Today I Give Up Trying 1257-1258

 Chapter 1257

Zou Xiaoqin was proud of herself, but she did not expect Li Huairen to make a sudden move, and she was dumbfounded on the spot.

        Following that, she looked at Li Huairen in disbelief.

        "Master Li, you... Why did you hit me?"

        Everyone in the audience was also confused!

        "Beat you?"

        Li Huairen's eyes were filled with hatred.

        "I hate to kill you!"

        Zou Xiaoqin's ungrateful words had almost caused him to have a heart attack!

        This damned bitch had caused their Li family to offend Lin Zuo, and she still had the nerve to ask him why he had hit him?


        Seeing this, all the people present were also confused.

        A moment ago, the Li family was still acting like they were grateful to Zou Xiaoqin, but now they were acting like they hated to kill her.

        This old thing, does she have brains?

        At this moment!

        Zou Xiaoqin couldn't believe her eyes either, her body was trembling uneasily, and then she looked at Li Sanghyuk as if she was asking for help.

        But he saw Li Sang-hyuk glaring at her with the same gloomy face and a fierce expression.

        "Bitch, how dare you insult Mr. Lin, you deserve to die!"

        Mr. Lin?

        What Mr. Lim?

        Everyone in the room looked puzzled, there was no Mr. Lin here, was there?

        Even Zou Xiaoqin felt extremely aggrieved and said in a sorrowful voice.

        "But I haven't offended any Mr. Lin at all!"


        At that very moment, a voice instantly rang out.

        "I think, what they are talking about, should be me!"


        Everyone instantly looked at the voice and saw that the person who spoke was actually Lin Fan!


        Everyone was instantly shocked to death, and their eyes seemed to glaze over.

        Mr. Lin, it was Lin Fan?

        How could this be!

        This guy, who had clearly broken Li Sang-hyuk's leg, the Li family should have come to seek revenge on him, how could he be defending him?

        Immediately, Wang Mingzhe laughed fiercely, his face glowing with contempt.

        "Lin Fan, I think you're dreaming, right? You broke the Li family's youngest's leg, and you still expect them to protect you? Unless they're out of their minds!"

        "You, just wait until you're broken into pieces by the Li family!"

        The words were thick with ferocity and ruthlessness!

        Hearing these words, all the people present also cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan, secretly sarcastic in their hearts at Lin Fan's whimsy.

        He was on the verge of death, yet he was still daydreaming!

        This kid is really an idiot!


        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth, however, slightly curled, before he looked at Li Huairen and the others with a seeming smile.

        "I see, not necessarily?"


        Hearing this, the crowd all faintly froze, already completely stunned, wondering if they were hallucinating.

        At that moment, they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.

        And at that moment!

        Li Huairen and the others had stopped paying attention to Zou Xiaoqin and instead walked straight towards Lin Fan.

        The unique majestic aura of these superiors caused the hearts and minds of the people present to tremble.

        Seeing this!

        Both Wang Mingzhe's and Jiang Xin's faces were dense with exuberance.


        The next scene caused them to despair completely!


        The Li family, led by Li Huairen, fell to their knees in unison towards Lin Fan under the shocked and death-defying gazes of the crowd.

        Five bodies threw themselves to the ground!

        Li Huairen looked terrified to the extreme and said in a loud voice.

        "Please, Mr. Lin, spare my life!"

        Those terrified words resounded like thunderous booms throughout the room!

        Wha... What?!!!

        It was also these words that caused everyone to be completely dumbfounded at this point in time, wondering if they were hallucinating.

        Wasn't the Li family here to take revenge?

        Now they were kneeling before him, begging him to spare their lives?

        This... How could this be!

        Li Huairen, the head of the Li family, a legendary figure who had built his family from nothing, had led all the Li family's direct descendants to kneel down and beg for mercy from the murderer who had broken his son's legs.

        This scene, which was really happening in front of the crowd's eyes, shocked them as if they were dreaming.

        They could not believe their eyes!

        And at this time!

        Zou Xiaoqin, Wang Mingzhe and the others were completely dumbfounded!

        A hint of fear surfaced in their hearts.

