Today I Give Up Trying 1249-1250

 Chapter 1249


        Everyone looked at the place where the voice came from, and saw an elegant middle-aged man, with a group of black-clad bodyguards, striding over.

        His face, upon seeing Wang Mingzhe's miserable state, instantly turned gloomy to the extreme.

        Seeing the other party's arrival, Wang Mingzhe instantly looked like he had seen a saviour.

        A look of triumph appeared on his face as he laughed wildly.

        "Lin Fan, my saviour has arrived, and you still want to kill me? In another life!"

        With that, he was looking towards the middle-aged man and shouted.

        "Uncle Guo, these two adulterous couples want to murder their own husbands, you have to save me!"

        "Guo... Alan Guo?"

        The moment she saw that middle-aged man, Zhang Yichen's delicate body instantly trembled, her face instantly turning pale.

        "You know him?"

        Lin Fan asked with a frown.

        "He... He's a first-class international musician, a hall-of-fame master! Having developed tracks for many international divas and kings, he is a legendary existence in the music world."

        "His admirers are countless! Many international superstars, are his disciples!"

        Zhang Yichen said uneasily, obviously knowing that the other party was a big deal, even this hotel was also the other party's property.

        She just didn't expect that Wang Mingzhe would know such a person.

        Guo Allen came to Lin Fan and the two of them, a strong hostility flooding his eyes.

        "You two dare to cause trouble in my hotel and injure my VIPs?"

        "This is, not putting me, Guo Allen, in your eyes?"

        Zhang Yichen opened her mouth and just wanted to explain.

        But Guo Allen rudely interrupted and angrily rebuked, saying

        "Kneel down! Admit your mistake!"

        As soon as she heard this, a trace of bitterness appeared at the corner of Zhang Yichen's mouth, and her delicate body trembled slightly as she wanted to kneel down.

        "Haha, Zhang Yichen, I never thought that you would have a day!"

        At the same time, another sneer came from the doorway.

        Zou Xiaoqin was seen twisting her waist and swinging her hips as she walked in with a gloating face.

        Wang Mingzhe frowned and stared at Zou Xiaoqin.

        "Who are you?"

        From the moment Wang Mingzhe broke the door, Zou Xiaoqin had been watching from the doorway, and after learning that Wang Mingzhe was the youngest member of the Wang family, she was in a state of spring.

        She was thinking about how to get this young man from a wealthy family.

        When she heard about Wang Mingzhe, Zou Xiaoqin was so excited that she said, "I'm this loser's boyfriend.

        "The only person who can make my heart flutter is a talented young man like you..."

        "That Zhang Yichen is simply blind, she doesn't want such a perfect man like you, but chooses a loser as her boyfriend, an idiot like her is not worthy of you, why don't you consider me?"

        Saying that, she also deliberately squeezed her furrow and threw a winks at Wang Mingzhe.

        Zou Xiaoqin's words made Wang Mingzhe feel more than welcome, especially after seeing the white patch of the collar, he felt his mouth was dry.

        At that moment!

        But also a lewd smile: "Later, leave a contact!"

        Once he heard this!

        Zou Xiaoqin was on the verge of crying with excitement, nodding like a dog, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

        It was as if being able to serve Wang Mingzhe in bed was the greatest honor in her life.

        And then!

        Wang Mingzhe slowly got up, a touch of resentment in his eyes as he stared at Lin Fan and Zhang Yichen with a deadly stare.

        "Kneeling down and admitting your mistakes is not enough!"

        "For the men, be crippled and thrown out!"

        "For the female, the whole industry will be permanently banned!"

        He wanted to make this pair of dogs worse than death!

        Once he heard these words!

        Zou Xiaoqin was overjoyed and laughed loudly.

        "Retribution! This is what you get for insulting me! Zhang Yichen, aren't you arrogant? What about the diva?"

        "After today, you'll be nothing!"

        At the same time!

        Guo Allen's face also sank as he ordered his men.

        "Just do what Ming Zhe said!"

