Today I Give Up trying 124-126

 Chapter 124


        This sentence made Lin Guangyao's face change instantly.

        He had never expected that Cao Cao would arrive when he said Cao Cao.

        At the time when he resented that person the most, this guy actually came in front of him once again.

        At that moment, Lin Guangyao quickly turned his head to look, and saw that an old man and a young man came in from the door.

        It was Bai Shan and Lin Fan.

        The White Group, which had just annexed the Huang Group some time ago, had soared in reputation.

        This also caused, after Bai Shan came in, one by one, the upper class people, stood up and greeted Bai Shan.

        And as for Lin Fan!

        In the eyes of the bigwigs, Lin Fan is just a small son-in-law who doesn't qualify for a glance.

        Bai Shan smiled all the way back.

        But when they were just about to find a place to sit down, they suddenly saw a young man with a limp, and he walked over.

        "Lin Fan!!!"

        As soon as the young man approached, he stared at Lin Fan with his eyes fixed on him, almost spitting fire.


        Lin Fan's eyebrows furrowed and he was slightly surprised to see Lin Guangyao here, but then, the corner of his mouth curled up, swept Lin Guangyao's leg and said playfully.

        "Whew! Isn't this the squad leader? It looks like you're recovering pretty fast, and you can even walk on this broken leg!"


        The words, as if they had stepped on Lin Guangyao's tail, suddenly caused the resentment in his heart to spurt out completely.

        "Lin Fan, you don't have to be arrogant, this is in the Li family, my uncle's house!"

        "You're a little son-in-law, arrogant my ass!"

        Lin Guangyao stared at Lin Fan.

        When he saw a painting in Lin Fan's hand, he was stunned and instantly understood what Bai Shan and Lin Fan were up to, and a thick sarcasm appeared on his face.

        "Oh? I see, Lin Fan, you've come to beg my uncle, haven't you?"

        "You Bai's group is developing a drug that will definitely be sold through my uncle's channels when the time comes!"

        Talk about that!

        Lin Guangyao seemed to have found an opportunity for revenge, and the look on his face suddenly became more and more fierce.

        "I'm telling you, you're dreaming! With me around, my uncle would never sell a bottle of medicine for your Bai Group! Hahaha ......"

        Lin Guangyao's smile was rampant.

        He had decided that today, no matter what, he would make Lin Fan pay the price!

        Stalking your uncle, Lee Jung Hui?

        Pure dreaming.


        Lin Fan's eyes narrowed, and there was no hint of anger, but rather a playful and sarcastic smile!

        That's not all!

        Lin Guangyao's smile grew more sinister and malicious as he stared at Lin Fan's leg and said with a stern smile.

        "And this is the Lee family! Just wait, later I'll make sure you come in standing up and go out crippled, and I'll give you a taste of what it's like to have your legs broken!"


        These words made Bai Shan's face change dramatically.

        He did not expect to encounter Lin Fan's enemies just after arriving at the Li family, before meeting Li Zhenghui.

        Especially looking at Lin Guangyao's appearance, he seemed to have a grudge against Lin Fan.

        This ......

        White Mountain was suddenly regretting that he shouldn't have brought Lin Fan here.

        And at that very moment!


        The sound of footsteps sounded, but the crowd saw Li Zhenghui and a group of big bosses coming out of the main hall.

        Although Li Zhenghui was fifty years old, he was still very dignified and full of authority.

        As he walked past, countless high society figures from Jiang City greeted him.

        But he didn't even glance at them.

        In a hurry, he came to Lin Guangyao's face in a trot, and then said eagerly.

        "Guangyao, is what Butler Zhang said true? Did you really get Master Blood's painting?"

Chapter 125

Master Blood's painting!

        When the words of Li Zhenghui came!


        The entire banquet hall was in an uproar.

        Many of the surrounding high society people knew about Master Blood and understood how expensive and rare his paintings were.

        And now ......

        In an instant, almost everyone's eyes brushed against Lin Guangyao's, one after the other, with burning heat, expectation, envy, etc. It was as if Lin Guangyao had become the protagonist of the entire banquet hall.

        It was as if Lin Guangyao had become the protagonist of the whole banquet hall.

        It was not only the surrounding crowds.

        Even Bai Shan's face changed.

        Master Blood's painting?

        It's over!

        If Lin Guangyao really has that master's precious paintings, plus his grudge against Lin Fan, then his discussion with Li Zhenghui about sales channels will be almost 100% ruined.

        The only thing that Bai Shan didn't notice was that Lin Fan, who was next to him, had an odd face when he heard the words "Master Blood".

        "Cough ......"

        When Lin Guangyao sensed the hot gazes around him, his vanity soared and he said with a smug face.

        "Auntie, yes, I did indeed get a pair of Master Blood's treasures! It has been personally appraised by Curator Zhu Qing!"


        Upon hearing the confirmation, Li Zhenghui's body was shaken to the point of ecstasy, as if he had obtained a rare treasure.

        "Yes! Gosh, that's great!"

        "I never thought that I, Li Zhenghui, would be able to acquire Master Blood's treasures in my lifetime.

        Li Zhenghui's face turned red with excitement and he quickly looked at Lin Guangyao, who said excitedly.

        "Guang Yao, tell me, what reward do you want this time! I'll give you everything you want!"

        Sure enough!

        This sentence made Lin Guangyao's heart ecstatic.

        He had spent so much money for this sentence.

        Immediately, Lin Guangyao hurriedly said.

        "Auntie, I want to rejoin the Triton Group and continue as a manager!"

        "No problem!"

        Li Zhenghui made a generous promise.

