Today I Give Up Trying 1247-1248

 Chapter 1247

Wang Mingzhe had never dreamed that he would run into Lin Fan in Jiangcheng.

        This guy, still alive?

        "Young Wang, you know this guy?" The woman asked, puzzled.

        A look of contempt immediately appeared on Wang Mingzhe's face, of course he knew him, the wasteful outcast of the Lin family in the capital!


        At these words, the two women in the room trembled, and a strong look of horror appeared on their faces, obviously scared to death.

        The Lin family, the most powerful family in the capital!

        A powerful family that commanded the entire capital, with forces spread across the country and worshipped by all the worlds!

        Even an existence like the Wang Family was merely a dog at the Lin Family's heels.

        This is a true plutocracy!

        Monopolising dozens of industries, a few of which were even new energy projects that were enough to dominate a country's development.

        Every company of some note in the country can be said to have ties to the Lin family, and they are like a shadow hanging over the whole of China...

        They are like a shadow over the whole of China...

        And Lin Fan came from such a top-notch family?

        The woman was first shocked, but after hearing the word "outcast", she snorted with contempt and said.

        "After all this, he's just a trash who's been swept away, isn't he?"

        She had also heard that the Lin family had a wasteful outcast who had been swept away from the capital at the age of ten.

        Such a trash was worse than a dog, what was there to fear?

        An outcast?

        The Lin family?

        These two words were like a sharp blade, viciously attacking Lin Fan's heart.

        His eyes were filled with a violent and murderous aura, scarlet in colour!

        The Lin family had treated him as a disgrace since he was born, humiliating and torturing him in every way.

        His childhood was spent in one severe beating after another, and almost every day Lin Fan's body carried wounds.

        His mother, however protective, would also be severely beaten, and even once again both mother and son were severely beaten and hospitalised.

        The year he turned ten, his mother finally died of depression, on the verge of dying in her bed, and the Lin family cruelly swept him, at the age of only ten, off his feet.

        If he had not met the old madman later, Lin Fan would have frozen to death on that bitter winter night.

        But who would have thought that he, who was regarded as a disgrace by the Lin family, would be a martial arts wizard. After only three years of training under the old madman, he was able to kill international giants on his own and become the Dark Emperor.

        But after all these years, Lin Fan still can't forget...

        The Lin family that had killed his mother!

        The Lin family that wanted to kill him!

        Right then and there!

        A contemptuous smile also surfaced on Wang Mingzhe's face:.

        "Lin Fan, it's been a long time since I've seen you, and I almost didn't recognise you. But you really are just as much of a loser as you were back then!"

        Looking at the extremely cheap clothing on Lin Fan, Wang Mingzhe subconsciously thought that Lin Fan was a useless waste.


        Faced with the other party's insult, Lin Fan's voice grew cold and stern:.

        "I told you to get lost, don't you understand?"

        [] What!

        Wang Mingzhe's smile completely froze, followed by a thick scowl that surfaced.

        "Haven't seen you for more than ten years, your guts have grown! How dare you talk to me like that, have you forgotten how you were abused by us when you were a child?"

        "Now, I'll give you a chance to live! Kneel down and kowtow to me and apologise, then swear never to contact this bitch Zhang Yichen again, and I'll let you go!"

        Wang Mingzhe was extremely pleased with himself, and the look he gave Lin Fan was filled with contempt.

        Such a punk is worthy to steal a woman from me, Wang Mingzhe?

        What a joke!

        As soon as he heard this, Jiang Xin, who was next to him, also shouted openly at Lin Fan: "Are you deaf?

        "Are you deaf? It's a rare occasion that our Young Wang is generous enough not to bother with you, you trash, so why don't you kneel down!"

        Looking at Jiang Xin, Zhang Yichen was instantly shocked and said incredulously.

        "Sister Jiang, how dare you betray me?"

        This Jiang Xin was Zhang Yichen's manager, and the news of her appearance here tonight was only known to a few people, including Jiang Xin.

        Wang Mingzhe, however, had come directly to her, obviously because Jiang Xin had secretly snitched on her.

        The person closest to her had betrayed her?


        Jiang Xin's face was not half guilty, but instead, she angrily said.

        "Zhang Yichen, don't be insensitive, I'm doing this for your sake, don't forget your status, you're the future daughter-in-law of the Wang family!"

        "If you do anything out of the ordinary, your future will be ruined, and even the Zhang family will be in trouble."

        "No way!"

        Zhang Yichen screamed out of breath, with a look of dismay on her face.

        "When did I agree to become the Wang family's daughter-in-law?"

        At those words!

        Wang Mingzhe then laughed fiercely.

        "You didn't say yes, but Zhang Lei did!"

        Zhang Lei?

        Zhang Yichen's expression froze and her face turned completely white.

        Everyone in the capital knew that Wang Mingzhe was a pervert who was extremely cruel in bed, and all the women who had been with him had ended up miserable.

