Today I Give Up Trying 1241-1242

 Chapter 1241


        The crowd was in an uproar, all of them did not expect that Xiao Youwei was already there, yet Lin Fan still dared to be so unruly?

        He even said in front of Xiao Youwei that he would castrate his son?

        How arrogant!

        He was also too desperate for death!

        Lin Fan's words also immediately caused Xiao Youwei's face to sink, and he immediately rebuked angrily, saying.

        "Young man, you need to know that you have to forgive people, don't go too far."

        As the common master of Jiangbei, he had already lowered his posture like this, but the other party was still so insensitive.

        What right did a useless son-in-law have to flaunt his authority in front of him?

        What he feared was Bai Yi, the Jiangnan Co-Lord, and as for Lin Fan, a waste of a man, he didn't even care about him.

        Even Bai Yi didn't speak up, so who was this punk Lin Fan to speak up?

        "If it were you, would you let me go?"

        Lin Fan laughed coldly, being humiliated by someone in front of his wife in public, and saying that he would treat his wife like a plaything and play with her in front of him.

        If this could be tolerated, was he still a man?

        Xiao Youwei's face instantly sank as he coldly threatened.

        "I advise you, it would be better for you to take this money honestly and accept our apology."

        "Don't you forget that you have also stolen the Queen's Aquamarine Heart, so if you want to kill each other with a fish, I don't mind accompanying you to the end!"

        At that moment!

        A touch of light contempt surfaced in Xiao Youwei's eyes.

        Because he was confident that Lin Fan and the two of them would definitely accept their offer, unless they weren't afraid of the thunderous wrath of the King of Blood Prison.


        "Threatening me?"

        Lin Fan, however, laughed sarcastically, before his eyes abruptly surfaced with a stern look.

        "Do it!"

        As soon as he heard those words!

        The Grand Elder swept out abruptly, and then with a fierce kick, he stomped down fiercely towards Xiao Tingjun's crotch.


        A pig-like miserable scream suddenly rang out.

        Everyone looked at Xiao Tingjun's body, which was already overflowing with blood and looked extremely oozy.

        After screaming, he passed out on the spot.

        Everyone's eyes were wide, frozen in place like a dumb goose, completely stunned.

        Lin Fan had actually defeated Xiao Tingjun!

        What a madman!

        This guy, he was simply a madman!

        Xiao Youwei had already taken the initiative to apologise, but Lin Fan was still aggressive, how could he be so arrogant as a trash?

        This is simply shameless!

        Even if his wife was really the Lord of Jiangnan, it would be a fool's errand to fight against the long-established and well-connected Xiao family!

        Lin Fan, this was a death wish!

        "You! Very good!"

        When Xiao Youwei saw that his son had been castrated, his eyes were suddenly wide with anger as he stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare.

        At this moment, he was already furious to the point of rage.

        This wife dependent trash actually dared to touch his son?

        Damn it!!!

        This instant!

        Everyone could see that Xiao Youwei's teeth were gritted to the point of creaking, obviously hating Lin Fan to the bone!

        He slowly picked up the unconscious Xiao Tingjun, and his face turned gloomy to the extreme.

        And then, it was with extreme hatred that Xiao Youwei announced.

        "From today onwards, Jiangnan and Jiangbei will not stop until they die!"


        Upon hearing these words, all the people present were shocked and puzzled.

        After that, a look of contempt appeared on their faces one after another, all sarcastically slandering Lin Fan's insolence in their hearts.

        Xiao Youwei left with Xiao Tingjun in his arms, and everyone realised that because of Lin Fan's shamelessness, Bai Yi's position as co-principal of Jiangnan would not last much longer.

        One by one, they cast a sympathetic glance at Bai Yi.

        Bai Yi was really unlucky to have such a loser and a husband.

        And just then!

        A group of people rushed in, and a young man with a flowery shirt at the head of them shouted angrily.

        "Where's Wen Qian? Where's that bitch Wen Qian?"

        The moment she saw them, Wen Qian's body trembled and her face turned white as she grabbed Li Sang-hyuk's hand.

