Today I Give Up Trying 1239-1240

 Chapter 1239

Xiao Tingjun was simply furious.

        He had been severely beaten, humiliated, and even almost castrated, and now he had to make amends?

        How could he, how could he accept it?

        His own father, he was simply crazy, a wasteful couple, what was there to be afraid of?


        Xiao Youwei then turned his head with a fierce face and stared at Xiao Tingjun with a deadly stare.

        "Since you don't want to apologize, then go to hell!"


        The moment he heard these words, Xiao Tingjun felt his breath catch, and his face suddenly crawled with fear, almost not fainting from fear on the spot.

        His own father, was he serious?

        It wasn't just him!

        Wen Qian, Li Sang-hyuk and the others in the audience were completely petrified after hearing these words.

        If you don't apologise, you have to die?

        Xiao Youwei was actually treating his own son so mercilessly for the sake of two trash?

        The moment they heard these words, all of them felt their scalps tingle.

        "Dad, you actually want to kill me for the sake of these two trash?"

        Xiao Tingjun's eyelids jumped wildly, and a dense horror surfaced on his face, as if he had seen a ghost.

        At this time!

        Even Bai Yi couldn't help but freeze.

        What the hell was happening here?

        She had originally thought that along with Xiao Youwei's appearance, she and Lin Fan would be facing a disaster of extinction.

        However, she did not expect that Xiao Youwei would unceremoniously take their side as soon as he appeared.

        This is unbelievable!


        Xiao Youwei, who heard these words, immediately showed a sneer and said sorrowfully.

        "Miss Bai Yi, is the spokesperson of the King of Blood Hell in Jiangnan, a veritable common lord of Jiangnan, such an existence..."

        "Is it a waste??"

        The last words suddenly roared out, deafening!

        It caused everyone present to tremble viciously!

        The spokesman of the King of Blood Hell?

        The Lord of Jiangnan?


        This is impossible!

        In the whole of Jiangnan's noble circles, it was widely rumoured that Bai Yi was a slut who had slept with bigwigs in exchange for the false name of "Master of Jiangnan".

        How could she be the spokesperson for the King of Blood Prison in Jiangnan?

        The moment they heard these words!

        Wen Qian and Li Sang-hyuk's bodies trembled uncontrollably, and their faces suddenly turned deathly grey.

        Bai Yi, was he really the common lord of Jiangnan?

        Wouldn't that be the same as the Xiao family's position in Jiangbei?

        But they, who dared to strike at Bai Yi, were they not provoking the King of Blood Prison?

        When they thought of this possibility, they were simply desperate for tears, their faces already completely dumbfounded.

        It all made sense!

        No wonder, Yan Yutang would kneel down to Lin Fan and beg for mercy!

        No wonder, the Nalan family would be so humble to Lin Fan!

        No wonder Xiao Youwei had taken the initiative to apologise!

        It was because Lin Fan's wife was the most powerful woman in Jiangnan today!

        The rich and famous women in Jiangxi who had insulted Bai Yi were as scared as an eggplant, and almost pissed on the spot.

        This is simply a death wish!

        At this moment, Xiao Tingjun was completely dumbfounded and felt that his mind had gone blank.

        Bai Yi, was he really the common lord of Jiangnan?

        And was personally appointed by the King of Blood Prison?

        Xiao Tingjun was immediately rendered tearless, his body trembling madly with fear, and he felt that his three views had completely exploded.

        It was true that the rumours could not be trusted!

        If the King of Blood Prison knew about this, he would be...

        If the King of Blood Hell found out, he would be... dead!

        However, that was not all!

        Xiao Youwei's face, at this instant, turned completely iron blue as he stared coldly at Xiao Tingjun: "Besides!

        "Besides! The Blood God has personally called me just now, and has given me a death warrant that if I can't make Miss Bai Yi calm down today, then my Jiangbei Xiao family..."

        "will be removed from this world forever!"

