Today I Give Up Trying 1243-1244

 Chapter 1243

Watching Wen Qian, tearing her heart out, being dragged down.

        But Bai Yi's heart was also full of mixed feelings.

        She hadn't wanted this to happen, but Wen Qian had gone too far, trying to put her and her husband to death at every turn.

        If it were anyone else, there was no way she could easily forgive, and the best she could do was just not to retaliate against Wen Qian.

        "I don't want word to get out about what happened tonight, do you understand?"

        Lin Fan's eyes were grim as he steeply looked around.


        The people who heard this were contemptuous, and they sneered in their hearts: what a foxy guy!

        If it weren't for your wife, you'd be nothing!

        How dare you threaten us!

        "You hear that?"

        Seeing the disdain of the crowd, the Grand Elder shouted violently, his voice as loud as a bell, deafening.

        The crowd instantly shivered in unison and nodded their heads honestly.

        "Mr. Lin, Miss Bai Yi, I will see you off!"

        The Grand Elder turned his head and respectfully escorted the two of them, Lin Fan, out of this engagement party.

        As soon as they left, a wry smile appeared on the faces of all the people present.

        Offending the Jiangbei Xiao family!

        Stealing the Queen's necklace!

        In their eyes, Lin Fan and Bai Yi were already dead people!


        "Brother Lin, are you free today? I want to treat you to a meal!"

        A few days later in the afternoon, Lin Fan suddenly received an invitation from Zhang Yichen.

        Lin Fan wanted to refuse, but Zhang Yichen had obviously anticipated this and said beforehand.

        "It won't take you long, I have something very important to say to you."

        Lin Fan was in tears and could only agree, saying.

        "Alright then, you can tell me where the address is."

        When he hung up the phone, Zhang Yichen was instantly filled with joy, jumping up from his chair in a flash and saying with a face full of excitement.

        "Great! Brother Lin has agreed to go on a date with me! Xiao Nan, please help me pick out my clothes for tonight's date!"

        "Sister Ariel, you're a diva, a goddess in the hearts of many men around the world, isn't it just a meeting with a man? As for being so nervous?"

        That Xiao Nan was surprised, it was the first time she saw that Zhang Aichen cared so much about a man.

        "What do you know, an existence like Big Brother Lin is not comparable to ordinary men?"

        Zhang Yichen was instantly enraged: "If it wasn't for him, I would have been a lot happier.

        "If it wasn't for him, I, Zhang Aichen, wouldn't be qualified to become a diva at all!"

        "If you dare to speak ill of Big Brother Lin again, you can go to the finance department to receive your salary!"


        That Xiao Nan was instantly terrified to the core, and no longer dared to speak nonsense.

        It was seven o'clock in the evening!

        Lin Fan then arrived at the hotel where he had met, and casually found a seat.


        Just then, a wonderful girl suddenly sat in front of him, heavily made up and enchanting, but with a superior posture.

        The moment she saw Lin Fan, a look of contempt surfaced on her face.

        "Get started, I'm in a hurry! Do you have a house and a car?"


        Lin Fan was stunned for a moment, then he laughed dumbly, did the other party take him for a blind date?

        Seeing Lin Fan giggling, Zou Xiaoqin's face suddenly sank.

        "I'm asking you, are you deaf? Yes or no?"

        "Let me tell you first, my Zou Xiaoqin's conditions are very high, don't even think about hitting on me for anything less than a $10 million house or a $1 million car!"

        At the other party's self-consciousness, Lin Fan only felt amused, and then shook his head.

        "I think you've misunderstood, in fact I..."

        "Actually what?"

        Zou Xiaoqin was the first to interrupt, with a thick look of contempt on her face: "Actually, you're a dead poor man.

        "In fact, you're a dead poor man? Oh, I've already seen that!"

        "You're a poor man, and you're still on a blind date, why don't you take a piss and look at yourself, you're wasting my time.

        I said!

        Zou Xiaoqin swept a disgusted glance at Lin Fan, and wanted to get up and leave.


