "Get lost!"

        Lin Fan indifferently spat out one word.

        Wang Mingzhe then got up with a grim look on his face, and then left towards the door resentfully, his hatred intense.

        "Young Wang, save me!"

        At this moment, Jiang Xin was crying out and pleading with Wang Mingzhe.

        But Wang Mingzhe didn't even look at her, as if he was oblivious.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan suddenly smiled coldly, his eyes burningly staring at Jiang Xin: "Now, it's time to clean you up.

        "Now, it's time to clean you up!"

Chapter 1260


        Upon hearing this, Jiang Xin's legs trembled and she looked at Lin Fan with a horrified expression.

        "This... It's none of my business!"


        Listening to this brazen defence, Lin Fan was exasperated and laughed: "Punking artists, forcing them to do so.

        "You're not the one who's been victimizing an artist, forcing her to sleep with him, and trying to ruin her when you fail to do so?"

        "I... I'm doing this for her own good!"

        Jiang Xin slyly argued, her legs trembling uncontrollably, and she was already crying in fear at this time.

        She also hadn't expected that Lin Fan, this wasteful outcast, would have such a terrifying background.

        "For her own good?"

        Deep within Lin Fan's eyes, a strong killing aura appeared in shock: "I see that you are doing this for your own good.

        "I see that you are doing it for your own good, right?"

        "If my guess is correct, I'm sure Wang Mingzhe should have promised you quite a few benefits, right?"

        At those words!

        Jiang Xin's torso trembled, indeed Wang Mingzhe had promised her that as long as she could help take down Zhang Yichen, Wang Mingzhe would let her become the major shareholder of the economic company.

        It was not a big deal to sleep with her for one night, so she did not hesitate to betray Zhang Yichen.

        She had even prepared an aphrodisiac just in case and was ready to coax Zhang Yichen into taking it.

        After Wang Mingzhe got Zhang Yichen, she would take some nude photos of her as blackmail, so she did not believe that Zhang Yichen would not give in.

        Originally, she was already dreaming of becoming a major shareholder.

        But Lin Fan's appearance had completely ruined it all!

        "No... I didn't! You're talking nonsense!"

        Jiang Xin instantly looked flustered and turned to look at Zhang Yichen:.

        "Yichen, believe me! Your boyfriend is planting evidence to frame me! I'm really doing all this for you, I'm worried that you'll destroy yourself because of your own impulse, that's why I decided to come here to stop you."

        At those words!

        Zhang Yichen was instantly a bit indecisive.


        Lin Fan, however, smiled coldly.

        "You have a bottle of potent aphrodisiac in your pocket, that's for Zhang Yichen!"

        "Besides, if I'm right, you also plan to take some nude photos of Zhang Yichen afterwards, as blackmail, right?"


        Jiang Xin instantly revealed an expression of having seen a ghost, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        Why would this guy know, what he was planning?

        What's more, knew that he had brought aphrodisiacs with him?

        Could he be a mind reader?

        This, was unbelievable!

        And from Jiang Xin's expression, Zhang Yichen could already tell that Lin Fan was right.


        Her delicate body was shivering with anger, and her eyes filled with tears of shame and anger.

        All along, she had treated Jiang Xin like an elder sister, but she had never expected to be treated like this.

        This was simply an attempt to ruin her!


        Jiang Xin, who was no longer able to slyly defend herself, sat down on the spot, her face already deadly grey.

        "Help me! Yi Chen save me! I know I'm wrong, give me one more chance, I won't dare again!"

        Jiang Xin immediately knelt down in front of Zhang Yichen, shamelessly begging for her forgiveness.

        Zhang Yichen's pretty eyes were filled with tears, but her face was already iron blue, and she couldn't even say anything.

        And at that moment!

        Lin Fan then looked at Jiang Xin coldly.

        "Resign from the agency and quit acting from now on!"


        Hearing these words, Jiang Xin was instantly struck by electricity, and a strong sense of remorse appeared on her face.

        Everything she had was in show business!

        The job!

        The connections!

        And so on and so forth...

        But now, Lin Fan was kicking her out of the show business, so she would have nothing to start with!

        Besides, without Zhang Yichen, the diva, she was nothing!

        Lin Fan's move was tantamount to destroying her!

        Not only did she not get the benefits that Wang Mingzhe gave her, but she would also be beaten back by Lin Fan.

        Without the money tree that was Zhang Yichen, her villa, luxury cars and Chanel would all go up in smoke.

        Jiang Xin regretted it!

        Unfortunately, it was already too late!

        Today, Jiang Xin was worse than dead!

        "No, please give me one more chance!"

        Jiang Xin turned to Lin Fan, pleading bitterly, already sobbing uncontrollably.


        Lin Fan, however, swept her away with extreme disgust.

        "If you knew this, why did you have to do it in the first place?"

        "You have no room for bargaining now! Get out!!!"