Today I Give Up Trying 1255-1256

 Chapter 1255


        The whole audience was shocked to the core by these words!

        To strike at this young man would be to make an enemy of the entire music world?

        Were they, like, hallucinating?

        How could a mere man have such power to influence the entire music industry?

        And Wang Mingzhe and the others were already completely stunned!

        "This can't be... You must be joking!"

        Wang Mingzhe was completely dumbfounded and couldn't believe his ears.

        One person, influencing the entire music industry?

        Even an existence like Guo Allen wouldn't dare to offend?

        This trash, how could he have such a terrifying background?


        Guo Allen instantly sneered and said.

        "The Hell Sonata, ever since it appeared, has been a sensation to the entire music world! And in just half a year's time, it was the number one song in the world, sought after and admired by countless master musicians!"

        "And its creator is regarded as a god and a legend by all the masters, a true master of masters! Do you know how many people have been struggling to track him down over the years?"

        "If I let them know that I have offended such an existence, then from now on I, Guo Allen, can be removed from the music world forever!"

        The words had just fallen!



        Drops of cold sweat littered Jiang Xin's and Zou Xiaoqin's foreheads, as they were about to piss themselves in fear.

        Lin Fan, how could he have such a terrifying background?

        And they dared to humiliate Lin Fan?

        This was like seeking death!

        They couldn't imagine that the trash they had just been taunting was an existence they couldn't afford to mess with in the blink of an eye.

        Even Guo Allen had to grovel, so they...

        At this instant, they all felt the urge to cry.


        Wang Mingzhe, who had already lost his mind, continued to argue with scarlet eyes, saying.

        "Impossible! I don't know what kind of piss he is? He's been a loser all his life, you must be mistaken!"

        "In my opinion, he just happens to know this song, he's not Mr. X as you say!"

        "Even if he really is Mr. X, so what, is he just a piano player? If you offend me, you'll still die!"

        Seeing this!

        Guo Allen then shook his head and didn't explain anything further.

        He could also see that Wang Mingzhe had lost his mind, and no matter what he said at this time, he would not believe him.

        At that moment!

        Guo Allen then sank his face and rebuked.

        "Needless to say, I am not going to make a move against Sir!"

        "Likewise, I won't let you take a shot at Mr. X either!"

        Mr. X, the idol of all musicians, is regarded as the saint of the music industry!

        Even Guo Allen was the same and revered him to the extreme, so he would never allow anyone, to harm his idol.


        Wang Mingzhe was immediately on fire, and a flash of resentment appeared in his eyes.

        "Guo Allen, calling you an uncle, you better not give shame!"

        Guo Allen, who had originally come to help him, had turned to Lin Fan without any warning, which made Wang Mingzhe feel that he had been hit hard in the face.

        "You can get lost!"

        Guo Allen's face was chilly, but he directly gave his expulsion order, unwilling to talk nonsense to Wang Mingzhe anymore.


        Wang Mingzhe's pupils shrank fiercely, and the hatred in his eyes intensified a few more points.

        He had never dreamed that the other party would be so unforgiving, going so far as to offend their Wang family for the sake of this trash, Lin Fan.


        Guo Allen, was simply insane!

        And just then, Guo Allen's bodyguards were unsuspectingly surrounding Wang Mingzhe and the others.

        Seeing this, Zou Xiaoqin and Jiang Xin, simply had to piss themselves on the spot in fear, their faces instantly turning white!

        "Young Wang, I... What should we do?"

        At this moment, even Wang Mingzhe's face was gloomy to the extreme, having never been as humiliated as this day since he was a child.

        However, just then!

        "Excuse me, is Lin Fan here?"

        A query, however, suddenly came from the entrance of the hotel.

        Wang Mingzhe looked at it with his eyes, and when he saw the group of people standing at the entrance, his pupils suddenly shrank.

        The Li family?

        Looking for Lin Fan?

        His mind suddenly recalled that some time ago, the son of the Li family, Li Xianghe, had been scrapped, and the name of the perpetrator also seemed to be Lin Fan?

        And now, it seemed that it was the same person!

        Now, the reason why the Li family had come here must be to take revenge!

        At that moment, a sinister smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said with an unkind smile.

        "Looks like the fun is just about to begin!"

        In the next instant, he rushed towards the Li family and shouted.

        "The perpetrator, Lin Fan, is here!"