Chapter 1250

"Master Guo, Wang Mingzhe is lying, it's clear that he did it first, he's turning black and white upside down."

        Zhang Yichen hurriedly explained, so anxious that his voice changed its tone.


        Guo Allen, however, merely glanced at her indifferently and sneered.

        "I didn't see that, I only saw you guys plotting against Ming Zhe!"


        Zhang Yichen instantly froze, an incredulous look appearing on her face.

        She couldn't believe that Guo Allen, the hall of fame music master, was such a shameless villain.

        This, was simply a clear intention to appease Wang Mingzhe!

        And at this moment!

        Wang Mingzhe and the others all showed their contempt one after another, secretly mocking Zhang Yichen's naivety.

        At this time, no matter what Zhang Aichen said, it would not change the ending of being banned, because Guo Allen was on their side.

        "Zhang Yichen, don't say I won't give you a chance, as long as you kneel down and apologise to me now and get into my bed tonight, then I will consider letting you off the hook!"

        Wang Mingzhe laughed sorrowfully, as if he was sure that Zhang Yichen would not dare to refuse, and was already imagining in his mind the scene of ravaging Zhang Yichen tonight.

        "Zhang Yichen, this is your last chance, don't be insensitive! If you offend Young Wang, even our company can't protect you!"

        Jiang Xin also scolded Zhang Yichen, saying.

        "Just sleeping with you for one night and you can keep your position as a diva, don't you like to sing? With the Wang family backing you up, you can not only become the Queen of Songs in China, but also an international Queen of Songs!"


        "You're dreaming! Even if I die, I won't submit to you!"

        Zhang Yichen shouted hysterically and angrily.

        She already had her heart, how could she fall in love with another man?

        Whether Lin Fan admitted it or not, Zhang Yichen had long considered herself to be Lin Fan's woman.

        For Lin Fan, even if she had to give up her singing career, which she loved the most, she would not hesitate to do so.

        Little did she know!

        This decision of hers had caused Wang Mingzhe's eyes to crack!

        He had actually been outclassed by a loser?

        This was simply a strange shame!

        "Fine, since you would rather choose a trash than be with me, then from today onwards, you can say goodbye to your beloved singing career, forever!"

        Wang Mingzhe had a sinister face and his eyes were flooded with resentment.

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        "In addition, I will also put pressure on the Zhang family to have you swept out of the house!"

        "Without the shelter of the Zhang family, you bitch, it won't be long before you die at Zhang Lei's hands, hahaha!"

        Hearing these words!

        Zhang Yichen's face was instantly white, and her heart surged with dense panic.

        "Uncle Guo, how long does it take to block a diva?"

        At those words!

        Guo Allen, however, smiled contemptuously and coldly said.

        "A Chinese star, it's not like it's an international superstar, it doesn't take a day, it's just a matter of a phone call!"

        It's over!

        This bitch is finished!

        Upon hearing this, that Zou Xiaoqin was simply going crazy with joy and laughed loudly, saying.

        "You bitch dare to insult me? How did it turn out, the moment you turn your head, you've fallen on your face, what an eye opener!"

        And at this moment, Jiang Xin was also looking at Zhang Yichen with extreme disgust, saying with contempt.

        "You don't want to have a good future, but choose a wasteful outcast! Zhang Yichen, you're really not your usual lowly self!"


        "With such moral character, how can you deserve to be called a master?"

        A contemptuous sneer suddenly rang out!

        And then!

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan in unison.

        But soon, they all looked at each other with disdain. This trash probably knew that he was doomed, so he was just being self-congratulatory?


        And that Guo Allen also pulled the corners of his mouth, and asked a contemptuous question in return.

        "If I'm not a music master, could it be you?"

        Lin Fan shook his head and said.

        "I'm not a music master!"


        The crowd snorted and rolled their eyes in unison.

        Wasn't this nonsense?

        With a punk like you, how could you possibly be a music master?

        Only, Lin Fan's next words caused the entire room, to completely explode!

        "Because, I'm the master of masters!"