        "Sang-hyuk, save me, I beg you to save me!"

Chapter 1242

"Wen Qian, you bitch, you want to run away after cheating us out of millions? If you don't return the money to us today, I'll put the video of you and a few of us having a quickie at your engagement party!"


        As soon as he heard these words, Lee Sang Hyuk's face went completely green.

        These people, all of them had sex with his own fiancée?

        Even, a video was taken!


        His face was so gloomy that water was about to seep out.

        He had insulted Bai Yi as a shameless slut, but in the end, his fiancée was the shameless slut.

        How could he want to marry such a shameless slut and even bring the Li family down because of her?

        He himself was simply an idiot!

        "Get lost!"

        Li Xianghe hissed with a fierce look on his face, at this moment he could not wait to break Wen Qian's body into pieces.

        Wen Qian was also startled for a moment, and then a strong look of despair appeared on her face.

        She knew that it was impossible for Li Sang-hyuk to save her.

        But without Li Sang-hyuk as her backer, she would definitely be dismembered by these rich kids.

        At this moment!

        Wen Qian was already in tears, and a strong feeling of remorse surfaced in her heart.

        She had originally thought that she could act like a bully after getting close to Li Xianghe, and even used Li Xianghe to insult Bai Yi repeatedly.

        She even wanted to kill Bai Yi!

        And now, Lee Sang-hyuk had abandoned her, and her best friend had broken up with her completely.


        Immediately, Wen Qian knelt down towards Bai Yi with a strong pleading look on her face.

        "Bai Yi, please save me! You are the only one who can save me now!"

        If Bai Yi didn't care about her, she would be completely finished!

        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi's face also had a look of hesitation on it, as if she was considering whether she should save Wen Qian.


        In an instant, the momentum of those rich youngsters weakened, and the fists and kicks that were about to fall were stopped in their tracks.

        This was because they had already seen the Grand Elder standing next to Lin Fan and Bai Yi, so they were all scared.

        And since Bai Yi was able to sit on an equal footing with the Grand Elder, then such a behemoth was not something that a small character like them could offend.

        "You, you know that honourable young lady?"

        One of the rich youngsters, frowned and asked.

        "Of course, this is my bestie!"

        Wen Qian said hastily, before threatening smugly.

        "She's the co-owner of Jiangnan, if you dare to mess around, she won't let you guys off."

        At those words!

        Those second generation rich people's bodies trembled, and a thick fear surfaced on their faces.

        But just as a few of them were about to beat a retreat, Lin Fan smiled contemptuously.

        "Miss Wen Qian, I think you're mistaken, my family Bai Yi has a lowly status, how can she be qualified to be your bestie?"


        These words directly caused Wen Qian's pretty face to turn completely white!

        She looked at Lin Fan with incomparable fear, her eyes filled with a strong plea.

        "Lin Fan, I know I'm wrong! I shouldn't have done that to you, just give me a chance, I won't dare to do it again!"


        Lin Fan laughed coldly.

        "You've been given a chance many times before! And every time I forgive you, all I get in return is your revenge and aggravation!"

        "Wen Qian, it's time for you to eat your own words!"

        Wen Qian's expression instantly froze, and at that moment she was completely pushed into the abyss of despair.

        "Bitch, fucking cheat again! How can a lowly woman like you be qualified to know these two distinguished gentlemen and ladies!"

        Those rich youngsters were utterly furious!

        "Bitch, give back the money!"

        "I... I don't have any money."

        Wen Qian trembled and said, the money he had cheated from these rich kids, he had already taken and squandered it all.

        No money?

        Those rich youngsters were the ones with cruel smiles on their faces.

        "Then the rest of your life, you will have to rely on selling meat to pay us back."

        Wouldn't that mean being a chicken for the rest of one's life?

        Wen Qian suddenly trembled violently and shook her head like crazy.

        "No, please let me go, I'll find a way to pay you back."

        But the rich youngsters simply ignored them and ordered their men.

        "Arrest this bitch and give her to me twenty-four hours a day from today."

        "Until she pays back all the money!"