Chapter 1240

The Blood Hell Mad God, personally ordered?

        The crowd who heard these words only felt that the sky was about to fall.

        Even the Blood Prison God had personally ordered it, so how could Bai Yi's identity as the common lord of Jiangnan be false?

        The whole room was silent!

        No apology, or the Xiao family will be eradicated!

        It was hard to imagine the enormity of the impact Xiao Youwei's words had on them!

        In this instant, Xiao Tingjun's face turned completely white, and his eyes seemed to be about to crack.

        "Impossible, this is never possible!"

        Wen Qian lost her voice and screamed miserably, already in tears, being scared and crying on the spot: "That bitch, half a year ago, she was already in tears.

        "That bitch, six months ago she was useless, how could she be the Jiangnan Co-Lord!"

        After hearing Xiao Youwei's words, her face was then covered in panic, shaking her head frantically, unable to accept it at all.

        For to her, this truth was so cruel that it was like a disaster of destruction!

        She could not accept that the person she had always despised would one day trample herself underfoot.

        And yet!

        What was even more desperate for Wen Qian was just beginning...

        Jingle bells!

        At this instant, Lee Sang-hyuk, who was already dumbfounded, had his mobile phone suddenly ring.

        He picked up the phone with a terrified face, but his father's terrified voice came from the other end.

        "Li Sang-hyuk, you... haven't struck out at that Lin Fan, have you? Tell me that you haven't made a big mistake yet!"

        At the end of his sentence, Li Huairen's voice, surprisingly, became somewhat hysterical, almost roaring out.

        Hearing these words!

        Li Sang-hyuk's heart suddenly felt a sense of foreboding and asked in a trembling voice.

        "Dad, what's going on?"

        Hearing this, Li Huairen at the other end was on the verge of crying in fear, and said in a wailing voice.

        "Family Master Ye told me that that Lin Fan... It's actually Lin Zha!"


        Li Xianghe's body, abruptly tightened together, and those eyes were completely dumbfounded.

        Lin Fan, that was Lin Zuo?

        Despair, one after another!

        God, this was a big joke with their Li family.

        Li Sang-hyuk finally knew why his own father was crying.

        For now he, too, had cried out in despair.

        "Dad, I... I've already done it!"

        There was a long dead silence at the other end, and then there was a sound of something hitting the ground.

        "How are you, Master? Don't scare us!"

        Following that, there was a group of people screaming in horror, and it was obvious that Li Huairen, over there, had completely fainted from fear.


        At the same time, Lee Sang-hyuk's mobile phone fell to the ground, and his face was completely deadly grey.

        "Sang-hyuk, what's wrong with you?"

        When Wen Qian saw Lee Sang-hyuk's walking corpse-like appearance, she had a bad feeling in her heart.


        But the next moment, she received a heavy slap on her face.

        Lee Sang-hyuk's face was horrific and he was staring at her with a deadly stare.

        "It's all you! It's all because of you, you bitch! If it wasn't for you, how could I have offended them?"

        "Now, the Li family is finished! It's all your fault!"


        The Li family is finished?

        The moment they heard these words, everyone froze on the spot, as if someone had slapped them hard in the face, knocking them completely dumbfounded!

        Wen Qian couldn't help but lose her face, the Li family was finished?

        Then her own dreams of becoming a rich family were also shattered?

        No! This is not true!

        She cried out on the spot, her heart torn apart!

        At this moment, Xiao Youwei pushed Xiao Tingjun to the ground and roared.

        "Kneel down! Kneel down and apologize to Miss Bai Yi!"

        Xiao Tingjun was trembling, but he dared not say a word at this time, so he kowtowed repeatedly and pleaded with Bai Yi.

        "Miss Bai Yi, I know I'm wrong, please be merciful and forgive me this time!"


        Not waiting for Bai Yi to speak, Lin Fan instead swept a faint glance at Xiao Tingjun, and then ordered the Grand Elder.

        "Castrate him!"