        Zhang Lei had betrothed himself to him, and this was pushing himself into the fire!

        Previously, Zhang Lei had hired the Blood Wolf and the Blood Faust to kill Zhang Yichen and usurp the Zhang family's headship, but Lin Fan was able to defeat him.

        However, he had never expected that the thieves would still be so determined that they would jump out again.

        When hard measures did not work, Zhang Lei planned to take soft measures and betrothed her to Wang Mingzhe because he knew that she could not refuse.

        When faced with the Wang family, even the Zhang family had to bow down and submit to them.

        How could she, a small star, stand up to such a huge power?

        This was, killing by borrowing a knife!


        Zhang Yichen sat helplessly on the ground, her face already covered with tears of despair.

        This was the end of her life!


        Just when Zhang Yichen was in despair.

        A shocking voice rang out like thunder at this instant.

        "Wang Family, what's there to fear from a mere mere ant?"

Chapter 1248


        At these words, both Wang Mingzhe and Jiang Xin were completely frozen.

        Their eyes were wide with dismay as they couldn't believe their ears.

        A trash who had been abandoned by his family had gone so far as to say that the titular Wang Family was a mere pest?

        Who had given him the confidence?

        This was not just a wild statement, it was a deliberate attempt to kill him!

        At that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe's face was completely gloomy.

        "Shame on you! Then today, I'll make you realize that you're a loser!"

        With these words!

        He pounced on Lin Fan and threw a fist towards him.

        Seeing this!

        Jiang Xin laughed gleefully, and then taunted Zhang Yichen, saying.

        "Zhang Yichen, Young Wang's master is a veritable sect master, your concubine is finished!"

        "If you don't want to be unlucky later, you should apologise to Young Wang and serve him comfortably in bed tonight."

        "Otherwise, after tomorrow, there will be no more people like you, Zhang Yichen, in the entertainment industry."


        Just then, a bone cracking sound rang out crisply.

        And then, Jiang Xin saw in horror that Wang Mingzhe's figure was like being hit by a train as it flew out with a bang and hit the ground heavily.


        Wang Mingzhe vomited blood on the spot, and half of his face was split open.

        He had, to his surprise, been sent flying by Lin Fan with a slap!


        The terrifying pain instantly came from his cheek and quickly swept through his entire body, causing Wang Mingzhe to hiss miserably.


        How could this be!

        Looking at Wang Mingzhe, who had half of his face completely rotted away, Jiang Xin only felt like she was dreaming.

        Wang Mingzhe was a disciple of a sect master, yet he ended up letting Lin Fan, with a single slap, cripple him?

        This, was simply an illusion!

        "Bastard! Lin Fan, you cheap bastard!"

        "How dare you hit me, I want you to die! I'll make sure you die!"

        Wang Mingzhe roared hideously, already completely furious, he had allowed a trash he had once stepped on to beat him up?



        At this moment, Wang Mingzhe wanted to break Lin Fan into pieces!

        "Zhang Yichen, and you bitch! How dare you let your concubine beat me up, I want the entire entertainment industry to completely ban you and make you lose your reputation!"


        No sooner had he said the words than he suddenly felt a chilling sensation sweep through his heart.

        And then, it was a fierce and frightening look towards Lin Fan.

        Only to see a wicked smile appearing on Lin Fan's face.

        "It seems that you can't understand human words!"

        "Since you don't want to get lost, then... Stay here forever!"


        At that moment!

        Wang Mingzhe then snapped his mouth shut, followed by a thick look of shock appearing on his face.

        Killing Qi!

        A killing aura that was so strong that it was extreme!

        He had never dreamed that that obsequious fellow back then would have such a terrifying murderous aura pervading his body.

        It was as if he had experienced hundreds or thousands of killings and had finally sharpened it to the point of ferocity.

        As he watched Lin Fan walk towards him, Wang Mingzhe was immediately scared to death.

        This guy, was he really planning to kill himself?

        "Brother Lin, don't!"

        Zhang Yichen immediately shouted in panic, behind the Wang family stood the leading magnate Lin family.

        She didn't want to cause Lin Fan to anger that kind of terrifying existence because of herself.

        Lin Fan glanced at her and said indifferently, "Do you want to marry him?"

        "Of course I don't want to!"

        Zhang Yichen laughed bitterly, she was so disgusted with Wang Mingzhe, how could she possibly want to marry him?

        "Then I'll kill him for you, and once he's dead, you won't have to marry him."

        An understatement!

        As casually as if they were saying they were going to trample an ant to death.

        But in the ears of Wang Mingzhe and Jiang Xin, it was deafening.

        If they killed the young master of the Wang family, there would be no place for Lin Fan in future China.

        He was looking for death!

        This guy was simply looking for death!

        A madman!

        This fellow, he was simply a madman!

        But just as Lin Fan was about to kill...

        "Stop it!"

        A mighty rebuke suddenly rang out!