Today I Give Up Trying 1245-1246

 Chapter 1245


        Zou Xiaoqin covered her face, and her eyes felt like they were about to burst out of their sockets!

        She was terrified to the extreme!

        At this moment, she couldn't believe her ears.

        A man that even the diva could not even beg?

        Just this poor bastard?

        This... How could this be!

        It wasn't just her.

        After hearing Zhang Yichen's shocking words, all the people in the audience were also petrified.

        Their expressions were completely dumbfounded!

        A pair of shocked gazes stared at Lin Fan dead on at this very moment.

        The Empress of Heaven was actually pursuing this man who looked so ordinary, were they dreaming?

        Their goddess was so noble and beautiful, how could she possibly look at such a mere mortal?

        This was impossible!

        At this instant, everyone stared in disbelief, hardly believing their ears.

        And Zou Xiaoqin was also completely dumbfounded, she only felt her heart pounding and beating wildly.

        "Zhang Yichen, you... You're saying you're courting this guy?"

        "But he's obviously a dead poor guy, this kind of trifling person, I can't even see him on a blind date, you must be joking, right?"

        The gazes of the people in the audience were also full of shock as they stared at Zhang Aichen, seemingly eagerly waiting for her to give an answer.

        As we all know, since her debut, Zhang Aichen has never been rumoured to have any scandal, and all the big and powerful families have tried to marry her, but Zhang Aichen has turned a blind eye to it.

        And now, she is openly confessing her love for a mediocre man in front of a large audience?

        What the hell... It's a nightmare!

        "A blind date?"

        Zhang Yichen was instantly stunned, and then after glancing around, she said in shock.

        "Brother Lin, why are you sitting at a blind date venue?"

        Lin Fan was also confused, and only then did he see a signboard not far away that said that a small blind date party was being held here this evening.

        He scratched his head in embarrassment as well.

        "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention!"

        "I told you, how could your eyesight be so poor."

        Zhang Yichen snorted coldly, knowing that this woman had nothing to do with Lin Fan made her feel much better.


        As soon as she heard this, Zou Xiaoqin's face swished down to a gloomy look:.

        "You... What do you mean?"

        With these words, Zhang Yichen was clearly saying that she was not good.

        "It doesn't mean anything, I simply feel that you can't look at a man that I can't even ask for..."

        With a contemptuous look on her face, Zhang Yichen said.

        "Oh, this lady, your vision is really high!"

        This comment immediately resonated with her fans' fans.

        Right then and there!

        One by one, they all then cast contemptuous glances at Zou Xiaoqin, as if they were watching a joke.

        "What a self-serving woman, how can a man who makes even a diva swoon for him be matched with a green tea?"

        "That's right, how could a man that even a phoenix favours for, look at a mountain chicken?"

        "She still has the face to look down on others, how shameless! I guess he doesn't even care about her, this kind of woman is nothing compared to our Zhang Yichen."

        In their opinion, Lin Fan must have an extremely terrifying background if he could win Zhang Yichen's favour.

        And yet Zou Xiaoqin dared to despise him, she simply had eyes without pearls!


        Hearing Zhang Yichen's sarcasm, and the accusations of the crowd, Zou Xiaoqin's face instantly felt ugly to the extreme.

        It only felt like at this time, her dignity and pride had all been trampled on in an instant!

        The man she despised had been confessed to by the diva in front of the public.

        At this moment, she was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole in the ground.

        However, what Zhang Yichen said next caused Zou Xiaoqin to become extremely ashamed.

        She saw Zhang Yichen smile faintly.

        "Brother Lin, since she can't see you, then you should begrudgingly obey me, after all, she can't even see you, so her future husband should be the lord of a country, you don't stand a chance."

        And with those words!

        Then he stopped paying attention to Zou Xiaoqin, who was already frantic to the extreme, and dragged Lin Fan towards his reserved box.

        Faced with the taunting gazes of the crowd, Zou Xiaoqin's face instantly appeared thick with shame.

        "Dogs and men, I will definitely not let you go!"

Chapter 1246

For tonight's date, Zhang Yichen had purposely booked the best private room in this hotel.

        For one night, it would cost millions!

        The two of them took their seats one after another.