        "This time, not only will I let you rejoin the Sky Dragon Group, I'll even promote you to General Manager!"


        Lin Guangyao was startled, and then reacted with great joy.

        He did not expect that he would not only successfully re-enter the Sky Dragon Group, but he even got a promotion and a raise to become the General Manager.

        Think about it!

        Lin Guangyao could not help but turn around and look at Lin Fan, the smirk on his lips, even more playful.

        "In addition to that, auntie, I want you to refuse to do a sales partnership with White's!"


        This sentence caused Li Zhenghui to be stunned.

        He looked back at Bai Shan and Lin Fan, then at Lin Guangyao and asked.


        When Lin Guangyao heard this, he pointed his finger at Lin Fan and said with a sarcastic face.

        "Because this man is a liar and a thief!"

        "He stole the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card from somewhere to commit fraud at the Somerset Club! Now Sheng Shi Group hasn't found out yet, and once they do, then the Bai Group will all be destroyed instantly because of this thief and liar!"


        Lin Guangyao's words were so stone-cold that they startled everyone.

        Sheng Shi Group!

        It's one of the giant leaders in the province.

        The Shengshi Club is just a small asset of the Shengshi Group.

        Someone dared to steal Sheng Shi Group's Super VIP Supreme Membership Card, which ...... is simply impatient to live.

        You know!

        That kind of card, I'm afraid that only a handful of big shots in the province might be qualified to have it.

        And Lin Fan ...... is simply looking for death.

Chapter 126


        In an instant, the surrounding guests were talking and pointing fingers at Lin Fan.

        That look was filled with contempt, disgust, ridicule, and mockery.

        It was as if they had predicted Lin Fan's pathetic fate after the discovery of the Blooming World Group.

        It wasn't just the crowd!

        Even Bai Shan's face was swished and scared white.

        How ...... how is this possible!

        It's unbelievable how your own son-in-law could have the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of the Sheng Shi Group.

        "Little ...... Xiaofan, do you really have the Sheng Shi Group's Super VIP Supreme Membership Card?"

        Bai Shan looked at Lin Fan with a face full of fear.

        And around!

        One gaze after another brushed against Lin Fan's body.

        Seeing this scene, Lin Fan's appearance did not fluctuate at all and he just nodded his head faintly.


        Seeing Lin Fan admit that he really had a super VIP membership card to Sheng Shi Group, everyone around him completely blew up.


        This guy even admitted it himself.

        It's over. ......

        At this moment, everyone's eyes changed as they looked at Bai Shan and Lin Fan.

        In their eyes, Lin Fan had made a huge mistake, and it was only a matter of time before the Bai Clan would be finished.

        Even the upper class people who had greeted Bai Shan enthusiastically one by one dodged away, as if there was a plague on Bai Shan and Lin Fan.


        At this moment, Li Zhenghui could not help but feel fortunate and secretly wiped his cold sweat.

        Originally, he did have the intention to cooperate with the Bai Clan, but now it seems that if he really cooperated, they would be afraid that the Heavenly Dragon Group would also be affected by the calamity.

        Thinking of this, Li Zhenghui's gaze towards Lin Guangyao became more and more grateful.

        "Oh Guangyao, it's fortunate that you reminded me this time, otherwise, it would have been a big mistake!"


        Li Zhenghui turned to Bai Shan and his gaze was suddenly much colder.

        "Mr. Bai, as you heard, your Bai Group is such a disaster that we, Tianlong Group, will not cooperate with you!"

        One sentence, like a thunderbolt, made Bai Shan's face ashen with death.

        The corner of his mouth was filled with bitterness.

        He knew that this time, not only would the sales channel of the Soul Returning Pill be ruined, but even the Bai Clan was afraid that it would collapse.

        After all, once the news spread, there would not be any company that would be willing to work with them.

        And right now!

        Li Zhenghui no longer bothered to look at Bai Shan and Lin Fan, he couldn't help but say to Lin Guangyao now.

        "Shine, quick! Let me see Master Blood's masterpiece!"

        Seeing this scene, Lin Guangyao nodded to Curator Zhu Qing.

        Suddenly, curator Zhu Qing once again opened the painting in front of everyone.

        It was a painting of the Eiffel Tower.

        On it, the tower towered into the clouds, unreachable, giving the first visual shock, extremely strong!

        It was as if a real tower was standing in front of everyone, and it was fascinating.

        "Mr. Li, look, this Eiffel Tower should be the one that Mr. Blood made five years ago!"

        "Both the outline and the depiction have the intensity of Mr. Blood's style, especially in the downward strokes, but also with Mr. Blood's personal touch."

        "This painting, which we have appraised, is a rare piece, and is conservatively valued at $13 million!"

        Curator Zhu Qing was marveling at the painting.

        And hear this!

        Among the crowd, an uncontrollable sigh of admiration erupted.

        A painting, conservatively valued, was worth nearly 100 million Chinese dollars!

        It's just too much to imagine.

        Right now!

        All of them exclaimed one by one.

        "Gosh, it's worthy of a Blood masterpiece, it's just magnificent, especially at this price, gee ...... unimaginable!"

        "Yes, Master Blood disappeared for three years, and every year, the value of his paintings soared by a level, and it's no exaggeration to say that this painting will be worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the future."


        The surrounding high society figures looked at the painting as if they were worshipping a god.

        This sigh also made the proud curve of Lin Guangyao's mouth become more and more obvious.

        Just at this moment!

        An indifferent sentence, coming from the crowd, caused the smug smile on Lin Guangyao's face to instantly stiffen.

        "Tsk ...... imitation is very good, but unfortunately, no matter how much you imitate it, a fake will always be a fake!"