        The glimmer of hope that had just risen in them was completely extinguished in this instant!

        No wonder, after hearing Zou Xiaoqin's insult to Lin Fan, the Li family had become so furious!

        It turned out that they had come to Lin Fan not to seek revenge, but to beg for mercy!

        Zou Xiaoqin was completely dumbfounded at this instant!

        A stream of yellow soup was flowing down the hem of her skirt, wantonly dripping onto the floor!

        It was over!

        But it wasn't Lin Fan who was going to be finished, it was her!

Chapter 1258


        Zou Xiaoqin completely regrets!

        Guo Allen!

        Li Huairen!

        Such superb men all had to kowtow to Lin Fan and admit their mistakes, how could such a man be a loser who couldn't even afford a car or house?


        Even the behemoth Li family had to all kneel down and beg Lin Fan to spare their lives.

        How could he be able to dictate the life and death of a powerful family?

        Such a man could be called a dominator!

        But she had humiliated him so much that she had missed out on a great marriage with him?

        Zou Xiaoqin only felt that a knife had been ruthlessly thrust into her heart, and the tears gushed out uncontrollably.

        Not only had she missed out on Lin Fan, but she had also completely offended him, she was completely finished!

        She was not the only one!

        Wang Mingzhe, who was at the side, also had his eyes splitting open.

        Looking at the Li family who were all kneeling on the ground in fear and trepidation, and then at Lin Fan who was indifferent and openly accepting the situation.

        Wang Mingzhe only felt that the world had gone mad!

        This trash had the power to dominate the life and death of the Li family?

        What the hell kind of joke is this!

        "No... Impossible! This guy is the trash outcast of the Lin family, and he even broke Li Sang-hyuk's leg, and you guys let him go? Are you guys out of your minds?"

        In an instant, Wang Mingzhe's heart sank to the bottom, while he had a fierce sense of foreboding and looked at the Li family's people incomparably frightened.

        The Li family's people, were they really out of their minds?


        Li Huairen, however, gave him an indifferent look:.

        "The fact that my dog's son dared to offend Mr. Lin and would end up like this is entirely his own fault, no one can blame Mr. Lin!"

        "If Mr. Lin still doesn't feel relieved, I will break his hands on the spot!"


        The crowd couldn't believe their ears, what the hell is a real father saying?

        To curry favour with Lin Fan, he would go so far as to torture his own son?

        Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan with the look of a ghost, what kind of terrifying background did this guy have?

        And at this time!

        Wang Mingzhe only felt like he was going crazy!

        It was impossible, this guy was obviously a loser, what had happened to him in all these years?

        What had happened to him in all these years? How could he cause Guo Allen and Li Huairen to fall to their knees one after another?

        This... It was an illusion!


        At this moment, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth was curled up in an ironic arc, before indifferently spitting out the words.

        "Li family, may live!"


        These words were a godsend to the Li Family!

        Immediately, the entire Li family went completely crazy!

        All of the Li family members were in tears at this moment, and their faces were filled with ecstasy.

        Then they turned towards Lin Fan and kowtowed frantically.

        "Thank you, Mr. Lin! Thank you for sparing my life!"

        This scene caused everyone present to be horrified to death.

        This was like a dream.

        None of them had expected that the situation would turn around in such a way, they had all thought that Lin Fan was dead.

        But in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan had become an overlord who could determine a person's life and death with a single word!

        Even the Li family had to bend their knees and humbly beg for mercy!

        How domineering was this!

        However, at that very moment!

        Lin Fan was looking at Wang Mingzhe with a smirk, not a smile.

        "You like making people kneel down a lot?"


        These words were like a demonic voice, causing Wang Mingzhe's scalp to tingle and he looked at Lin Fan with a frightened expression.

        "You, what do you want?"

        Only then did he realise that the Lin Fan of today was no longer someone he could offend.

        Now he was truly isolated and helpless, and Lin Fan's mere words would be enough to cause him to die violently on the spot.

        He was already nervous to the extreme!

        Looking at Wang Mingzhe, whose face was white, a cold smile then appeared on Lin Fan's face.

        "It's nothing, I just want our Young Master Wang to kneel down in front of me!"