        And at this time, Zhang Yichen, who didn't know what she was thinking about, couldn't help but blush her cheeks.


        Zhang Yichen then asked aloud as if she had gathered her courage.

        "Brother Lin, do you... What do you think of me?"


        Lin Fan was stunned, not knowing why Zhang Yichen suddenly asked this question.

        But he still gave a pertinent reply.

        "You're quite good, you have a good personality and you're pretty too!"

        "I... That's not what I'm asking, I'm asking if I could be a girlfriend?"

        Zhang Yichen looked at Lin Fan with expectation in her eyes, she had already made up her mind that she would take Lin Fan no matter what today.

        Even if she couldn't be the first wife, it wouldn't matter if she was the third.

        Although this, might seem a bit shameless, but who had let her fall for this man's poison?

        She could never fall in love with anyone other than Lin Fan!

        Lin Fan froze for a moment, then smiled and said.

        "You're a very good woman, you're talented and beautiful, and you're deep in the mire that is the entertainment industry, yet you're still out of the mud, clean and pure!"

        "If you ever become someone's girlfriend, it will be the perfect girlfriend!"

        Two simple words, but they had already made Zhang Yichen, wet her eyes.

        These were the most touching words of love in the world!

        It was the best compliment in the world!

        It was even more exciting and ecstatic than her becoming a diva.

        Because these words came from Lin Fan's mouth!

        She clutched Lin Fan's hand with both hands and bit her lips to keep from crying out.

        "Then what if I say, I want to be your..."



        Before they could finish their words, the door to their compartment was violently kicked open.

        And then!

        A man and a woman rushed in, the man's face was gloomy and the woman's face was contemptuous, both staring at Zhang Yichen in an unkind manner.

        The moment she saw the man, Zhang Yichen's face instantly turned white and a strong sense of unease and fear emerged.

        It was as if the man who came was a beast of prey!

        Wang Mingzhe!

        The eldest grandson of the Wang family, a powerful family in the capital!

        The status of the Wang family in the capital was not comparable to that of the Zhang family, and it was rumoured that for three generations, the Wang family had a red background.

        Unlike other powerful families, they don't just have money, they also have power!

        And, power over the world!

        Most importantly, the Wang family had another identity, that of the number one powerful family in the capital, the lapdog of the Lin family!


        It was no wonder that Zhang Yichen had been scared out of her wits the moment she saw the other party.

        "Zhang Yichen, you bitch! I've asked you out so many times and you didn't give a shit about me, and now you're having dinner with a wild man?"

        The man jumped like a thunderstorm, directly up and overturned the table, arrogantly saying.

        "In China, no one has ever dared to disrespect me, I think you are looking for death!"

        "Wang Mingzhe, are you crazy?"

        A carefully planned confession was ruined by Wang Mingzhe, and Zhang Yichen immediately cried out in anger.

        "Yoo-hoo, how dare you yell at me? Do you really consider yourself a diva?"

        Wang Mingzhe laughed coldly and said angrily.

        "In other people's eyes, you're a diva! But in my eyes, you're just a lowly playboy that I can play with whenever I want!"

        "If you want to fight... Just fight!"

        At the end of his sentence, Wang Mingzhe raised his hand and swung it viciously towards Zhang Yichen's cheek.

        Zhang Yichen screamed in fear, her pretty face suddenly white, her hands helplessly holding her head, scared to the extreme.


        After waiting for a few moments, the expected slap did not come until later!

        Zhang Yichen opened her eyes in confusion, and then she saw that Lin Fan's hand was like an iron vise, clasping Wang Mingzhe's hand in a deadly grip.

        A touch of fury had coalesced between his eyebrows, and he shouted violently.


        In the next instant!

        Wang Mingzhe retreated several steps in quick succession, then stumbled and fell to the ground.

        "Young Wang, are you alright?"

        The woman hurriedly went to help Wang Mingzhe, while viciously glaring back at Lin Fan.

        "You dog, how dare you make a move on Young Wang? Do you know who he is? He's the only child of the Wang family in the capital, you're dead!"

        And at this time!

        That Wang Shao, then, stared at Lin Fan with an incredulous expression, and froze for a long time before asking in disbelief.

        "Are you... Lin Fan?"