        At that moment, there was a commotion at the entrance.

        "Mandarin Diva Zhang Yichen is here!"

Chapter 1244

Zhang Yichen?

        Zou Xiaoqin suddenly lit up, that was the top female singer in China, and even more so, the goal she was fighting for.

        Now, she was here?

        She was not dreaming, was she?

        And just at that moment, Lin Fan was standing up abruptly.

        Seeing this!

        Zou Xiaoqin was instantly on fire and angrily rebuked.

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        "Who gave you permission to get up, hurry up and get lost, don't lose my face later when people think we know each other!"


        Lin Fan, however, didn't even look at her, and waved towards Zhang Yichen, who was walking towards the door.


        Zou Xiaoqin instantly snorted and sneered.

        "Big brother, you're not trying to tell me that you know Zhang Yichen, are you?"

        "She's a top diva in the Chinese music industry, don't you even look at what you are, are you worthy of knowing her?"

        In an instant, the disgust and sarcasm on Zou Xiaoqin's face grew thicker and thicker.

        It was true that there were strange people every year, and even on a blind date, one could meet such a foolish man.

        "I don't just know her, I will also be having dinner with her later!"

        Lin Fan smiled faintly.


        Lin Fan's words instantly caused Zou Xiaoqin to freeze.

        Having dinner with Zhang Yichen?

        Just you, a poor man?

        What a joke!

        Immediately, a flash of anger surfaced in her eyes as she coldly rebuked.

        "Are you playing with me? How can a poor man like you deserve to have dinner with Zhang Aizhen?"

        "Do you know how much it costs to have dinner with her? A million! And just to eat and do nothing, even then, there are countless men lining up to ask her her out!"

        "What about you? Do you, a poor man, have a million dollars?"

        But just as Zou Xiaoqin was about to continue attacking Lin Fan with even more vicious and mean words.

        Then a shocking scene suddenly came into her eyes!

        She saw Lin Fan not only waving, but also shouting.

        "Yichen, this way!"


        Lin Fan's words immediately caused Zou Xiaoqin to be instantly stunned, unable to believe her eyes.

        This guy, was he crazy?

        How dare he directly greet the diva and even address her as "Yichen" in such an intimate manner?

        When she reacted, the disgust on Zou Xiaoqin's face was so thick that it was extreme.

        "You idiot, don't drag me along if you're looking for death, in case you anger Zhang Yichen, you'll be in trouble!"

        A poor man who dared to molest the Queen of Heaven, this is simply looking for death!

        And at that moment!

        Zhang Yichen then noticed Lin Fan, but saw that there was a sultry woman standing beside Lin Fan.


        Under the influence of jealousy, her face was completely gloomy and she walked over in an aggressive manner.

        It was quite like she was asking for punishment!

        Seeing that Zhang Yichen's face did not look right, Zou Xiaoqin thought that she was completely furious because of Lin Fan's molestation.

        At that moment, she was gritting her teeth and glaring at Lin Fan.

        "Damn poor devil, sweeper, I've caused you a lot of trouble!"

        When she saw Zhang Yichen getting closer, Zou Xiaoqin greeted him with a smile on her face: "Zhang Yichen, I...

        "Zhang Yichen, I... I don't know him, he's my blind date, but I don't even like him, he's just a disgusting poor bastard!"


        A poor bastard?

        The words instantly made Zhang Yichen furious.

        And then!

        And then!

        Zou Xiaoqin received a heavy slap on the face from Zhang Yichen.

        This slap directly knocked her to the ground, causing Zou Xiaoqin to look at Zhang Yichen with a dumbfounded expression.

        "Zhang Yichen, you..."

        She had never dreamed that Zhang Yichen, as a public figure and a diva-level existence, would be so unreasonable as to hit someone?


        At this moment, Zhang Yichen's eyes were flooded with anger.

        "Even I can't wait for a man, and you say you can't see him?"

        "You, who are you!"