Chapter 1256


        As soon as he heard this, Guo Allen immediately sensed that something was wrong, and immediately looked backwards nervously.

        And then!

        It was then that he saw Li Huai Ren and Li Sang Hyuk and the others, walking quickly towards this side, their faces gloomy to the extreme.


        When the guests around saw this, they were completely dumbfounded, this guy had actually offended the Li family, the local snake of Jiangbei?

        This was like seeking death!

        They were instantly terrified and made way for the Li family, as if they could already see the miserable scene of Lin Fan being shredded into pieces by the Li family.

        It wasn't just them!

        At this time, the panic on Zou Xiaoqin's and Jiang Xin's faces also instantly dissipated after seeing this scene, and then a strong sense of complacency and arrogance surfaced once again.

        They laughed gleefully!

        Zou Xiaoqin, in particular, was overjoyed at the sight of this scene, and then laughed wildly, saying

        "Hahahaha! Seeking death, you dare to offend the Li family? They're not comparable to Guo Allen, a musician, you're dead this time!"

        She didn't know how terrifying Mr X's influence was, she just thought he was a musician of some fame at best, and could not compare with the Li family, a well-known local snake in Jiangbei.

        And, most importantly, it was her who called the Li family!

        Zou Xiaoqin had an affair with Li Xianghe, and after being insulted by Lin Fan, she called Li Xianghe, intending to ask him to stand up for her.

        But for some reason, he didn't answer his phone, so Zou Xiaoqin had to tell him by WeChat that she was waiting for him at the hotel, and now he must have seen her message and rushed over.

        What she had never expected was that Li Sang-hyuk had been crippled and the person who had beaten him up was Lin Fan?

        What a godsend!

        At that moment!

        Zou Xiaoqin greeted Li Xianghe with a smile on her face.

        "Young Li, you're finally here!"

        At that moment, Li Huairen looked at Zou Xiaoqin, but his face sank.

        "Who are you?"

        "Dad, her name is Zou Xiaoqin, and she was the one who told us that Lin Fan was here."

        Li Xianghe said in a hurry.

        They were searching for Lin Fan tonight using all their networks, so the moment he saw Zou Xiaoqin's message, Li Xianghe subconsciously assumed that she already knew where Lin Fan was, so he had purposely rushed over.

        Little did he know that by mistake, Lin Fan was actually here!

        Li Huairen then nodded his head, before looking at Zou Xiaoqin.

        "Well done, from now on, my Li family owes you a favour, no matter what you ask for, my Li family will grant it!"


        Upon hearing these words, Zou Xiaoqin could not believe her ears, not only could she take revenge, she could also receive a favour from the Li family?

        You could ask for anything?

        Then, she could ask for a lot of money?

        Zou Xiaoqin was immediately overjoyed!

        She felt like she was about to become a billionaire!

        "Hahahaha! Lin Fan, you thought that talking about a broken song would save your dog's life? Now that the Li family is here, you're dead!"

        And at this moment, Wang Mingzhe was laughing in an extremely sinister and cruel manner, with an unkind hue in his eyes as he stared straight at Lin Fan.

        He couldn't wait to see the miserable state of Lin Fan's downfall.

        And then!

        Zou Xiaoqin then also looked at Lin Fan with a smug look on his face.

        "Hahahaha! Punk, I owe my glory and fortune to you, now you can go to hell!"

        Immediately after, he was saying to Li Sang-hyuk and the others.

        "Young Li, that bastard who broke your leg is right here, hurry up and get rid of him!"


        To death?

        Hearing these words, Li Huairen and Li Xianghe's father and son's scalps simply exploded.

        Fear suddenly appeared in their eyes!

        Calling Lin Zuo a bastard?

        And to tell them to kill Lin Zha?

        Immediately, all the Li family members looked so horrified that they could even kill Zou Xiaoqin!

        They had been looking for Lin Fan all night, intending to come and apologise in exchange for Lin Fan's forgiveness.

        How unexpected!

        With a single word, Zou Xiaoqin had pulled them into the opposite side of Lin Zuo once again!

        If this time, Lin Zuo descended into anger again, then their Li family could really be permanently removed from this world!

        Thinking of this, all the Li family members were going crazy!

        And then, Li Huairen threw a heavy slap at Zou Xiaoqin's face.


        A loud slap immediately caused the whole room...

        An eerie dead silence fell!