Today I Give Up Trying 1251-1252

 Chapter 1251


        An eerie silence fell over the entire room!

        Lin Fan?

        A master of masters?

        The crowd was instantly stunned and dismayed, and then they all stared at Lin Fan with a look that was like looking at an idiot.

        What had they heard?

        This punk was claiming to be a master among music masters?

        This, was simply ridiculous!

        Right then and there!

        Guo Allen's face was instantly iron blue as he sternly said.

        "So, you think you're better than me in terms of musical attainment?"

        At these words, Wang Mingzhe and the other three laughed coldly in contempt.

        "Lin Fan, why don't you take a look at yourself? How can you compare yourself to Uncle Guo with such a loser?"

        Wang Mingzhe looked at Lin Fan with a disgusted expression.

        "There are not more than ten hall of fame music masters like Uncle Guo in the world, and he is the only one in China who has won the Grammy Music Award, which is considered a national treasure artist."

        "Compared to him... Are you worthy?"

        And Jiang Xin even snorted sarcastically, saying.

        "The master of masters? I think you're the fool of fools, right?"

        "Zhang Yichen, is this the man you've fallen for? A cowboy king?"

        Everyone burst into laughter, their words all filled with contempt.

        It was obvious that they all thought it was ridiculous and shameful for a loser like Lin Fan, who knew nothing, to pretend to be a music master!

        Their disgust and disdain for Lin Fan grew!


        At this moment, Lin Fan ignored the mockery of the crowd, stared straight at Guo Allen, and answered his question.

        "In terms of musical attainment, you are not even qualified to carry my shoes!"


        When Lin Fan's words rang out, the entire box was in an uproar.

        Wang Mingzhe and the others, they couldn't believe their ears!

        Lin Fan, this was fucking crazy, right?

        Guo Allen was an internationally renowned music master, whose works were all widely acclaimed and many of his songs had even won awards, so I don't know how many famous singers had broken their heads trying to hire him to compose their songs.

        A man of his stature!

        He is already in the Hall of Fame and has won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the music industry, so he is already at the top of the ceiling.

        If you want to surpass such a figure, you have to be Chopin, Mozart or Chopin reincarnated!

        But Lin Fan... But Lin Fan... he says that such a legend is not even qualified to lift his own shoes?


        Immediately, Wang Mingzhe and the others became completely furious, and an even worse insult resounded continuously.

        "I'm convinced! I've never seen such shameless people in my life!"

        "That's right, a Hall of Fame music master is not even worthy of his shoes, how shameless does he have to be to say such shameless words?"

        "How disgusting! No wonder the Lin family had to sweep him out of the house, keeping such trash is simply corrupting the style of the family!"

        The entire box was suddenly noisy.

        As she listened to their harsh and mean insults, Zhang Yichen's face turned gloomy to the extreme, and she immediately wanted to retort.

        Because only she knew that Lin Fan was not bragging at all!

        A man who composed a few songs and made her an instant hit, topping the diva throne, what was he if not a music master?

        Even a master like Guo Allen had never tried to create a diva with just a few songs.

        But Lin Fan has done just that!

        This alone made Lin Fan a hundred times better than Guo Allen!


        Without waiting for her to say anything, Guo Allen, who had an iron face, was staring at Lin Fan with extreme ferocity, a chilling arc appearing at the corner of his lips.

        "Good, then now please, Maestro, play a song for us!"

        "But if the piece you play is not up to international standards, then what you will have to stay here today is not a pair of legs, but..."

        "Your life!!!"

Chapter 1252

The moment these words were spoken!

        Wang Mingzhe and the others were simply going crazy with joy, and a pair of narrow and mischievous gazes converged on Lin Fan's body at this instant.


        Now you're playing with fire, right?

        If he angered Guo Allen, he would be left here, not to mention his legs!

        As far as they were concerned, Lin Fan was a fool who was seeking his own death!

        How dare he play himself to death!

        That was ridiculous, wasn't it?

        In an instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a joke.

        And under the contemptuous gazes of the crowd, Lin Fan was calmly smiling as the corner of his mouth curled up.


        "Fine, fine, then what are you waiting for? Please?"

        Guo Allen made an inviting gesture to Lin Fan, but the coldness and killing intent in his eyes grew thicker and thicker: "Don't let me down, or else you'll have to wait.

        "Don't let me down, or I'll make you desperate today!"

        At these words!

        Wang Mingzhe and the others' gazes could not help but grow a few more degrees colder, for in their eyes, Lin Fan was already a dead man.

        It was because the only way Lin Fan could barely save a life was to play a piece that would be enough to amaze such a great event as Guo Allen.

        But that was not possible!

        Lin Fan then walked straight out of the box, towards the piano in the middle of the hotel, and walked over.

        "What does this man want? Is he going to play?"

        The hotel guests, seeing Lin Fan sitting on the piano chair, also stopped and stared at him with anticipation.


        At that moment, the crowd saw that Lin Fan pressed the piano keys.

        The rusty and unnatural look was as if someone who was touching the piano for the first time was pressing it in a comical manner.

        This action immediately made the whole audience burst into laughter!

        "Hahahaha! Is that the level? What a master, master braggart!"

        Seeing such a rusty technique from Lin Fan, that Zou Xiaoqin instantly burst into laughter and trembled.

        "Do you have to disgrace yourself once more before you die? What a clown!"

        Jiang Xin had a contemptuous look on her face, originally thinking that Lin Fan dared to be so arrogant, he must have some real skills, otherwise how could he dare to show off his skills at Guo Allen's door?

        But now it seems that this guy is purely pretending!

        This level of play can only be likened to rubbish!

        And on the other side!

        Wang Mingzhe, who saw this, showed an expression of disdain, saying to Guo Allen, "That's true".

        "Uncle Guo, there's no need to look any further, this guy is a joke! Let's just kill him!"

        It wasn't just them!

        Even those guests who were full of expectations were disappointed after hearing Lin Fan play the first note.

        And then they shook their heads in contempt and let out a burst of piercing mockery.

        "No way? How dare you go on stage with that level?"

        "I'll go, I'll go on I'm fine, isn't that just messing around?"

        "What the hell is this guy doing up there? To make a fool of himself?"

        Hearing the chatter of the crowd, that Guo Allen's face was completely gloomy.

        He deeply realised that he had let this dog fool him!

        He didn't know anything about music at all, and now he was just stalling for time.

        At once!

        With a fierce wave of his hand, he was about to order his men to finish Lin Fan off on the spot.


        At that very moment!

        The corners of Lin Fan's mouth fiercely lifted into a cocky smile, and then his eyes snapped.

        Those ten fingers, at this instant, smashed onto the keys with extreme fury!


        A piercing sound that seemed to tear the eardrums of the ears cut through the entire hotel in an instant!

        The sound was the most desperate of all!

        It was like the whistling of a ghost and was extremely penetrating!

        With just a single note, the whole room fell into a dead silence and everyone was frozen.

        But at that moment, a sense of fear rose up in their hearts, and they looked at Lin Fan on the stage with immense fear!

        It was as if hell was about to break loose!

        At the same time!

        At the same time, the moment that tone sounded, Guo Allen fell to the ground in complete terror!

        His face was suddenly ashen!

        As if he had seen a ghost, he screamed at the top of his lungs.

        "This music is opening... It can't be! It can't be!!!"